When the mother-in-law saw that her in-laws were sick, she was afraid that her son's money would be spent by the in-laws, so she asked her son for money every three days.

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When the mother-in-law saw that her in-laws were sick, she was afraid that her son's money would be spent by the in-laws, so she asked her son for money every three days.

Parents have the obligation to support their children, and when the children grow up, they have the obligation to support their parents. For ordinary people, they will fulfill their obligations. Those who violate the law and do not fulfill their obligations are, after all, a minority. When it comes to the marriage of their children, it is best for parents to respect their children's own wishes and not to impose their own ideas on their children. Sometimes parents feel that it is not appropriate for their children to marry someone, and they want them to find a better partner. But the children just like that person, and if their parents forcibly separate them, they will blame their parents for the rest of their lives. Some people are emotionally traumatized, they will be bitten by snakes once, and they are afraid of ropes for ten years, so parents should respect their children! Even if the child chooses the wrong person, he is willing to do so.

Son married a daughter-in-law that his mother-in-law did not like

Wu Jia’s family is from a rural area, and his parents are ordinary farmers. They are all hardworking people. After graduating from university, Wu Jia stayed in the city to work and met her boyfriend at work. My boyfriend's house is in the city, and the family conditions are very good. My parents open a door and window shop. When her boyfriend took Wu Jia to see his future parents-in-law for the first time, everything was fine at first, but after Wu Jia told about his family's situation, the prospective mother-in-law's face was ugly. The prospective mother-in-law wanted her son to find a girl of the right match, but she didn't want to marry a country daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law would not agree to this marriage, but if her boyfriend is not Wu Jia, the mother and son are on the hook. After a year of fighting, the prospective mother-in-law had no choice but to agree to the marriage, and then reluctantly helped her son get married. After marriage, because the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law do not live together, on the surface, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not bad, and there is no contradiction. Later, Wu Jia gave birth to a pair of twin daughters and wanted her mother-in-law to bring the children. But her mother-in-law refused, because she didn't like Wu Jia, so she didn't even care about her two granddaughters. Wu Jia could only ask her mother to bring it. Her mother was very willing. She wanted to be with her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter every day! After the mother came to her daughter's house, the mother-in-law saw that they were happy and unbalanced, so she always said that the mother-in-law was supported by her son. In fact, Wu Jia's parents also have money on hand. When they were young, they also bought endowment insurance and medical insurance, so they don't have to rely on their daughter and son-in-law to support them. But since the in-laws' mother always had something to say, after the child went to school, the mother consciously returned to the countryside. When the child was in kindergarten and middle class, the father-in-law was deceived in business and lost a lot of money, so the store had to close. After this blow, the father-in-law's health deteriorated, and he passed away within half a year. By this time, the mother-in-law, who used to have a sense of superiority in the past, suddenly wilted. Seeing her husband's face, Wu Jia didn't bother with her mother-in-law because of past events. She thought that now that her father-in-law had passed away, and her mother-in-law was quite pitiful, let her live with them! But the mother-in-law was unwilling. She thought that after she moved to her son's house, her daughter-in-law would retaliate against her for the past. Two years later, when Wu Jia's father rode a tricycle to the market, he fell on the road and injured his waist. After that, my father's health has been in bad condition. In order to take care of him, my mother caused her own old problems to break out, so the old couple's health is not good. Wu Jia and her husband took care of them every three days, taking them to the hospital for a while, picking them up from the hospital for a while, dispensing medicines for them, serving them for a while, etc. When the mother-in-law saw that her in-law's family was in this situation, she was afraid that her son's money would be spent by the in-laws, so she started going to her son's house every three days to ask for pension money. In fact, Wu Jia's parents have money and insurance, and they don't even need their daughter and son-in-law to pay! When the mother-in-law went to her son's house to ask for money, the son gave her generously, and Wu Jia didn't say anything. But then the mother-in-law asked for more, and the son felt that something was wrong and asked her why she wanted so much money? The mother-in-law didn't say the reason, but she insisted on asking for money, but the son didn't give it to her, and the two quarreled. In just half a year, the mother-in-law went from her son's house to 100,000 yuan, and she did not want to stop. Wu Jia and her husband bought a house, have been paying off the mortgage, and have to support their two daughters. The burden is not easy. The mother-in-law has been asking for money like this, and she can't say why, so of course her son will not give it to her. The mother-in-law thought that Wu Jia must have forbidden her son to give her money, so she not only quarreled with her son, but also quarreled with Wu Jia. After arguing several times, Wu Jia said to her mother-in-law: "Mom, what do you want? Are you trying to squeeze your son? Your son is already hard enough, can't you see it? When you are old, you can't move When the time comes, we will be responsible for you, and we will give you retirement." Then the mother-in-law calmed down, and she looked at Wu Jia suspiciously, as if to confirm. Wu Jia finally understood that it turned out that her mother-in-law was afraid that her daughter-in-law would hate her and would not give her a retirement, so she desperately asked for money and wanted to use it to help her. After knowing the crux of the problem, Wu Jia and her husband did their mother-in-law's ideological work, and said unequivocally that they would definitely give her a retirement. Wu Jia also said that her parents have money on hand, and they don't need their daughter and son-in-law to bear the burden financially. After the couple did some ideological work, the mother-in-law felt at ease, and finally stopped worrying about the past. Later, the mother-in-law stopped coming every three days to ask her son for pension money. Instead, she felt that she should not treat Wu Jia like that before. She didn't expect Wu Jia to be so generous.

Lonely old people are particularly insecure

The reason why Wu Jia's mother-in-law goes to her son's house every three days to ask for pension money is actually caused by her lack of security in her heart of. For her, now the old man is gone, the only person she can rely on is her son, but the son is in the hands of her daughter-in-law. When her mother-in-law was young, she strongly opposed her son marrying a daughter-in-law. After her son and daughter-in-law got married, she was not very good to her daughter-in-law and did not take care of her two granddaughters. In her heart, she felt ashamed of her daughter-in-law, so she dared not expect her daughter-in-law to treat her kindly. She was afraid that her daughter-in-law would hate her and would prevent her son from giving her the end of life. Later, she saw that her son and daughter-in-law were always around her in-laws, and her in-laws were always seeing a doctor. She was afraid that her son would spend all the money on her in-laws, and she would have no money to take care of her life. The mother-in-law's heart is full of fear. This fear comes from the aging day by day, and aging will make people feel powerless. The mother-in-law was afraid that her son and daughter-in-law would not support her, so she wanted to save more money and use the money to support her. In case it really fails in the future, she still has money on hand. Therefore, she asked her son for money every three days, but what she wanted was a sense of security. The mother-in-law is a gentleman with the heart of a villain. Although the in-laws are not rich and noble, but the old couple has savings on hand, as well as endowment insurance and medical insurance, it is not a problem financially. After Wu Jia dispelled her mother-in-law's concerns, her mother-in-law was relieved, and she no longer forced her son every three days. When people get older, their hearts will become more and more fragile, and if the family is not warm, they will feel even more insecure. This is the case with Wu Jia's mother-in-law, because she felt ashamed of her daughter-in-law, and because of loneliness and fear, she did outrageous things. Therefore, when children support their parents, they should not only take care of them materially, but also take care of them spiritually, and give them more understanding and comfort. Parents should also be more tolerant and considerate of their children, less caring and more considerate. A mother-in-law should treat her daughter-in-law kindly when she is young, which is also paving the way for her later life. A daughter-in-law should be filial to her mother-in-law. No matter what, her mother-in-law is her husband's mother, and she should look at the Buddha's face even if she doesn't look at the monk's face!
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