What are the manifestations of a man who has an outsider in marriage? Smart women don't be too careless

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What are the manifestations of a man who has an outsider in marriage? Smart women don't be too careless

01A marriage must be loyal, which is the most basic condition for a marriage to survive. If you break through this bottom line, then whether you get divorced or not, your marriage will no longer be truly happy. Some couples are forced by realistic conditions. Although they have not divorced, it is impossible for the injured party to completely forget about the betrayal. The trust between the two will never be the same as before. Since the other party has betrayed me before, who can prove that he will not betray me a second time? Therefore, both husband and wife should not betray the marriage. If they are not satisfied with the marriage, they can file for a divorce in an open and honest way, and then go to find new happiness. During your marriage, you secretly engage in extramarital affairs, which violates the marriage law and the secular morality. It is a matter of one's character. In marriage, if a man has an external heart, there will definitely be clues to show it. As long as a woman observes carefully, it is easy to find out, and a man should not try to deceive a woman. Therefore, if a man has the following performances, a woman should realize that there must be something wrong with the man.

1. Men have become more concerned about their appearance

Love starts with looks, any pair of men and women, at first attracted by the other person's appearance. If you hate each other's appearance, it is impossible for you to truly fall in love with each other from the heart. Appearance is very important in the matter of love, and lovers also pay special attention to their appearance. If your husband suddenly becomes very concerned about his appearance and always needs to clean up before going out, then you need to pay special attention. A woman is a person who pleases herself, and a man will also deliberately dress himself up in order to win the heart of a woman. He wants to leave a good impression on the woman. Men pay attention to their hairstyles and look at them in the mirror. Clothes, pants and shoes will also be very careful, and the leather shoes will be shiny. If the husband is not paying attention to his appearance for no reason to meet clients or participate in some activities, then in all likelihood, he has an outsider.

2. Men start not to care about their wives and are unwilling to communicate with their wives.

A man with an outside heart will focus on the outside woman, of course not Pay attention to his wife, and don't want to communicate with his wife. If his heart is still on his wife, he will definitely pay attention to his wife's words and deeds, and he will be willing to communicate with her. But after the husband's heart is already on other women, he has no wife in his eyes, and he doesn't care about his wife. If his wife wants to communicate with him, he still thinks his wife is annoying! If his wife says a few more words, he will become impatient, lose his temper, and dislike her nagging. So when the husband doesn't care about his wife and doesn't want to communicate with his wife, the wife will be vigilant. It is very likely that your husband has another woman outside. He has changed his mind, so he will not care about your feelings.

3. Men start to dislike their wives

Some men not only do not care about their wives, they are unwilling to communicate with their wives, but they even dislike their wives. No matter what his wife does, he feels that his wife is not doing well, that she is really even breathing wrong. When a man begins to dislike his wife, he actually no longer loves his wife. The wife should pay attention to it, and if the problem is on her own, she must work hard to improve it. If the problem lies with the husband, no matter how much the wife improves herself, it cannot be changed, and she can only stop the loss in time. You don't need a reason to love someone, you just need to look right in the eye; the same is true for hating someone, you don't need a reason at all, if he hates you, that means he hates you, and you're not good. Because of this, after some men cheat, their wives try to save them, but they still fail.

4. Men spend more money

If a man has another woman in his heart, he will find a way to approach her , to please her, it will naturally cost money. In a marriage, if the husband suddenly spends a lot of money without a legitimate reason, then the wife should think about whether he is cheating. For many mistresses, dating married men is mostly for money. Therefore, they will do everything possible to snatch money from men, and the man's expenses will naturally be large, which is also what he is paying for his own lust. Living at home is not easy, and wives generally live their lives carefully, and they will not be particularly reckless. Men are obsessed with sex and will spend a lot of money just to win the favor of the mistress. Therefore, the wife still strives to control the economic power in her own hands, which is conducive to preventing men from having extramarital affairs.

5. Men are less and less able to stay at home

In addition to work, if a man is always away from home and often comes home in the middle of the night, there must be something wrong with him. He was either spending money, gambling, or having an extramarital affair, nothing more than these. Most of the men who cheated on their marriages were away from home. They often went home in the middle of the night, and some did not go home for a long time. Because they want to be with their lover, and they can't bring their lover home, they have a tryst outside. The husband is getting more and more out of the house, he is always out, and there is no reasonable reason, the wife should think that he may have another woman. If the wife is dull, doesn't realize the problem, and leaves him alone, the family will fall apart sooner or later. 02 When a man shows the above performances, he definitely already has another woman in his heart, only a man with an outer heart will do this. Marriage requires management, and this management requires the joint efforts of both husband and wife. A marriage where only one party works hard is widowed. One person can't handle the affairs of two people, and a marriage with only one party's efforts will not last long after all. If you want a long-term marriage, when you first discover the bad signs of extramarital affairs, you must kill the signs in the cradle, and both husband and wife must work hard to defend the marriage. Some women are very capable, but they only focus on work and children, and they don't notice the changes in their husbands. In the end, they are exploited by women outside. In fact, the relationship between husband and wife is the core relationship of a family, and it is the relationship that needs the most attention. When the relationship between husband and wife is good, other relationships are easy to deal with. When a man gets married, he must be loyal to his own choice, and he must manage his marriage and family with his wife wholeheartedly. At first glance, extramarital affairs are very tempting, but as they develop, they will inevitably bring endless troubles.
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