Why some women don't like to wear any jewelry? Behind the truth, it is worth thinking about

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Why some women don't like to wear any jewelry? Behind the truth, it is worth thinking about

Going shopping with friends, she said that she thought she was a very fashionable outfit with a suit and flat shoes. As a result, when I passed by a milk tea shop, I saw that the shop was full of handsome men and beautiful women dressed in very fashionable clothes, and there were endless accessories. In comparison, I looked a bit "earthy". In addition to decoration, the role of accessories is the finishing touch, which can give people a visual improvement in their outfits. Therefore, many trend people are keen to use accessories to show their fashion style and reflect their pursuit of fashion and exquisiteness. But there is a group of people who seem "out of place". They are not keen on dressing themselves up, and their clothes are loose, comfortable, neat and generous. As for whether it is fashionable or not, they never consider it. Jewelry is something that won't appear, and even feel that wearing accessories is too cumbersome, people, it's simple, just dress well. So why do some women dislike wearing any jewelry? Behind the truth, it is worth thinking about.

They yearn for "minimalism" rather than red tape

Dong Qing is an intellectual woman in many people's minds, and whether she is Whether it is on the stage of "The Reader" or the stage of "Chinese Poetry Conference", it gives people a kind of pure and refined beauty. No exaggerated costumes, no exquisite accessories, a simple white suit, a watch, is all her equipment. But even so, it will not reduce her beauty in people's hearts. Because her beauty comes from minimalism, from the avenue to simplicity, from the natural de-carving, and returning to the original. Montesquieu said: "Beauty must be clean and innocent, in the image, and even more so in the heart." Eliminating some useless things and striving to maintain a generous and tidy personal image, its deep meaning is actually The same is true for storage and room cleaning. There is no need to let those colorful things occupy your body space, and there is no need to let so many metal products increase your physical burden. Not wearing accessories is not sloppy, but to reduce unnecessary mental stress, make your mentality easier, and make your life simpler and purer. Sometimes we feel that our lives are unhappy, not because we have too little, but because we carry too much weight. If a person can meet the most basic material needs, then her spiritual world will be simplified.

They focus on efficiency and don't want to waste time on meaningless things

There was a time when the "exquisite" Pig girl", many people think that a girl can only be considered a girl if she has a delicate life, from her hair to her feet. So, I saw a blogger recorded a vlog about being a delicate girl. In the video, she got up early, put on makeup, then put on a headband, a ring, and a bracelet. After a set procedure, half an hour passed; when she came back in the evening, she took off her makeup, took off her headband, took off her necklace, took off her ring, and then went back to her. Half an hour passed. I spent an hour doing this, and it didn't stop, I felt tired just looking at it, and it was just to maintain the beauty for less than eight hours. This hour is not very rewarding, but if it is used to read books, is there an hour of time to add bricks and mortar to your spiritual world? There is a saying in "Duan She Li": "No matter how expensive or rare things are, people who can judge according to whether they need it or not are strong enough, can let go of their obsessions, and people can be more confident." Therefore, Those women who don't like to wear jewelry, they pay attention to work efficiency and don't want to waste time on meaningless things.

They don't like publicity, they prefer to be low-key, fulfilling and quiet

If there is a person wearing jewelry in the crowd, I will Think, most of our eyes can't help but focus on the person wearing the jewelry. To put it bluntly, people have vanity, and sometimes wearing accessories is to make a high profile, to highlight their own uniqueness, and then to appreciate the vision that others cast on them. But Carnegie said: "The real wisdom is to know how to restrain one's own light and avoid stabbing others and making enemies. It is not to tell others how smart you are, but to bloom wisdom and confidence inadvertently." The things you do will not be envied and blessed by others, but will be slandered by evil words because of jealousy. Besides, even if you live well, even if you show it off, what's the point? It's just to satisfy your own vanity, but you have to pay the price of being jealous of others because of this vanity, why bother? Therefore, those women who do not wear jewelry do not care to focus their attention on others. Rather than making noise, they prefer to deal with their own lives in a quiet atmosphere without intrigue. Such women can control themselves and their lives, so they are not in a hurry, so they are low-key and elegant.

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