The 33-year-old leftover girl went on a blind date and asked the man to hold 60 tables of wine and 300,000 gifts. The blind date man got up and left

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The 33-year-old leftover girl went on a blind date and asked the man to hold 60 tables of wine and 300,000 gifts. The blind date man got up and left

Everything has to be just right, and if it's not there yet, or if it's too far, it's not optimal. Just like climbing a mountain, after reaching the top of the mountain, if you climb further, you will go down the mountain. The same is true in life. It is best to do whatever "season", and if you violate the rules, you will be punished. When it comes to finding a partner, while you are choosing someone else, others are also choosing you. It’s a two-way choice. So you can't just blindly ask each other, but also look at your own conditions. Sometimes being suitable is more important than loving each other. If two people are suitable and the conditions are good in all aspects, then seize the opportunity and don't miss that person easily. Love has never been met but unattainable. If you miss the best age for mate selection, it will be very difficult to find a partner.

The 33-year-old "leftover girl" went on a blind date, and the man got up and left

Peng Lin is 33 years old, but her mate selection criteria It is still very high, requiring the other party to be handsome, to work in a public institution, with a monthly salary of tens of thousands, and to have at least a graduate degree. She also asked that the man must be the only child in the family, have a house and a car, parents should have formal jobs, and have insurance... But Peng Lin's own conditions are average, not beautiful, but she is very good at packaging herself and dresses up beautifully every day of. She graduated with an ordinary undergraduate degree and worked as a clerk in a private company with a monthly salary of more than 5,000. Peng Lin is the only child in the family. Her parents both help others sell vegetables in the vegetable market. Her family background is average. In fact, among Peng Lin's past friends, there have been many young men with good conditions. But she is always very picky, and she thinks that this is not good and that it is not good. As a result, she is not good enough, and she is not good enough, and she is dragged into a leftover girl. It stands to reason that when you are older, the standard of choosing a mate should be lowered, but Peng Lin was not reconciled. She didn't marry those young men with good conditions. Do you want to marry young men with bad conditions? Therefore, she "would rather be jade broken than tile full", and she will not lower the standard of mate selection at all. Because Peng Lin has high standards for mate selection and is very picky, when Peng Lin turned 30, almost no one introduced her to a partner. Occasionally someone introduced her, and it was all divorced or widowed, of course she didn't want to. In the past few years, my parents were constantly urging marriage, and my mother also asked people to introduce people everywhere, but after failing again and again, now they have to accept the status quo. Once, my mother said that among the divorced and widowed men, there are good and bad men, and if you choose to continue, you won't even be able to find such men. Peng Lin was very angry, so she had a big fight with her mother, and her mother was so frightened that she didn't say a word. My father told my mother to leave Peng Lin's affairs alone in the future. Anyway, they have completed their tasks as parents. If Peng Lin wants to be single, it is her own business. When Peng Lin was 33 years old, her aunt introduced an object to Peng Lin. This object was the son of her colleague. He is one year older than Peng Lin, works in the administrative examination and approval center, and meets Peng Lin's requirements in terms of education and family conditions. He is just divorced, but has no children. In the eyes of my aunt and my parents, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I advised Peng Lin to go on a blind date soon, so don't miss it. Peng Lin appeared impatient on the surface, but she felt pretty good inside. As for divorce, she could only ignore it. After going on a blind date, everything was good at first, Peng Lin secretly thought that she could finally wait for a satisfied man. The blind date man also felt ok with her, and invited her to eat very politely, and the dishes he ordered were also very good. Seeing that the blind date was a success, but before parting, the blind date man said that he had already divorced once and did not want to divorce again. So if Peng Lin has any request, she should put it up now, so that each other should not delay each other's youth. The blind date man's idea coincides with Peng Lin's, and she doesn't want to waste time. The two will get married if they can get along, and break up as soon as possible if they don't. So, Peng Lin made a request. She said that she did not want to live with her in-laws after marriage, because she was afraid of conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. After getting married, she wanted to have two children because she liked children... The man agreed to all these requests for a blind date. He didn't think it was a problem, but when it came to the bride price and the banquet, there was a problem. Because Peng Lin was too picky when looking for a partner before, many people laughed at her, so now she wants to hold a particularly grand wedding, and she must have at least 60 tables in a five-star hotel. She asked for 300,000 betrothal dollars, not even a penny less. She wanted to show it to those who used to laugh at her. After being stunned for a few seconds, the blind date man said that he wanted to find someone to live a good life, not to compare with others. It's not that he can't get the 300,000 betrothal gift money, but he doesn't want to give it, he's not buying a wife. The blind date man felt that he and Peng Lin were not suitable, so he rejected Peng Lin, then got up and left. Peng Lin was puzzled and angry, not knowing what went wrong. After I went home and talked to my parents and my aunt, my aunt said that the 33-year-old leftover girl still wanted 300,000 gifts. If she was a blind date man, she would have refused on the spot.

The process of finding a partner is also a process of self-evaluation

The reason why Peng Lin became a leftover girl is that her requirements are too high. Nor did they lower their requirements. It was hard to meet a man with good conditions in all aspects, but because she wanted 300,000 betrothal gifts and 60 tables of banquets, she failed. The process of a person finding an object is actually a process of self-evaluation. If you evaluate yourself too high, you will set the standard of mate selection too high, making it difficult to find a partner. If you evaluate yourself too low, you will set the standard of mate selection too low, and you will get married. Both of these behaviors are not desirable, and they cannot help you find the right person. Marriage requires matching. Everyone must evaluate themselves correctly, know how much they weigh, and then find someone who is right for them. And find a partner at the right age, don't fall in love early, don't be too late, and solve lifelong events at the right age, life will be smoother. Some girls are always unwilling, thinking that there will be a better person in front of them, but the result is that they get worse and worse, and finally marry a person who is far inferior to the previous one. For women, youth is priceless, to seize youth, to seize love and marriage. Don't be blindly confident, don't be self-righteous, so that you miss a good opportunity to choose a mate.
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