The middle-aged woman who "stealed people" mainly draws these three things, don't believe it

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The middle-aged woman who "stealed people" mainly draws these three things, don't believe it

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. As the old saying goes: "One day husband and wife are a hundred days of kindness." Men and women go from love to marriage. This is a great fate. As long as they manage each other with heart, they will be able to reap the happiness they want. However, when some women reach middle age, they gradually become tired of marriage and are no longer as loyal to their feelings as before. They couldn't bear the loneliness and longed for a better love, so much so that they were deeply trapped in extramarital affairs, worrying about gain and loss. Generally speaking, a woman who betrays her marriage will not end well in the end, and will bear huge pain and pay a heavy price. It is a pity that such a woman forgets the promise she made when she got married, blindly pursues the love she wants, loses herself in the relationship outside the marriage, and even gets scarred. So, when women reach middle age and go out to "steal people", what are they trying to do? Generally speaking, middle-aged women who "steal others" mainly focus on these three things:

First, longing for a beautiful love in their hearts, Desire to meet the right person

Generally speaking, women will not easily betray their marriage when they reach middle age. Because women at this stage already have a family and have children, they will give wholeheartedly, hoping to make the home more comfortable. After all, when they reach middle age, their life is relatively stable, and they will put all their thoughts on their families and children, looking forward to a happier life. However, some women will still betray even in middle age, and there must be a reason for this. The biggest possibility is that the woman was let down by the man in the marriage, or that it was only now that the woman realized that the man was not the person she expected in her heart. They feel that men are not romantic enough, and they are not caring and considerate enough. They are more and more disappointed in marriage, and gradually become restless. In order to meet the right person, they may develop intimacy with other people of the opposite sex and enjoy a moment of tenderness and romance. As in "Madame Bovary", Emma is such a woman. She is particularly disappointed with her husband and cannot bear the bland marriage, so she has extra-marital feelings. In her eyes, her husband is old-fashioned, doesn't understand romance, doesn't understand style, and can never enter her heart. Even when she talked to her husband about some romantic love, he couldn't understand it at all. Two people are like two lines in a parallel world, they can never intersect, and eventually they get farther and farther apart. Therefore, when she saw Rodolphe, she was instantly emotional after being teased a little by him. Rodolphe is a veteran of love affairs, and naturally knows how to please Emma. He constantly creates a meeting between two people, which is a fate arranged by God, and makes the extramarital affairs justified. Under Rodolphe's provocation, the pure Emma quickly fell into it, thinking that she had found true love, so she put down everything to be with Rodolph and became his lover. Of course, the ending was tragic. Therefore, when a woman reaches middle age, once she is dissatisfied with a man, or is not cherished in her marriage, and does not feel caring and loving, it is easy to go out to find a better love.

Second, want to ask for money from men to satisfy their inner vanity

In reality, some middle-aged women go out to "steal people", which is probably the picture money for men. They want to get from men, whether it is money or other material things, as long as they can satisfy their inner vanity, they will not hesitate to betray their marriage. Compared with women who go out to find love, such women are not worthy of forgiveness. They have no feelings at all, but everything is for the purpose of money. As long as men can provide money, they are willing to date, and even if they break through the bottom line of marriage, they do not feel ashamed. In the hearts of such women, the loyalty of marriage has never been considered. As long as the men around them cannot meet their daily consumption needs, they are easy to go out and "steal food". Moreover, they have only one purpose from beginning to end when they interact with other heterosexuals outside, which is to ask for money. This also confirms the old saying: "A man's betrayal is for lust, and a woman's betrayal is for money." Therefore, this kind of woman will basically not give her sincerity with other people of the opposite sex, but just play with men. In the beginning, they won't be too direct, but pretend to have sex with men. They will gradually reveal their true colors when men believe them completely and think they have found true love. At this time, they kept making various demands, asking men to pay for them, and most of them were in terms of money. As long as she can get money from a man, it is generally difficult for such a woman to quit. Instead, she is deeply immersed in feelings outside of marriage, and has since lost herself and lost her loyalty.

Third, I hope to find someone to accompany me to dispel the loneliness and pain in my heart

When a woman reaches middle age, she "stole people" outside, there is another possibility, I just hope to find someone to accompany me, so as to dispel the loneliness and pain in my heart. Such a woman is generally unhappy in her marriage, and the men around her don't care about her, and even accuse and beat her, which has already hurt her physically and mentally. Therefore, they urgently need to go outside to find comfort, eager to get the care and company of men, so that they can spend their painful days. They generally don't want to lose their marriage, they just want to seek outside comfort, so that their hearts can be cared for. In this case, once they meet a man with whom they chat very well, it is easy for them to fall into extramarital affairs and it is difficult to get out. In fact, for middle-aged women, their lives are relatively stable, and they don't have to worry about three meals a day. However, this kind of woman's heart is very empty, especially when the men around her don't understand her, don't care about her, and often neglect her, it will hurt her heart. Therefore, they don't have much expectations for marriage, and they also lose their original enthusiasm for the men around them. When they work all day around their children and the firewood, rice, oil and salt in their lives, their hearts have dried up. At this time, a man suddenly came to care for her, comfort her, and accompany her through those lonely and painful days, it is easy for them to fall into it. This may be the reason why middle-aged women go out to "steal food". When they are neglected and let down in their marriage, they will go out to seek another form of love and care. Ye Feifei's emotional message: Xin Yiwu said: "Maybe love is rigid, but marriage is flexible. We all have to learn to compromise." Indeed, marriage is a process of constant compromise, and both men and women need to learn to compromise, so as to maintain a happy marriage. However, in reality, some middle-aged women can't do this. They choose to betray for various reasons, and they will definitely pay the corresponding price in the end. No matter what they go out to do, as long as they break through the bottom line of loyalty, it will be difficult for them to be cherished by men. To sum up, middle-aged women who "steal people" mainly want these three things: looking forward to a beautiful love in their hearts, longing to meet the right person; wanting to ask for money from men to satisfy their inner vanity; hoping to find someone to come Accompany, dispel the inner loneliness and pain. This reminds men in marriage that if they find that a woman has betrayed him, it is best to make plans early to avoid losing both money and money in the future. Of course, in marriage, if men don't want women to change their minds, it is best to care for them with all their heart. As long as you live up to them, I believe they will stick to your marriage and go to the future together. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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