A cheating man's self-report: My wife's sexual indifference pushed me into the abyss of extramarital affairs

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A cheating man's self-report: My wife's sexual indifference pushed me into the abyss of extramarital affairs

Food color also! This is the most important existence in the relationship between men and women. Why do men cheat to find a lover, isn't it just for sex, or naked. Once there is no sex between husband and wife, it also means that there is no relationship. In reality, many men cheat, partly because of women's problems. If a woman does not meet her husband's sexual requirements, he will look for it from the outside. Mr. Ling is one of the representatives. Mr. Ling's wife is very resistant to married life, often in a perfunctory attitude. Mr. Ling has not been sexually satisfied for many years, so he cheated.

Lover's pregnancy forced marriage

Mr. Ling is very distressed now, and he doesn't know what to do and how to choose. The reason is that Mr. Ling's lover is pregnant and wants to get married, but Mr. Ling does not want a divorce. To put it more nasty, Mr. Ling would rather occupy the pit of marriage than divorce his wife, even though he no longer loves his wife. Mr. Ling's wife is in good condition, beautiful in appearance, educated and educated, and gave birth to a son and a daughter to Mr. Ling. The two are a loving couple in the eyes of outsiders, with good looks and a happy family. Mr. Ling's lover is very young, just 25 years old. No lover can compare to his wife in terms of family appearance and work. The reason why Mr. Ling asked her to be his lover was because she was young and because his lover loved him. As for Mr. Ling himself, he only likes his lover, but it is not enough to achieve love, and because there is no love, Mr. Ling is unwilling to sacrifice his future and come together with his lover. However, her lover was pregnant, and she threatened Mr. Ling that if she didn't divorce and marry her, she would discredit Mr. Ling and lose everything.

Reason for cheating——The wife is sexually indifferent

Before cheating, Mr. Ling also heard some people say that extramarital affairs are a pit, It is a bottomless abyss, and it is best not to touch it. Mr. Ling never thought that he would cheat before. He considers himself to be a good man, especially a woman who has a good wife in all aspects. Mr. Ling is very content. However, looking at the beautiful scenery from a distance, it is not so beautiful when you get closer. Mr. Ling's marriage is envied by everyone, but only Mr. Ling can realize that his wife is good in everything, but she is very resistant to married life, and perfunctory when forced. In order to live a married life, Mr. Ling often kept his voice low, especially in the face of his perfunctory wife, Mr. Ling felt insulted. After the wife gave birth to the second child, she refused to live a married life even more. She often rejected Mr. Ling on the grounds that she was tired and had to take care of the children. Mr. Ling watched his wife and children fill up the big bed. He could only open the refrigerator, take out a can of cold beer and a pack of cigarettes, and blow the wind alone on the balcony.


When people are hungry, they will be hungry. If a man in a marriage is not sexually satisfied, he will cheat and find a lover. Mr. Ling cheated. For a work entertainment, the other party invited several young girls to liven up the atmosphere. One of the girls with big eyes sang very well. Although she was not very beautiful, she was young and looked very comfortable. Mr. Ling doesn't drink much, and his mind is very clear, so when he cheated, he didn't think about the consequences. But his wife's long-term neglect made Mr. Ling ignore it. This is how cheating is. Once it starts, it cannot end so easily. Mr. Ling's cheating journey has gone further and further. He has developed a lover relationship with the girl with big eyes. Mr. Ling is very satisfied with this state, his lover is obedient and lovely, and his wife is unaware.

The abyss of extramarital affairs

Mr. Ling once thought about living like this for a lifetime. Although he can't give his lover too much, he can guarantee his lover A lifetime of worry-free life. Mr. Ling and his lover also expressed their intentions. Although the lover was not very happy, he did not express any objection even if it was a tacit agreement. After all, over the years, her lover's life has improved a few grades, which was brought to her by Mr. Ling. Mr. Ling thought that her lover was satisfied with what she had now, but she didn't expect that she would be so greedy and want more. The lover is pregnant, and uses the pregnancy to ask Mr. Ling to divorce and marry her. Mr. Ling said to his lover: "You can give birth to a child, except for your name, I can give you everything else, deposit a house and car, and guarantee your life." But the lover was unwilling. The lover said, "She just wants to be Mrs. Ling. , if Mr. Ling doesn't agree, she will go to Mr. Ling's wife and tell her the truth. "Mr. Ling felt that he was being blackmailed, but he couldn't convince his lover. Only then did Mr. Ling remember what he had heard before. , extramarital affairs is an abyss.

Concluding remarks

There is nothing in this world that is free of cost, but the cost is different. Infidelity is definitely the most costly in a marriage, no matter what the reason for the infidelity is, the final result will not be good. Although Mr. Ling's infidelity was the reason of his wife, but Mr. Ling trampled on the marriage in this way, it was justified and unreasonable. The sex life between husband and wife is indeed the closest bond between husband and wife. However, many women do not understand that because of physiological reasons, women will not be interested in married life after they reach middle age or because of fertility reasons. . This may be the reason why men have a high probability of cheating when they reach middle age. Of course, many of the reasons are the problems of men themselves, but women should also reflect on their attitudes in marriage.

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