Husbands and wives meet again after a long absence, hugging is outdated, these 3 things are popular now

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Husbands and wives meet again after a long absence, hugging is outdated, these 3 things are popular now

Today's society is developing rapidly, and new things are constantly appearing, which is a feature of entering the information age. Due to various reasons, it has become a common social phenomenon that both husband and wife do not work and live in the same place. Especially for young and middle-aged couples now, the two working places are in two cities, that is, "Tale of Two Cities", and they can only get together once every ten days and a half; and there are many in the countryside, where their husbands work outside all year round and work hard to earn money. To support the family is the backbone of the family; the wife takes care of the elderly and children in her hometown, and she also farms the land. There are also many household chores every day, and the family burden is not light. Therefore, for these couples who have been together for a long time, is it still cuddling and hugging after meeting? In fact, cuddling may be outdated, and what has quietly changed is that it is now fashionable to do these three things:

First : Hold hands with each other and have a good chat

The husband and wife have been separated for a long time. Of course, the reunion is "a small marriage is better than a new marriage". The situation, as well as some situations at home, also enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Because I usually only contact by mobile phone, and due to the limitation of time and space, busyness and other factors during the call, I still can't have a good chat, and I can't have an in-depth conversation. After meeting, the couple can hold hands with each other and chat in a separate and quiet space. The significance of holding hands here is extraordinary. Holding hands when in love is an expression of love, and holding hands and chatting between husband and wife is an expression of deepening mutual trust and enhancing the relationship between husband and wife - I love you very much. When chatting, you can talk about the husband and wife's work, life, health, etc., as well as the situation at home, what changes have taken place, how the old man's health is, how the child's study is, and so on. The important thing is what matters at home need to be dealt with and how to deal with them, such as seeing a doctor for the elderly, house repairs, human relations, children going to school and other housework matters, through careful discussion, division of labor and cooperation to deal with it, this is also the family that the husband and wife each undertakes. Good performance of obligations and responsibilities.

Second: Take the children to the mall or playground together

After all, the family has been separated for a while, and there must be some joy when we meet again , If time permits, couples still need to take their children, and the whole family goes to shopping malls, parks or playgrounds. This is not only shopping, walking, chatting, but also enjoying the closeness and fun of the family. During the happy time, the family takes a family photo together and plays with the children. This enjoyment process is also a catalyst for enhancing the relationship between husband and wife and family.

Third: visit their parents together

The husband and wife are separated and work hard, this is for the development of family and career , In order to make the family live better, despite the helplessness and sorrow, there is also the joy and happiness of the reunion. For those couples who have been separated for a long time, in addition to reuniting with their families after meeting, they still need to take time to visit their parents. This is also an essential and important thing to contact and enhance the relationship between relatives, especially during the New Year and festivals. , it is even more necessary to do it. The husband and wife go to see their parents together, accompany the elderly for a walk, chat, and take the elderly to see their diseases, so as to fulfill their duty of care and support. This is also a family joy. Great happiness. In short, it is still necessary to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious and harmonious, and take the initiative to share more family responsibilities and obligations, so that family life can be harmonious and beautiful, and the whole family can be happy and healthy!

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