In a relationship, the more "inferiority" a woman is, the more obvious these three characteristics are

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In a relationship, the more "inferiority" a woman is, the more obvious these three characteristics are

In life, one’s feelings must always be sustenanced. Intercourse with the opposite sex and becoming a confidant and friend are also pure love in the world; becoming a lover and even entering the hall of marriage is also a beautiful marriage in the world. As a lover and a husband and wife, the relationship between them needs to be maintained with sincerity, true affection and true love. In the journey of life through trials and hardships, we should stick to each other, share our hearts, and enjoy the joy of our family. However, in real life, due to the existence of various factors, such as differences in family conditions, differences in work quality, differences in economic strength, differences in appearance, etc., the relationship between lovers and husband and wife will also affect the relationship between Communication, and women's inferiority complex is a common phenomenon. If a woman is at home with her husband and children, without a decent job like her husband, the husband has his own career, and the family income is completely dependent on her husband, then the woman will naturally develop a sense of inferiority, and always feel that she owes her man something. If a woman's appearance is not so "naturally beautiful", or her stature is not so "slim", it will also easily lead to inferiority complex, and she will always feel sorry for her man in her heart. Of course, there are other factors that make women feel inferior. Once a woman has an inferiority complex, the more "inferiority" she is, the more obvious these three characteristics will be:

First: she will be very uncomfortable in front of her man Restricted, submissive

Once a woman feels inferior, she is more afraid of doing something wrong, making her man angry and making him look down on her even more, so she will become unnaturally reserved in front of her man and not decisive in doing things Sex, even daring to speak aloud in front of men, has a submissive appearance.

Second: Be obedient to your man, always let the man make the final decision

Once a woman feels inferior, she will live at home He will be obedient to his man, and he will not dare to make up his own mind about anything, and he will let the man decide everything, because if he makes up his own mind, if he does something wrong, or fails to do it well, he is afraid that his man will blame him, and then The attitude of disgust and contempt for oneself is the result that women do not want to see the most.

Third: When a woman is wronged or frustrated at home or outside, she dare not talk to her man

Once a woman becomes more inferior , If you suffer some grievances at home, or are bullied or insulted by others outside, or encounter some setbacks in life or career, you will generally not take the initiative to talk to your man. After all, women are already at a disadvantage. In front of him is the image of a "weak" who already owes a man a debt. If he talks to his man again, it is easy for the man to laugh at him, make him look down on him even more, and then alienate him emotionally, which affects the harmonious coexistence of the husband and wife relationship. Of course, it is not right for a woman to have some inferiority complex, she should self-regulate, or find a professional psychologist for guidance, improve life self-confidence, and enhance self-improvement, self-esteem and self-love. Because everyone is always imperfect, you should pay more attention to your own strengths, give full play to your strengths, try your best to overcome your own shortcomings, and make your life exciting, so that men can appreciate themselves more, value themselves more, and be more love yourself.

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