"Hidden in the Dust": It has nothing to do with love, but it is very like love

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"Hidden in the Dust": It has nothing to do with love, but it is very like love

Last night, I watched a movie "Hidden in the Dust" while hiding under the covers. The movie was in the dialect of Gansu. It sounded a little tired and the story was bland, but every detail was very real. I love watching real things, whether novels or movies. It is about destiny, about the countryside, and about love. There are no red wine, flowers and rings, no luxury bags, luxury houses and cars. It's just two people with similar fates, dependent on each other and cherishing each other.

At that glance, I fell in love with you

This story takes place in a rural area. Youtie is a middle-aged bachelor who is hard-working and down-to-earth, but can’t find it. wife. Guiying has a physical disability, urinary incontinence and limited mobility. With the help of the family, they met once. Youtie didn't say anything during the entire blind date, but when he heard the donkey's barking, he hurried to comfort him. Because of urinary incontinence, Guiying went to the toilet during the blind date, and found that Tiezheng was feeding the donkey with Baogu, with endless tenderness in her eyes. With just one glance, Gui Ying took a fancy to You Tie. A man who loves donkeys so much must be very good to his wife. They don't have fancy weddings, and they don't have fancy furniture. The two got married in the house they borrowed from, with the red happy characters on the walls and two silent people on the kang. Gui Ying's embarrassment was the constant urinary incontinence, not even the night of her wedding. When she slept until midnight, Youtie found Guiying standing on the edge of the kang with her butt on fire. He glanced at her, didn't say anything, didn't wake her up, and didn't despise her. Such a silent man gave Gui Ying the dignity he wanted. What is love, I think everyone's answer is different. But I have always felt that the highest state of love is to cherish, to care for each other with heart. When the weather is cold, Youtie will make steamed buns and stuff them into Guiying's arms one by one. When the wind is strong, Youtie will put his coat on Guiying. You Tie has no sweet words or rhetoric, but he knows that this is his woman and treats her in the most primitive and clumsy way. In fact, I have always felt that poor and humble couples are not sad. What is really sad is that they experience love in marriage, and there is no emotional flow.

Home is a light, a person waiting for your return

Why do we get married, why do we start a home with a stranger. What is the meaning of home? I think the meaning of home is that no matter how far you go, no matter how late you come back, there is always someone waiting for you. Why is this movie so touching? Because, in Guiying and Youtie, we see warmth and love, and a flower blooming in the humble life. In the movie, there is a scene that particularly touched me: I went to the city to do errands with iron, but I didn't come back very late. Guiying waited impatiently and walked out of the house. At this time, she saw that Youtie had come back, and she rambled: The water in the jar has been hot again and again, and now you are finally back. This kind of scene is very common, but it touches each of us. I remember when I was a child, my father made a living by catching eels and loaches. Often sleep during the day and go out to work at night. My mother couldn't sleep well at night, especially when it was windy and rainy, she always turned on all the lights in the house because she wanted Dad to come back safely. Although Guiying is physically disabled, she is kind by nature. When she is busy with iron, she will deliver meals and water. She watched with iron donating blood, and her face was distressed. It was Guiying who made Youtie feel at home and tasted the real warmth for the first time. The two men and women at the bottom of the society slowly put together a happy life with their own hands. They planted the fields together, harvested wheat together, built houses together, and hatched chickens together. Although the life is not rich, but because of the family and love, the two are full of hope in life.

Love is a light in life

For Youtie, because of Guiying's company, life becomes complete and beautiful. For Guiying, because of the love of iron, she feels real happiness. They hugged and cried in the rain, watched the chicks break their shells one by one under the lights, and caught fish and roasted them in the creek. Life has given them a lot of hardships, but because they cherish each other, there will still be sweetness in the hardships. Love is a light in life that illuminates two humble people. Gui Ying's face gradually got more smiles, and her iron voice gradually filled with tenderness, from being a stranger at the beginning to the support of each other's life. It's just that when everything was good and came slowly, Guiying drowned in the ditch because she delivered food to Youtie. Since then, You Tie has become more and more silent. He let go of the donkey, sold the wheat, paid off the credit, and chose to join Gui Ying. The tragic ending seems unavoidable. But who said that love never came. Such a simple and simple story has no ups and downs, and no bloody plot, but it allows us to see the selfishness and indifference of human nature, as well as kindness and forbearance. Life is hard, but two people who love each other can still see the light.

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