The guy's salary is 7,000, and the mortgage is 5,000. When he is on a blind date, he makes a big cake. Girl: You are looking for someone to help you pay the mortgage

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The guy's salary is 7,000, and the mortgage is 5,000. When he is on a blind date, he makes a big cake. Girl: You are looking for someone to help you pay the mortgage


Blind date and love are two different things. Many people are very resistant to blind date. Generally speaking, people will feel that a person can't find a match, so they will go on a blind date, thinking that this kind of person is "reduced to the point of blind date". For couples who come together because of a blind date, the element of love seems to be much lower, and it is more about the right conditions for each other. The purpose of a blind date is to quickly match marriage, and if the conditions given are false, it will be considered insincere. Zhang Feng (pseudonym) tried to fool the blind date in order to quickly marry a daughter-in-law, but was seen through by the other party.


There are always some people in this world who are short-sighted, but feel that others are fools and can be fooled by him. Zhang Feng is such an arrogant and arrogant man. Zhang Feng's family conditions were not very good. When he was in the fourth grade of elementary school, his parents divorced because his mother had an extramarital relationship. Zhang Feng lives with his father, and has hardly seen his mother since then, because his father would not let him see him. And his mother gradually forgot about him and stopped coming to him. The father's feelings for his ex-wife have always been very hated. From the beginning of hatred and complaints, it gradually turned into a curse of malice. Father's mental state is getting worse and worse, probably because his own conditions are not very good, it is no longer easy to marry a daughter-in-law, but he is betrayed by his daughter-in-law, which hit him very hard. Zhang Feng's studies, his father could not understand, as long as his academic performance declined, his father would beat him. In such a state of life, Zhang Feng did not become a poor, introverted child, but learned badly from his father. He followed his father's example and yelled at his mother, saying, "Women are not good things." He himself had resentment towards his mother, but he did not cry in the middle of the night thinking of his mother like other children, but instead used insults to vent his emotions. Later, the father and son basically formed a consensus at home: women are just tools for inheriting the family. Of course, they also know that it is impossible to openly express this idea, and they feel that they are going to take advantage of women, how can they let women know their thoughts? During college, Zhang Feng had three girlfriends, and he confuses many little girls with his handsome appearance. Zhang Feng basically has no moral values. If he has been with his girlfriend for less than 3 months, he will use sweet words or coercive means to let his girlfriend open a room with him. After "feeling tired", Zhang Feng broke up with his girlfriend without hesitation and looked for his next target. But he is also very smart. He knows that changing girlfriends can't be too diligent, lest his reputation be ruined, and it will be difficult to "start" in the future, so he changes one every year, and chats with strange little sisters on the Internet when he is bored. After graduating from university, Zhang Feng asked a friend to introduce himself, and found himself a job as a supervisor on the construction site, and learned some skills from the master. A few years later, Zhang Feng finally got his salary of 7,000 per month. It's just that he has been running on the construction site for many years, eating mostly pasta, and gradually gaining weight. He has no ability to catch beautiful girls anymore, and he began to think about marriage. After all, in a second-tier city, the monthly salary of 7,000 is not high, and he still works on the construction site. Zhang Feng knows that he has no advantages, but he is the kind of person who wants to be fat when his face is swollen. He must be arrogant to be satisfied. So he participated in a blind date very confidently, and through the matchmaking agency, Zhang Feng met a 26-year-old woman. He looked at the woman's information, the conditions were good, and the monthly income was also 7,000, which was "equivalent" to himself. In fact, the woman is an accountant in the company. She sits in the office every day and works very leisurely, which is not the same as Zhang Feng. But Zhang Feng couldn't hold back anymore and began to talk rhetorically. He first packaged his work, and tried to describe it with the noble words he knew. He described his work as something that was crucial to the entire project, as if the entire construction site would not be able to operate without him. Same. Then he lamented that this job is more envied by others, so it is not suitable for ordinary people. In the end, Zhang Feng made some fiction again, saying that this job has great potential in the future. He can take the position of an engineer, or even take over the project alone, and start a new job to be responsible for the operation of the entire project. The woman listened and smiled without saying a word. She is an accountant and has friends in engineering. She already knew that Zhang Feng was talking nonsense. But the woman was not in a hurry to reveal the truth, just to see what nonsense Zhang Feng could say. Zhang Feng finished talking about his work, and then talked about his conditions. He said that he had a very good house and the location was so good, and he showed the woman the real estate certificate. When the woman asked him about his mortgage situation, Zhang Feng waved his hand and said that his job prospects were good. After drawing the cake for a long time, Zhang Feng just mentioned: "The mortgage is 5,000, but it's not important. You must know that my job will be promoted soon, and the monthly salary will break through 10,000. It is very simple. In the future, I will contract the project myself. , a project is completed with millions of dollars, who cares how much a suite is worth?" The woman couldn't bear it any longer, she threw the room book on the table and said, "Stop pretending, who doesn't know how many people do the project? I’m the boss of my own, and no one else is as crazy as you. I think you just need someone to help you pay off your mortgage, so what are you pretending to be?” After that, the woman stood up and left. Zhang Feng disagreed, and continued to urge the dating agency to introduce himself to a partner, and also wanted to continue to fool the woman to accompany him to repay the mortgage. It's a pity that his strange things have been known to the matchmaking agency, and they will not introduce him to someone with good conditions.


Everyone has more or less vanity, hoping to be envied by others in some areas. In life, there are also many people who exaggerate their abilities or their physical appearance when chatting with strangers. This kind of practice is not harmful and understandable. But blind date is different, there is no point in lying, unless he can turn the lie into reality. One: Men who look down on women are also not favored by good women. The male protagonist's views on women above are almost the views of a large part of men on women. Even if they did not have a bad childhood, even if they grew up in the love of their parents, they would still despise and despise women, and even they themselves did not realize their contempt for women. Because men have always been "raised", they will be exaggeratedly praised for their little achievements. When they are adults, they cannot understand women's prudence, self-abasement, and self-effacing. They also use bragging as a basic social skill. In the communication between adult men and men, it seems abnormal if they do not brag about their career and abilities. These men usually look down on women, thinking that women have little value, are attached to them, and cannot be better than them. They deny those really excellent women, and because their strength is too poor, they are not favored by excellent women, and they despise and deny excellent women even more, falling into a vicious circle. Two: It is useless to brag and exaggerate oneself on a blind date. If a person has never boasted or exaggerated his own strength in his life, then this person is almost a saint. In human-to-human interactions, there is really no need to be more serious about some of the other's boasting behaviors, it's just a way to make mutual communication more enjoyable. Even when people brag about themselves, their brains don't have time to shut their mouths to stop this behavior. But bragging about yourself on a blind date is completely useless. Or it will be counterproductive and make the blind date hate him. Some people have also lied during blind dates, such as lying about their height and saying 2 centimeters more. Although such a small lie can hurt feelings, it is not principled when the two find out this problem after dating for a period of time. big thing. But some people regard the blind date meeting as a bragging competition, and the other party will not believe it at first glance. This kind of boasting is basically just speeding up the end of the blind date, and normal people don't do this kind of thing. Usually only those who are short-sighted and shallow-informed, who feel that others are not as well-informed as they are, dare to talk nonsense. When encountering such a person, there is no need to correct his thoughts, just laugh it off. Text/Fenghua

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