After the death of the wife, the daughter-in-law said harsh words: If you dare to remarry, I will divorce your son

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After the death of the wife, the daughter-in-law said harsh words: If you dare to remarry, I will divorce your son


People who live to the age of fifty or sixty, serve their parents and enjoy their old age, or finish their work, should enjoy their old age Time to live. At this age, the children are basically married, have their own children, and are busy with their own future. It stands to reason that parents who live to this level should also pay attention to their own happiness in their later years. Whether it is to cultivate some hobbies or decide to find another wife to accompany each other, it is also their own choice. Children should understand, respect, and help their parents check. The only thing is that you shouldn't try to stop your parents by your own selfish desires, and you shouldn't treat your parents as your tools. Aunt Qiao (pseudonym) wanted to remarry in her later years, but was warned by her daughter-in-law pointing her nose, and her son couldn't help, which was really chilling.


Aunt Qiao is a very nostalgic person, with a mild personality and filial piety to her parents. She has a son, who was originally a very sensible and obedient person, knew that he loved his parents, and his academic performance has been very good. Later, my son was admitted to a key university in the north and made a girlfriend, and his personality changed. The son once brought his girlfriend to the house to meet his parents, and Aunt Qiao watched them get along, and felt that something was wrong. The son, who used to be polite, has changed his temperament for some reason. Not only is he full of foul language, but he is also obedient to the girlfriend who speaks cunningly, echoing her picky about his own family. Aunt Qiao was very unhappy, but before she said anything, her son's girlfriend said a lot of disgusting words. Didn't even want to stay for lunch and left with great disdain. Aunt Qiao and her husband disagreed with the marriage, but their son cried and made trouble, and finally forced each other to death. The couple was very helpless, and in the end they could only reluctantly agree. From this, it can be seen that Aunt Qiao and her husband are still very good-natured, and they have failed to educate their son. It seems that they have not penetrated into the depths of their son's heart. . At that time, the husband could only comfort Aunt Qiao, saying: "Anyway, their young couple lives in the north, and it won't affect us. Let them go. We will retire here, take good care of our parents and our mother, and we will just have a good life. It's over!" The husband was relieved, and being able to say these words also comforted Aunt Qiao. A few years after the son got married, the old man in the family passed away. Aunt Qiao and her husband were very sad, especially her husband, who was too old to accept the grief of losing his mother, and fainted due to excessive sadness at the funeral. Since then, her husband's health has also deteriorated, and his spirit has become trance day by day. Originally, the old couple danced square dance and went to the mountain together, but now they can't do anything. Aunt Qiao serves her husband closely every day, which is hard and sad. Three years later, her husband died of a heart attack, leaving Aunt Qiao to live alone. But Aunt Qiao's old father was still alive and not in good health, so Aunt Qiao moved back to her parents' home. While taking care of her father, she also cherished the last bit of time her last elderly relative stayed in the world. Aunt Qiao's hard work was noticed by some aunts in the neighbors. They were all the same age and were easily familiar with it. The aunt persuaded Aunt Qiao to find a wife. After all, it was too hard for her to serve her old father alone, and she no longer had any close relatives to help her. She was a lot of age, and if something happened, she would be in trouble. Aunts and aunts are right, but Aunt Qiao has no time to think about it. However, when the son brought his daughter-in-law and children back to his hometown to visit his relatives, the daughter-in-law heard the gossip of those aunts. This is incredible, the daughter-in-law shoved the child into her husband's arms, and a pair of high-heeled shoes clattered on the floor, and went straight to Aunt Qiao angrily. When my daughter-in-law came to Aunt Qiao, she asked, "Are you really capable? Dare to remarry? I'm going to tell you the ugly thing before. If you dare to remarry, I'll divorce your son!" The daughter-in-law's sleeve said, "What are you doing?" The daughter-in-law continued to speak harshly, pointing at her mother-in-law and saying to her husband, "Don't think about it, if she gets married, who will help me take care of the child? If your mother dares to remarry, let's not let it go! You are a lot of years old, so don't be ashamed!" Aunt Qiao remained silent throughout the whole process, looking at her son, who had been raising her hard, and this unfilial daughter-in-law. Aunt Qiao was so aggrieved that tears rolled in her eyes, she let out a long sigh, and locked her son and daughter-in-law out of the house, preventing them from entering the house. Who knew that the daughter-in-law was still scolding outside the door, and the son couldn't control her at all. Aunt Qiao felt chilled, knowing that her son and daughter-in-law could not be counted on, so she could only think about remarriage. Originally, she had no plans to remarry at all. After all, she was almost 60, so why bother? But looking at the current situation, if he is sick and lying in bed, this daughter-in-law may have to "pull out the tube". In desperation, Aunt Qiao met several old men under the introduction of the enthusiastic aunts of the neighbors. After many screenings and inspections, Aunt Qiao found a good-tempered person. He lost his wife in middle age and brought up his children. Now he lives alone. He likes to practice calligraphy, go for walks, and has a dog. He is a very caring man. Aunt Qiao did not inform her son and daughter-in-law that she had lived with this man for a while. The man helped her take care of her old father and encouraged her to exercise together. Aunt Qiao's spirit is getting better and better, and she remarried this man. The two of them are company of each other, and they live a very happy life. After the son and daughter-in-law found out, they ran over to make a scene, but to no avail. Aunt Qiao even made a will, leaving the inheritance to the new husband's daughter, not a penny to her biological son.


When a person reaches the end of his life, the more peaceful he is, the happier he will be. If children are truly filial to their parents, they should be allowed to enjoy their old age in peace, whether they have a favorite activity or go dancing with old friends, they have their own way of life. Now that the children have grown up, have married, and have their own children, they should mature and stop bothering their parents. One: The spiritual needs of the elderly cannot be ignored. Each stage of a person has different spiritual pursuits. When people get old, their physical functions decline, but it does not mean that the elderly have no desires and no desires. Some traditional theories always advocate that the elderly should behave solemnly, restrain their needs, and have the demeanor of the elderly. As a result, people always have excessive demands on the elderly, while ignoring their normal needs, whether physical or psychological. In particular, children's "filial piety" to their parents is suppressing their spiritual world. For example, children will not allow them to climb mountains and run because they are afraid of being injured by the elderly; they will not be allowed to dance square dance and socialize with the opposite sex because they are afraid that the elderly will seek love in their later years. In the eyes of these children, their parents can feel at ease by staying at home honestly. But this kind of reassurance is not really for the good of parents, just because I don't want to take time out to accompany my parents, and I don't want to help them solve troubles. Two: Children who treat their parents as tools will not treat their children well. Children who treat their parents as tools will also treat their own children as tools. These people occupy a large proportion in real life. They have children because they want to "raise children to prevent old age", and they are filial to their parents in order to be "filial sons" in other people's mouths. It is precisely because they regard their relatives as tool people that they have created many tragedies between parents and children. They are not genuinely concerned with the true emotions of parents and children, and are reluctant to take the time to understand their spiritual needs. What's more, it is only natural for parents to help them with their babies. If parents want to play and don't have time to help themselves with their babies, it is disrespectful to the old. They will even use the threat of "no pension" to force the elderly to help them take care of the baby. Deep down, they are still immature, and most of them will blindly follow public opinion and are afraid of being talked about, so they require all their relatives to live by the same rules as themselves. But they don't know what kind of life they want. They are busy all their lives and always feel empty. Text/Fenghua

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