In the eyes of the opposite sex, these kinds of behaviors of women are the most cost-effective

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In the eyes of the opposite sex, these kinds of behaviors of women are the most cost-effective

When Hao Lei starred in "Sisters", the line that impressed me the most was: "You have been in Fengyuechang for a long time, and your road will become narrower and narrower in the future." At that time, I didn't quite understand the meaning of this sentence. When a person reaches middle age, he suddenly realizes that a woman's life is high or not, and it has a lot to do with your behavior. If you don't dress up, you can live a wonderful life, and you don't live a happy life every day. A woman, in the eyes of the opposite sex, is unattainable, or not looking at you, in fact, depends on what the woman does.

When entering and leaving the night scene, she always looks coquettish. Such a woman is despised.

The female advocate in "Deep Courtyard" has a cigarette in it. The male protagonist, Bai Peiwen, met and fell in love, while Zhang Hanyan was born as a dancer. Although Bai Peiwen doesn't care, "dancing girl" is a label that cannot be removed, and a very cheap identity. Mother Bo was firmly opposed, looking down on this dusty woman, feeling that she was unclean and incompatible with her family. Although the two love each other like glue, they have never been recognized by the mother-in-law, not to mention that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along well. So, Mother Bo watched Zhang Hanyan and his assistant get very close, and she fabricated the fact that they were having an affair, and this convinced Bo Peiwen, because at that moment, the strongest voice in Bo Peiwen's heart was, "She is a dancer. , she is used to being flirtatious." So Zhang Hanyan had to leave her daughter and escape in a fire because she had been driven to a dead end. "Fang Siying", who returned from her studies, was a governess, and lived in the "Bo" family with such a decent status, and was so respected. A woman's identity is very important, she is a business card for you. be your forever label. Zhang Hanyan did so. Isn't that the case with Manlu in "Half Life"? "Dancer" is a very cheap identity, anyone can look down on it, everyone thinks "dirty", and a man is definitely just playing with you. Although you are talented, and your face is pure and innocent, you are beautiful and charming, with the beauty of closing the moon and embarrassing flowers, and the appearance of sinking fish and falling geese. And the identity of "dancing girl" is enough to put you into the eighteenth hell. You are no longer qualified to enjoy love, or even have the right to be "good". Therefore, women need to be very expensive, and some occasions must not enter, and some industries must not be involved.

Women "raise fish" and flirt with many men at the same time, which is the most expensive.

There are some women who fight hotly with men. Actually playing with fire. This type of woman will not refuse, or simply look at the target, take the initiative to attack, prepare enough spare tires, and choose the main attack. I always feel that if this side is yellow, there is still a chance to save the field. When a woman deals with men, there are always times when she doesn't care about her head and tail. Women eat in the bowl and look at the pot, there is no loyalty, even pre-marital behavior, they feel that the price is low. Not to mention cheating after marriage, it is simply "slut", which is disgusting. Men look down on such women the most. Once they find out that a woman is unfaithful, they will break up with the woman, and there is no room for manoeuvre.

A woman who is vain, covets cheap, and has too little vision, such a woman is also very "low"

Some women always seem not enough when they meet a rich man , It seems that I have never seen anything, touch others here, look at others, casually inquire about the price of their bags, and even flip other people's things without the consent of the other party, and go in and out of other people's bedrooms. Such women generally like to take advantage of others, and they immediately pick up things that they throw away as treasures. The things that people don't want are like sending a beggar to her, and she still smiles and is grateful, which she will never forget in her life. In fact, many rich people donate things they don't want to the poor, and the poor always give the best things to the rich. What a rich man throws to you, he thinks it is too expensive, and what a poor man gives to him, he thinks it is cheap. Therefore, women should not accept gifts from others casually. You think it is a friendship from the other party, but in fact, it is a manifestation of price drop. Very underestimated. Women who like "gossip", men think "too cheap" and some women always like mother-in-law. She always asks about other people's privacy, the owner is short, the west is the parent, she speaks well. Whose woman cheated, whose man cheated, whose daughter caught a golden tortoise-in-law, whose old girl is over 30 and is still in her boudoir, whose woman became pregnant out of wedlock, and whose woman is Be a junior. In short, "dogs can't spit out ivory" is simply the sensitivity of "Entertainment" and the "big horn" of hot searches. A senior woman never likes "gossip", let alone gossip. She has her own deeds and will never make trouble for nothing. A high-level woman, of noble birth, will never do anything indecent. She knows what a boudoir is and what a "serious woman" is. Senior women know how to respect the privacy of others and never inquire about private information. She is dignified and beautiful, well-dressed, extraordinary in temperament, and full of connotation in her speech. A high-level woman in the eyes of a man is subtle, knowledgeable, full of infinite attractiveness, a clear spring, and a sun. On the contrary, women who drop the price, they don't even think they deserve to shine their shoes.

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