Whether couples or lovers, never "share" these 3 secrets, they are the root of quarrel

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Whether couples or lovers, never "share" these 3 secrets, they are the root of quarrel

Between husband and wife, between lovers, when they are together, they will be affectionate and talk about everything, because they all regard each other as intimate lovers, and they regard each other as their emotional dependence, and they deeply love each other. In fact, no matter whether it is a couple or a lover, some words can be said to their heart's content, such as feelings of longing, love, worries and other daily chores, etc., while some words, especially the secrets buried in the bottom of the heart, are good for privacy, so don't say them lightly. The other party, because if you say it to the other party, it can only play a negative role, and it may become the source of quarrels and disputes. Now, let's talk about three secrets that couples or lovers should never "share".

First: Your love history

Everyone has their own privacy and things they don’t want others to know, especially It is to the current lover or lover, some secrets that should not be told, don't tell the other party casually. Once it is said, it actually has a negative impact on the maintenance of the relationship and the relationship between the two parties. Sometimes it is easy for the other party to misunderstand, or think that your relationship is not single, or that you are a careless person, or that you are irresponsible. people. Especially don't tell your previous love history, especially expose some of your shortcomings and deficiencies. After all, it's the past. No matter how the relationship is, whether it's a vigorous or a bleak ending, it's already To become a full stop, it is better to hide it in your heart, and it is better to remember it by yourself.

Second: How good your ex is

No matter how good your ex is, whether it’s for your lover or your lover, you can’t talk about how good your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is, such as How good-looking, strong working ability, social status, able to make money, love women, willing to spend money for women, etc. In fact, praising your ex for being so good is a blow to the incumbent's heart, making his heart sour, and he may even mutter in his heart: You still appreciate your ex now, and you may not be as good as your ex. Therefore, it is easy to cause some misunderstandings and affect the feelings of both parties.

Third: Mistakes I shouldn't have made in the past

Mistakes I've made before, especially things that violate morality and the law that shouldn't be made, don't take it lightly Tell it to the other person, because you have made these mistakes that you shouldn't make in the past, it shows that you have deficiencies and defects in some aspects, and you have an imperfect side. These mistakes are stains in your life, and now you have corrected yourself. new. If you say it, it will make the other party have an opinion on you in the heart, or despise you, or understand your shortcomings and shortcomings, and will use these to talk about things in the future, thinking that your ability to do things is not good, and so on. In a word, it is best not to tell your lover or lover some of your privacy and secrets easily. Once you tell it, it will affect the relationship and feelings of both parties more or less. Your handle will be used to ridicule you, attack you and hurt you when arguing.

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