When "intimate", women often have these "psychological needs", men don't understand

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When "intimate", women often have these "psychological needs", men don't understand

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Women have far more emotional needs than men. They long to be cared for and loved, and hope to be the woman you hold in your palm. Especially when it comes to intimacy, women are more emotionally expressive, and they will have a lot of concerns, both entangled and looking forward to sharing a sweet time with you. For women, love or not love, physical contact is the most real. For example, if you hold a woman's hand gently, she will feel very sweet and have a feeling of being loved. Or, if you give a woman a warm hug, she will feel very secure, so she can let go of her worries and associate with you. Women are afraid of worrying about gains and losses in their relationship, and they dare not give themselves easily. This requires men to take the initiative to understand a woman's psychological needs and to take care of her in time. In this way, she will regard you as the most important partner in this life and walk into the future with you with confidence. Generally speaking, women often have these "psychological needs" when they are "intimate", and men should not understand.

1. When intimacy, I hope to be pity and cared for by men

Some men and women completely ignore the woman’s feelings when they are intimate. Feel, it's not right. In emotion, what a woman desires most is the love of a man, and can feel the feeling of being loved. They don't care about the length of time, but whether you love yourself with your heart and attach great importance to your attitude. For example, when you kiss a woman, she does not want you to kiss her for a long time, but wants you to give her the texture of love with your heart. Therefore, before being intimate with a woman, a man must pay more attention to her emotions, be gentle and considerate, and let her have a romantic feeling. In fact, many times, a casual move of a man can make a woman instantly emotional. For example, if you hold up a woman's face affectionately and gently say "so beautiful", it is easy for a woman to immerse herself in the romance of love. Men need to remember that women are emotional and need to create some atmospheric scenes. The more affectionate you show, the happier she will be. In the final analysis, when a man gets along with a woman, he should have a deep understanding of her psychology and create a more romantic atmosphere for her. Especially when you are intimate with her, you should pay more attention to her psychological feelings, and don't ignore a woman's feelings for your own desires. When you are with her, say more sweet words and let her enter a state of intimacy in advance, so that she can accept you more at ease. After that, you have to learn to be gentle with her for a while, with less fancy movements, and more pity and care for her. She will be especially sweet in her heart, so she will be firmly with you.

Second, in the heart of a woman, I look forward to discussing emotional privacy with you together

After a man and a woman fall in love, when the relationship reaches a certain level, it is easy to have intimate contact . At this time, you must not ignore a woman's feelings. If you ignore a woman's psychological needs just to satisfy your own desires, she will be disappointed. In fact, when women are intimate, they look forward to discussing emotional privacy with you in order to make the relationship more harmonious. She'd love to talk to you about love skills, how to get along in a relationship, and how to stay happy. For example, when kissing, a woman really wants to tell you how to make her more emotional. Of course, women are very reserved and won't take the initiative to speak out. This requires a man to take more into account her feelings, and it is best to do it in a way she likes, which will help make their relationship more intimate. Especially when she has an intimate relationship with a woman, she will be very worried in her heart, afraid that she will be let down by you in the future. At this time, your performance is very important, what kind of attitude you take, what kind of method you take, she will see it in her eyes and keep it in her heart. At this time, a woman has the strongest memory. She will never forget what you said. Moreover, whether you have really considered her, whether you have treated her tenderly, whether you have given your sincerity, she will continue to verify. Therefore, a man might as well take the initiative to talk to a woman about some emotional privacy, which will make her more pleasant and more assured. Whether it is the way of holding hands, hugging and kissing, or more intimate behaviors, you can discuss with a woman. Only when a woman truly feels your sincerity will she feel relieved to give herself to you.

Three, after intimacy, women want to chat with you

After intimacy, one of the things women fear most is being let down by men and worrying about being unkind. At this time, she is particularly eager to chat with you in order to verify your sincerity and see if you truly love her. Therefore, a man must take the initiative to chat with a woman and take into account her mood, which will make her feel at ease. In reality, some men fall asleep when they are done intimacy, ignoring the feelings of women at all. This approach is quite wrong. You have to know that a woman is the most vulnerable at this time, she will think about a lot of things, and even worry about the gains and losses. Only when you comfort her in time and tell her firmly that you will be responsible for her in this lifetime will she feel at ease and walk with you. Furthermore, if a man takes the initiative to care about a woman and take care of her feelings, she will definitely feel your sincerity. If you are halfhearted in front of a woman, or even pretend to love her, sooner or later she will see your true face and eventually leave you. When getting along with a woman, a man must try to keep the false and keep the truth, impress her with sincerity, and give her the best sense of security, so that she will choose you firmly. So, when you are intimate with a woman, don't just care about yourself, but ignore her, chat with her more, dispel her worries, and believe that she will love you more. An emotional word, a warm hug, can make a woman instantly emotional, and a man must cherish women with his heart. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, women have these "psychological needs" when they are "intimate": when they are intimate, they hope to be pityed and cared for by men; in women's hearts, they look forward to discussing emotional privacy with you; after intimacy, women Hope to chat with you. In the relationship between the sexes, women are particularly sensitive and like to think wildly. They are afraid of being let down and hurt by men. Therefore, when a man and a woman are together, they must do their best to take care of her and truly cherish her, so as to make her feel at ease with you. In short, men need to know more about women's psychology. What they care about most, you need to solve it in time to dispel all her concerns. No matter what kind of relationship a man takes care of a woman, take practical actions to love her, and give her the best sense of security, can she be willing to join hands with you in the future. I hope that men can master a woman's psychology more, cherish her sincerely, and give her the best future, so that she can live up to her encounter. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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