After the relationship, women treat you like this, and most of them regard you as a "spare tire"

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After the relationship, women treat you like this, and most of them regard you as a "spare tire"

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Some people say: "Amorality is not the patent of men, and many women are equally passionate." It is true that some women associate with men without giving their sincerity, but in order to get benefits from men. This kind of woman generally has a lot of emotional experience, is very fond of men, and knows how to please men. Even, in order to make men fall under their pomegranate skirts smoothly, they don't hesitate to sacrifice their bodies, the purpose is to covet money and interests. Therefore, even if there is an intimate relationship, they will not stay with a man, and once they have achieved their purpose, they will leave. Of course, they will not cut off contact with you, but will develop you into a spare tire, so that they can ask you for it at any time. This requires men to keep their eyes open, not to be confused by the appearance of women. Once any abnormality is found, it is necessary to stop the loss in time. Generally speaking, after a relationship, women treat you like this, and most of them regard you as a "spare tire", and men should be vigilant.

First, let you bear all her expenses, and take the opportunity to ask for it

The woman will take you as a spare tire, and you will be responsible for it All her expenses and all consumption will be paid by you. She doesn't mind having intimate contact with you, she is nothing more than giving you some sweetness and then taking the opportunity to ask for it. So once the relationship has happened, she has a good reason for you to pay for her. Whether you like it or not, she will let you take care of her life and pay for her daily consumption. Before she meets a better man than you, she will not leave easily, she will keep in touch with you and look for you at any time. Whenever she needs it, she will treat you as a free "cash machine", and she will not feel bad about how much money you spend. A woman who truly loves you will not take the opportunity to ask for it. She will work with you to take on the responsibilities of life together. Moreover, a woman really loves you. After an intimate relationship, she will not ask for it from you, but will take the initiative to plan the future with you. Even, she will take out her own money, live a good life with you, and be willing to walk into the future with you. On the other hand, after intimacy, a woman doesn't care about anything and just asks you to bear her expenses and pay for all her consumption behaviors. This is not true love. When a man interacts with a woman, he must keep his eyes open. Don't think that if you have an intimate relationship, she really loves you. This is too naive. After all, some women would rather sacrifice their bodies to benefit from you, but just use you as a spare tire on call at any time.

Second, don't let you see her family and friends, and hide their relationship

If a woman truly loves you, she will definitely be eager to open it up after she is with you The relationship between each other, hoping to get the blessings of family and friends. However, if a woman just uses you as a backup, she won't do this to you. Even after the intimacy, she will hide their relationship with each other, and will not let you see her family and friends. Such a woman doesn't actually love you. She refuses to let you into her private circle, just because she has a strong defense against you and has no intention of being with you at all. In her eyes, you are just one of many spare tires. She doesn't want others to know, and she won't let you interfere with her social interactions. A woman is on guard against you and deliberately conceals her relationship with each other, which shows that she is not sincere to you. When she is with you, she will only let you go on dates in hidden places and never talk to you about family and friends. She is willing to give herself to you, not because she loves you, but because she wants what she wants from you. Generally speaking, such women are looking for money. As long as you are willing to pay, they are willing to associate with you. On the surface, they are in love with you, but they are actually using you as a spare tire. When she needs you, she will take the initiative to contact you, and she will refuse to let you approach when she does not need it. She never thought that to make the relationship public is nothing more than refusing to fall in love with you and marry you, and being with you is just a show. When a man encounters such a woman, he must be cautious. As long as he finds an abnormality, he must leave as soon as possible to avoid losing both money and money.

Third, don’t talk about marriage, just talk about money with you

We know that once a woman has an intimate relationship in her relationship, what she desires most is to be with you. Men get married. Such a woman is only with you for the purpose of marriage, and has long recognized you. For example, if a woman is willing to live with you, she actually accepts you as her other half for the purpose of marriage. However, this is not the case with some women who, even with you, don't really want to get married. Even if there is an intimate relationship, she avoids talking about marriage, and instead talks about money with you, acting very materially. After a woman sacrifices herself, she doesn't talk about marriage at all, which shows that she just treats you as a spare tire and hopes to get money from you. Moreover, even if you take the initiative to promise that you will marry her, she is indifferent and has no emotional appearance at all. This kind of woman doesn't love you in her heart. To her, you are just an optional spare tire. When she thinks you are valuable, she will continue to develop a relationship with you, and once she meets a better man than you, she will leave you ruthlessly. Besides, she only talks to you about money and keeps asking for it from you. She is not a woman who will live with you for a long time at all. It doesn't matter whether you get married or not, the most urgent thing is to ask for money from you. This is her ultimate goal. Once a man encounters a woman who treats you like this, don't pay blindly, so as not to be hurt in the future. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: In conclusion, after a relationship, if a woman treats you like this, she treats you as a "spare tire". Let you bear all her expenses and take the opportunity to ask for it; not let you see her family and friends, hide their relationship with each other; not talk about marriage, only talk to you about money. When it comes to intercourse between the sexes, men should never judge people by their appearance, and they should not blindly pursue women because they are beautiful. When you don't see her sincerity and still have doubts about her character, it's best not to pay rashly. Men should remember that a woman who truly loves you will not ask for anything from you, but will pay with you and be willing to create a better future with you. On the other hand, if a woman has no attitude of giving, she will only ask you for something. Even if there is a relationship, she will not marry you, which means that she has reservations about you. In her heart, it is likely that she just regards you as a spare tire. If she encounters it, it is best to stay away as soon as possible. Only by letting go of unworthy people can you meet the right person, know how to choose and not blindly love, that is the vision an adult should have. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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