When a person reaches middle age, he must learn to be an indifferent woman, and the rest of his life will be better.

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When a person reaches middle age, he must learn to be an indifferent woman, and the rest of his life will be better.

When a woman reaches middle age, what she is most afraid of is being too enthusiastic and proactive. My neighbor, Auntie Wang, is a very warm-hearted person. She is helpful and has compassion for everyone and everything. However, life has never been kind to her. My husband became very lazy because of Auntie Wang's virtuousness. As soon as he got home, he slumped on the sofa and played with his mobile phone. When I was a guest, the scene I saw was always that Auntie Wang was busy and her husband was at ease. My friend always consumes Auntie Wang's kindness because of her warmheartedness. Knowing that she is embarrassed to refuse, she always asks her to help, even if it is something within her power. In fact, I can see that Auntie Wang is not happy, but there is nothing I can do. After all, it is someone else's life, and I have no right to intervene. All I can do is learn lessons to avoid such a life in the future. From this, I understand that when a person reaches middle age, he must learn to be an indifferent woman, and the rest of his life will be better.

Learn to be indifferent to things that do not belong to us

The saddest thing for us is our We treat others with heart and soul, but the other party consumes our kindness. In the final analysis, it has something to do with the immorality of the other party, as well as the overflowing kindness of oneself. We are afraid that we will be criticized for rejecting others, and we are also worried that rejecting others will destroy the good impression left by ourselves, so we would rather let ourselves be wronged than allow others to be wronged. But this is unfair to us. Bi Shumin once said: "Our life does not exist because of being liked by others." We came to this world to see Zhongling Yuxiu in China's mountains and rivers, to feel the flashy fireworks of the world, yes In order to feel the joys and sorrows of the interesting soul. It is not that you wrong yourself for some meaningless evaluation and violate your own interests. We don't need to live in the eyes and mouths of others, and we don't need to be obsessed with whether other people's evaluations are good or bad. People who understand us don't need to explain, and people who don't understand us don't need to be deliberate. In your lifetime, especially at this stage of middle age, you must not consume your kindness, be a little selfish, be a little indifferent, and live for yourself is a worthwhile trip.

Learn to be indifferent to those life and death partings in life

When people reach the stage of middle age, they will find that parting has become life A commonplace thing. When I read Yu Hua's "Alive", I couldn't help sighing, thinking how could there be such a tragic thing in this world, and the people who love themselves and themselves are all gone. Later, I realized that parting is normal in life. At the beginning, we will not be able to adapt to the alienation of friends, unable to adapt to people who are obviously very suitable, but we will not be able to get to the end. However, when we are immersed in sadness, those partings that have happened still cannot be changed, those who should go will still go, and those who should leave cannot be saved. What can we do? distressed? sad? sad? Or slumped? We are also adults, and we also have our own lives and responsibilities. If every parting is sad, then our life will not be able to move forward. Therefore, the most important thing is to learn to accept, learn to let go, and learn to let go. After watching an interview with Carina Lau, the host asked her: "Which age group do you think is your happiest and happiest day?" She said: "It's now, it's this moment." Cherish the moment, let it take its course, and cherish everything When you meet, you should also look down on all partings. This is the way of life that middle-aged people should have.

To treat those who are not important in life, learn to be indifferent

Yu Feixue in the TV series "Ode to Joy 3" was slag A man cheating on marriage has not only become the laughing stock of relatives and friends, but also the tragedy of being trapped in both personal and wealth. He Minhong took pity on her, so he wanted to help her and let her get through this difficult time. In the end, Yu Feixue just regarded He Minhong as a meal ticket, and only looked for her every time he was eating, and he only picked expensive ones. He Minhong euphemistically said that there is no need to go to the Japanese food store, other restaurants are also good. Hearing this, Yu Feixue immediately lost his temper, saying that what He Minhong gave her was nothing but charity, and she was no different from those who laughed at her. . It can be seen from this that there must be something to hate about poor people. The saddest thing in this world is this. We treat others with all our hearts and souls, but in the end, it is just something that others take for granted. Zhang Jiajia said: "Loneliness is the whole world, all people, all history, and the way you will eventually learn to get along with each other." We must understand that not all people are important, especially when people reach middle age. when. We have too many things to do, and we can’t even please ourselves. How can we take into account the feelings of those who are not important? Therefore, when people reach middle age, they must learn to be selfish, think more about themselves, and enjoy the joy of life more.

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