These three psychological "weaknesses" of a man, as long as you hold one of them, he will love you with all his heart

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These three psychological "weaknesses" of a man, as long as you hold one of them, he will love you with all his heart

A group of caterpillars formed a circle around the bottom of the flower pot, slowly wriggling in an end-to-end manner, and not far from them, there was a pile of fresh vegetables. As long as the group of caterpillars turned their direction a little, they could eat delicious food. As a result, none of them were willing to do so, and they all insisted on moving in the established direction. As you can imagine, the caterpillars were exhausted in the end and couldn't eat anything. This is the caterpillar effect in psychology, that is, people stubbornly believe that the existing experience is correct, and refuse to look for a new direction. Sometimes, the success of a thing does not depend on how much effort we put in the process, but on whether we are looking for the right direction at the beginning. If the direction is not right, even if we work tirelessly, it will be in vain. It can be seen that finding the right direction and method will help us get twice the result with half the effort when dealing with things. The same is true of love. In the relationship between the two sexes, a man has these three psychological "weaknesses". As long as he holds one of them, he will love you with all his heart.

Man has a child in his heart, and he longs for praise and affirmation

The reader's wife is a kindergarten teacher who is serious Suspected that his wife treated him as a kindergarten child. Readers, however, enjoyed the feeling of his wife closing the toilet lid when she was done using the toilet, or giving herself a candy after cleaning up the housework. The truth is simple, people love to hear compliments. Because we are subjective, our fundamental starting point for doing things is actually to find the sense of achievement brought by things, which will make us feel that we are valuable and exist. There is a sentence in the book "The Little Prince": "All adults were once children, but unfortunately only a few people remember this." The way to get along with children is to coax, and a man also lives in his heart. Child. So, when dealing with men, you also need to use this skill well. That is, compliment the other party more, and give more praise and encouragement when the other party does a certain thing, so that he will get positive psychological hints.

A man will also have a trapped beast in his heart, he longs for warmth and care

When Gu Tingye was young, he thought he had met love, but Zhu Manniang was very thoughtful and never really loved him. After learning that Gu Tingye could not return to the Hou Mansion, Zhu Manniang immediately sold valuable things and was about to abandon Gu Tingye and run away. Fortunately, this was the game made by Gu Tingye, and it also showed Zhu Manniang's person. After the incident came to light, Zhu Manniang ran away with her son. Gu Tingye tried hard for many years to no avail. When they met again, he was told that his son died of illness. At that moment, Gu Tingye was in pain, as if the sky was falling, and he knelt down and cried helplessly. Sheng Minglan on the side didn't say anything, just hugged Gu Tingye in his arms, caressed his back, comforted Gu Tingye in this way, and told him that he was always there. Zhang Xiaoxian once said: "I just hope that there can be someone, when we say it's okay, we know that I'm not really okay; to have someone, when I force a smile, know that I'm not really happy." The society that men are endowed with The sense of responsibility makes it a luxury for them to cry happily when faced with unsatisfactory things. But they also have emotions and desires, and they also need to be comforted, cared for, and cared for. And the warmth given by women can meet the deep-seated needs of men.

A ​​man has a sunflower in his heart, and he longs for comfort and ease

Many people like to go to Tibet, in the pure and holy A place to purify your soul and feel the refreshing beauty. The Potala Palace makes people feel comfortable when they first see it, so people can't help but want to get close to it. When we get along with a person, whether we can feel the comfort from the inside out may not be described in words, but our body can know it. When we feel comfortable, we want to be close. This is determined by our bodies, and body language is the truth that we can trust. It can be seen that the pursuit of comfort is a need that belongs to men that we need to meet when dealing with feelings, and the source of comfort is inseparable from respect, proportion, and appropriate distance. The most taboo in love is to say "I'm all for your own good" in the name of love, or to invade the other's private space and exploit other people's hobbies. In this way, we are just satisfying our own needs, and what we bring to men are bad feelings. A love with negative feelings will not make men give up on themselves. Therefore, what we need to do is to "cold treatment", not forcing, not being too enthusiastic, not too intimate, just letting nature take its course and doing nothing to cure it.

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