What is the psychology of a man who is good to women outside and bad to his wife?

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What is the psychology of a man who is good to women outside and bad to his wife?

The Valentine's Day gift prepared by the male protagonist for his wife in the movie "Two Foods" is a silver necklace worth no more than 5,000, while the gift he gave to his lover was a single-family villa located in the city center. Li Gongzi in the movie "Flower", for Bo Hua Kui's smile, did not hesitate to use the reason that he was kidnapped to trick his wife into saving him with a huge ransom. Before that, the original wife Zhen Furong had been guarding her husband's tea house in her hometown, unaware that her husband was spending time outside, and her husband never asked. Song Siming in the TV series "Dwelling" asked his wife to pay off the debt for him, but gave his five million property to Haizao. We all once believed that marriage is the fate of one hundred years of cultivation, and one thousand years of cultivation. A couple should be loving and nurturing each other. However, the fact is more that a man will give patience and tenderness to people outside the marriage, but he always has a bad attitude and ignores his wife who has accompanied him all the way. Is marriage like this, but if you don't love anymore, why are you still together in the first place? This is indeed a question that feels contradictory.

What is the psychology of a man who is good to women outside and bad to his wife?

This is a kind of psychology that likes the new and hates the old. For example, Song Siming in the TV series "Dwelling", before the seaweed appeared, his relationship with his wife was also very good, and he went home after get off work. However, after a long time in marriage, the seven-year itch will inevitably appear, even if you are mature and stable like Song Siming, you will not be able to cross this hurdle. Therefore, after the appearance of seaweed, Song Siming's dusty heart began to beat again. This long-lost freshness made him seem to return to the youthful love on campus. There is a Grudge effect in psychology, which refers to the fact that male creatures generally have the inferiority of being fond of the new and dislike the old, even if they are at the top of the food chain. Song Siming treats him differently because he can't feel the freshness from his original marriage, and the appearance of seaweed just makes up for this vacancy. As a result, Song Siming gave all his energy and tenderness to his lover, but was only very harsh to his wife, which was extremely unfair to the original spouse.

People, what you can't get is always in turmoil, and those who are favored are fearless

In the movie "Love Call Transfer" The male protagonist feels that his marriage is terrible, and he can accurately predict what his wife is doing without entering the house every day when he gets home from get off work. Wearing that purple sweater that's about to fade, the kitchen is full of jjajang noodles, and the TV shows are boring soap operas. The male protagonist is fed up with this kind of life, why should the toothpaste be squeezed from the bottom up, and why the placement of the items can't even be wrong, so he filed for divorce, as he wished. Later, he met all kinds of people, some lively, some sexy, some well-dressed, but none of them would make fried noodles for him. He regretted it. He remembered the goodness of his ex-wife. When he wanted to keep it, his ex-wife had already set up a new family, and the other party liked to eat the fried noodles she made. People are always like this, what they can't get is always in turmoil, and those who are favored have nothing to fear. Xi Murong said: "Marriage is not just two people face to face from now on, marriage should be two people holding hands to face the world together." However, those who like the new and hate the old always don't understand this simple truth.

If no one loves oneself, then learn to love oneself

Marriage should be mutual support. A man has another woman. Touching the moral bottom line and treating his wife harshly, this violates the law of marriage. Both of the above show that the marriage at this moment is not conducive to us continuing to go on. One is not cared for, and the other is loss of trust. What's the point of sticking to such a marriage? Therefore, leaving is the best relief, it is also an adult's self-discipline for feelings, and it is a woman's awakening to care about her own feelings and interests. Leaving a bad marriage, what should we do? What we should do is to adjust our mentality, get rid of bad emotions, and then accept new things, meet interesting people, and enjoy beautiful scenery. Writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said: "When love is absent, learn to live your own life. To live your own life is to fall in love with yourself, treat yourself as your lover, and pamper yourself well." No one in this world is inseparable from We don't think we can let go of who to open, but we take some unimportant people too seriously. When we leave a wrong relationship, we have the opportunity to embrace the right relationship, and we have the time and energy to please ourselves. Never stay in a quagmire for too long. It is better to give up in time than blindly clinging to it. Only by stopping the loss in time can we prevent ourselves from suffering more damage in the bad relationship; only by stopping the loss in time, We have the opportunity to meet the right person and a better version of ourselves.

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