"I heard that your monthly salary is 70,000" The father asked his son to support him. Son: Why? no obligation

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"I heard that your monthly salary is 70,000" The father asked his son to support him. Son: Why? no obligation


The most amazing thing about Chinese families is that the father-son relationship is actually quite delicate. There are many boys who suddenly "break" with their father in high school, and the relationship suddenly drops to a freezing point, and they don't say a word to each other, as if they have become enemies. Because during this period, when the father reaches middle age, the son no longer fears him. It is often the wrong things the father has done that cause the son to break with the father. When Lao Zhang (pseudonym) was young, he was confused and made a mistake. He didn't expect that his son would not recognize him when he grew up, and would not give him pension.


Lao Zhang was a man of the year when he was young. Born in 1968, he was very popular at that time. In the words of the older generation, Lao Zhang was very handsome at that time, a handsome guy. Since he was in school, he has attracted the attention of his classmates, and bold female classmates have written love letters to him. After he was working, relatives helped introduce him to a partner. This person is Lao Zhang's later wife, and the biological mother of his son. One year after Lao Zhang and his wife got married, the two had a son, Xiao Zhang. The family of three should have lived in harmony, but the company's personnel changed, and Lao Zhang was assigned to a position where he often traveled on business. The income of this position is higher than before, and Lao Zhang's family does not feel that there is anything wrong with it. But the problem lies in this job. Because of his business trip, Lao Zhang has the opportunity to see the world for free for the first time. Another salesman who accompanied Lao Zhang was a dozen years older than him. There was something wrong with this person, that is, his style was not serious. After business trips, he liked to find some "entertainment" in the local area. Lao Zhang was also confused. He was fascinated by the flowery world outside. Once persuaded by this colleague, he didn't know how much he weighed and went to "entertainment" with his colleague. They travel on business once a month, so the "entertainment" lasts a long time. Until Lao Zhang got sick outside, and without his knowledge, he infected his wife with the disease. At that time, people's thinking was still very conservative, and the treatment of such diseases was even more limited. After his wife became ill, she felt ashamed to go to a big hospital for treatment, so she used some home remedies to treat it, and the process was very painful. Since then, his wife has hated Lao Zhang, and because his physical fitness is relatively weak, after giving birth to a child, he has lost both qi and blood, and he has this disease again. After all, Lao Zhang is not a rich man, and after his wife slept in a separate room with him, she did not want to talk to him. Therefore, the wife was relatively negligent in treating her own body. She always thought that she was just weak. Unexpectedly, she could not afford to be sick because of this problem. She died after lying in the hospital bed for half a year. When his mother died, Xiao Zhang was in junior high school and knew nothing about his parents. In high school, when he was chatting with his grandmother, he accidentally leaked something, and he learned how his mother died. Xiao Zhang cried all night after learning the truth. He couldn't believe that his father was such a person, and he couldn't believe that his mother died so tragically. He asked his father, "How did my mother die?" The father said with a livid face, "Don't worry about the child!" From then on, Xiao Zhang hated his father and never regarded him as the most respected role model. He unilaterally had a grudge against his father, and after he went to college, he stayed out of town all year without going home. In order to force him to bow his head, Lao Zhang refused to pay him to see how he would pay the tuition. Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhang did not give in and borrowed money from a friend. Later, it was all relying on him to work and set up a stall, and he forced himself to pay for his four years of college. Lao Zhang used money to threaten his son unsuccessfully, which made his son hate him even more. Xiao Zhang has become more and more "hard-hearted". He doesn't fall in love, doesn't want to get married, and studies hard. After graduating from college, he doesn't have a spare day, and he is frantically studying and researching. Xiao Zhang quickly became a technical backbone with his strength in the company. After a few years, he learned a lot of skills, and the company could not do without him. The boss gave Xiao Zhang an entire technical team and asked him to take charge of all technical aspects of the company. Of course, Zhang's salary also jumped to 70,000 per month. With such a high income, Xiao Zhang's life has undergone earth-shaking changes. He quickly saved enough money to buy a house and a car. He asked the cleaner to help clean the house every day, and he lived a very comfortable life. But he didn't tell his father about his situation. He never forgave his father, and his father never apologized. Lao Zhang didn't know his son's situation. He was very confident. He felt that his son had suffered hardships in life outside, and he would change his mind at that time. Even for the sake of inheriting the family property, he had to come back to honor him honestly. Lao Zhang thought he could handle his son, but learned about his son's current situation from the neighbor's son. When he heard that his son now earns 70,000 a month, he jumped up! Lao Zhang felt unbalanced in his heart. He was jealous of his son's good living conditions, and was also very angry. He felt that his son did not respect him and was an unfilial son. As if he had caught his son's weakness, he angrily took the train to find his son. As soon as we met, Lao Zhang put on an attitude like "the son owes him", and asked yin and yang strangely: "I heard that your monthly salary is 70,000 yuan, is there such a thing?" The son ignored him, and Lao Zhang knew it This is the default. Lao Zhang said, "I'm your father, you have to give me old age!" Xiao Zhang looked at him indifferently and said, "Why? I have no obligation." , why don't you give me pension? According to the law, you must give me pension!" Xiao Zhang said, "Then you can sue me, and then I can tell in court what you did to my mother back then. , let others know how my mother died." Lao Zhang was speechless, unable to utter a word, and finally returned home dejectedly, relying on that little pension to live on.


Parents always misunderstand their children's thoughts and misjudge their children's thoughts. For example, in the above story, the father always thinks that his son's filial piety is reflected in the endowment for him, but he does not think that his son is so filial that he must be upset by the death of his mother. Selfishness blinded his eyes, making him unable to see his own mistakes. One: Parents are role models for children, and they can also be negative teaching materials for children. Don’t ignore the influence of parents on children. This influence is subtle and can run through children’s entire lives. Smart parents know that they want to set an example for their children, and they would rather live an "unhappy" life than raise their demands on themselves. After all, they know that the child is looking at them and cannot pollute the child's mind. Selfish parents always embarrass their children, hoping that their good side will be firmly remembered by their children, and they also hope that their children will not see the selfish and ugly side of their parents. But children don't know how to screen, they just accept it all. What their parents give them will become part of their personality. Some children get a lot of advantages from their parents, but some children can only use their parents as negative teaching materials: either indulge themselves and fall with their parents, or leave their bad parents and rebuild their souls. Two: When you are young, you don’t accumulate virtue. In your later years, people are unpredictable. People are selfish. Sometimes they make some mistakes, but some mistakes are absolutely unacceptable. When everyone is in their 20s, they will face the temptation from the whole world. In the colorful world, there are too many novel and interesting things. Some people indulge in enjoyment and indulgence until they transcend morality to do those "happy" wrongs. They often only want to be happy for a while and make mistakes in one thought. With a fluke mentality, I bet again and again that my mistakes will not be discovered by my family. But the number of mistakes made is not a matter of one thought, and some people are even discovered directly when they make a mistake for the first time. When a mistake is discovered by the family, they can only wait for the family's trial. Whether the spouse and children are willing to forgive him is not up to him to decide. Among those old people who were desolate in their later years, perhaps some of them have such unspeakable secrets behind them. Text/Fenghua

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