"Women who don't understand filial piety can't stay." Two months after the mother moved in, the son's family of three became one

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"Women who don't understand filial piety can't stay." Two months after the mother moved in, the son's family of three became one


Old people all hope that their children can honor them, and no one wants to live a desolate life alone in their old age. Therefore, some people are very sensitive to the attitude of their daughter-in-law, and they always dislike it, feeling that their daughter-in-law's every move is like expressing their disgust with them. The transition of reverie naturally leads to misunderstandings and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Xiaohang (pseudonym)'s mother could not tolerate her daughter-in-law, so it took only 2 months to break up her son's family.


Xiaohang is a mild-mannered person, and he is often evaluated as a "warm man" by those around him. But friends who have made deep friendship with Xiaohang know that the reason why he is so "warm" is that he has a pleasing personality, and he will subconsciously look at other people's faces, and he will be relieved when he sees others laughing. Xiaohang's flattering personality comes from his strong mother, so that Xiaohang often behaves weakly. Such a Xiaohang, in general evaluation criteria, should actually be said to be not "manly" enough. When he encounters anything, he first thinks about peace of mind, and even if he is bullied, he does not dare to argue for himself. Therefore, when Xiaohang is in love, he will not take the initiative to protect his girlfriend. If his girlfriend was bullied, he would instead scolded her and "teach" her how to be observant and not cause trouble. For this reason, Xiaohang failed to fall in love 3 times. The woman just couldn't stand his submissive temper and dumped him. Moreover, because Xiaohang has been held by his mother for a long time, he chooses a girl with a strong personality every time he falls in love. This caused those girls to despise him even more. Xiaohang, who was dumped three times, is still obsessed. He fell in love again, still pursuing a strong girl. The girl is 2 years older than Xiaohang. The two are colleagues in the same company. The girl is not only strong, but also very good. She is a team leader. Xiaohang, a boy like a "gentle brother", finally won her after unremitting efforts and care. After the two met, his girlfriend always felt that Xiaohang was too dependent on her, and the "warmth" behind it was pleasing obedience. But this girlfriend has a very mature personality, and did not break up because of this small problem, but chose to help Xiaohang change his thinking, encourage him to make more decisions, and let him try to become more independent. The two have been dating for 3 years, and their relationship has always been very good. The strong and mature girlfriend is like Xiaohang's guide, making him even better. Xiaohang looked back at the past years, compared his personality with the previous one, deeply felt how unreliable he used to be, and understood why those ex-girlfriends looked down on him. He is very grateful to his current girlfriend for his help, and also thinks that it is a good thing that his personality has become more independent. But there is one person who doesn't like the change in Xiaohang's character very much, and this person is his mother. After all, Xiaohang's mother was from the previous generation. The parents of their era had a strong control over their children, and their own desire to control was also very strong. No matter what personality they were, they eventually twisted into "control freaks". Xiaohang's mother was very uncomfortable with her son's changes. She found that her son did many things without consulting her. For example, when the son wants to buy a microwave oven, new clothes, or even a pet dog, he does not discuss it with himself. The mother feels very angry. In the past, when the son made such a decision, he had to tell himself in advance. The most important thing is that my son doesn't call her every day when he comes home from get off work as before and reports on his daily experience. The mother was restless, but Xiaohang did not tell her that the reason for these changes was his girlfriend. The two of them are also at the age to talk about marriage. The mother doesn't know much about the daughter-in-law. She only knows that she is 2 years older than her son. Serving my son. After Xiaohang got married, he told his mother that it was his wife who made him more and more independent. Hearing this, the mother turned ashen with anger, determined that her daughter-in-law was not a good person, and felt that her daughter-in-law must be inciting her son to let him out of her control. Since then, every time this mother-in-law sees her daughter-in-law, she feels that her daughter-in-law is uneasy and kind. She felt that her daughter-in-law's every move was pretentious, to confuse her son, and to incite her son to abandon her. The more the mother-in-law thought about it, the more angry she became, and the more she thought about it, the more unbearable it became. She wished her son would quickly divorce his daughter-in-law. It's a pity that the couple lived a good life, their relationship was also very good, and their daughter-in-law was pregnant. This time, the mother-in-law stopped temporarily. She wanted to wait for her daughter-in-law to give birth to the child before letting her go. One year later, the daughter-in-law also gave birth and was about to return to work. The mother-in-law felt that this was a good opportunity and volunteered to help them take care of the baby, so she moved into her son's house. After the mother-in-law moved in, she couldn't wait to launch actions against her daughter-in-law, and she would pick on her daughter-in-law at every turn. Sometimes, the mother-in-law will deliberately say some fallacies, deliberately poke the daughter-in-law's lung tube, and let the daughter-in-law refute her. As long as the daughter-in-law dares to say something wrong with her, she will make trouble, saying that the daughter-in-law is not honoring her. On another occasion, the mother-in-law sat on the ground and patted the floor crying: "I'm here to retire, I live with my son, who are you disgusting as an outsider here? You are an unfilial daughter-in-law, who can afford you? Hurry up and leave My son!" The daughter-in-law was so angry that her temper also broke out, and the two quarreled. At this time, the cowardice in Xiaohang's bones appeared again. In the past, his personality changed because he didn't have to face his mother head-on. Now that his mother was splashing in front of him, he didn't dare to say a "no" at all. In this way, the mother-in-law worked for 2 months, and the daughter-in-law couldn't take it anymore, so she filed for divorce. Xiaohang's family of 3 instantly became 1, and the whole family was scattered. He was very desperate, but his mother continued to nagging: "This kind of unfilial woman can't be kept, don't worry, Mom will find you a better one." In fact, everyone knows that this evil mother-in-law is difficult to deal with. , no one dared to introduce objects to Xiaohang.


In fact, there are many poor men in reality. He has lived under the control of his parents since he was a child. You cannot get out of this situation by your own will. This kind of man who has been PUA for a long time has no ability to save himself at all. Naturally, he cannot make progress together with his wife, nor can he stop his mother's evil deeds. One: The "evil mother-in-law" wins the daughter-in-law, but the credit of the son is overdrawn. , I always feel that my daughter-in-law is not worthy of my son. They will force their daughter-in-law to divorce their son for their own selfish desires. It seems that there are only two endings for a daughter-in-law to choose, either to obey her mother-in-law unconditionally, to be a lowly child for her mother-in-law, or to divorce. But does such an evil mother-in-law really "win"? not necessarily. If the daughter-in-law gets angry and divorces, most of the troubles will be ugly. At that time, the neighbors, relatives, and friends may all know how the son got divorced, and the image of this evil mother-in-law is also exposed. At that time, who would want to marry a son again? Everyone knows that there is such a mother-in-law, and they understand that the quality of this family is not good. The mother-in-law is not clear, and the son is not a good man. No one wants to jump into the fire pit. Two: Men who are too weak often have a strong mother behind them. When they are in love and marriage, women must be extra cautious, and men with weak characters must be cautiously assessed. Learn more about his family, his parents. Generally speaking, if the mother's character is very strong, most of the sons she educates will be extremely cowardly and weak, and most of them have a flattering personality and like to look at other people's faces. In order to avoid being scolded by their mothers, they have to learn to be observant and please their mothers since they were young, and they will naturally please others when they grow up. These types of men are usually very "warm", and they are mostly humorous and very pleasing. But "the core of comedy is tragedy", his ability to laugh at others is actually his survival instinct, so girls should not like a boy just because he is warm, funny, and will please people. The health of the family is always the first requirement in choosing a mate. Text/Fenghua

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