When people reach middle age, leave blank for life

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When people reach middle age, leave blank for life

Recently, I was reading a book "My Little Courtyard", and there is such a passage in the text: Life needs to be left blank. If it is too full, you will lose the patience to taste slowly. This is probably the reason for the low happiness index of modern people. The ability to realize one's desire is a kind of ability, and the ability to see the truth behind the desire and make the right decision, without being led by desire, is also a kind of wisdom. indeed so. Whether it’s life or love, it’s important to leave a blank space for yourself. When we want too much of one person or one thing, the heart becomes heavy.

Leaving the relationship blank, separation also brings deep blessings

The fate between people is amazing. Most people can only walk with us for a while, and few people can walk with us for a lifetime. Sometimes, the fate between men and women is exhausted, and too much entanglement will only increase troubles. I have a reader my age who has fallen in love with a woman who has been separated from her husband for two years but has not yet divorced. He spent two months with this woman and established a relationship. But slowly, the woman started alienating him until he blocked his phone, and he was in pain and didn't know what to do. I told him: In fact, many relationships may not have results, try your best, then you will not have any regrets. He really wanted to save it and made a lot of effort. Sometimes, they will pretend to hang out in the neighborhood where the other person lives, just to take a look at each other. Sometimes, she will deliberately show up where she works, just to be able to strike up a conversation with her. But the woman remained indifferent. A lot of things, that's it. You thought you could hold it firmly, but it was actually drifting in the wind. For men and women who have loved each other, repeated entanglement will only add to the troubles, leaving some gaps for each other, perhaps the best way to let go. There is a very well written lyric: The last love is to let go of your hands and not to be in the middle of a double bed, separated by a sea of ​​emotional stains, leave time to slowly bleach.

Leave life blank, take a break no matter how busy

Since becoming a freelancer, in fact, my time has been cut. Sometimes busy, sometimes empty. But no matter how busy I am, when night comes, I always make time for myself. Sometimes, I will put a reclining chair on the balcony, so that I can comfortably nest in it, let the evening wind blow slowly through my body; sometimes, I will ride a battery car, shuttle by the lake, let the surging The waves take away the fatigue in my heart; sometimes I sit in the pavilion and look at the bright moon in the sky, the moonlight falls on my body, as if I were a newborn baby. The meaning of life, in the end, is nothing more than to perceive every moment with the heart. When we are struggling to survive, our hearts are pale. Only when you really stop, listen to the sound of running water, and look at the birds in the sky, can the mind be free for a short time. Life is so full that it's easy to get lost. Take a moment and watch how a cloud moves; leave some space and listen to the birdsong for a while. When the body relaxes, our mind also becomes quiet. Things can't be done, and things can't be written. When it's time to stop, stop. In the blank time, don't think about anything, do nothing, let the wind blow your hair, and the sun will warm your body.

Leaving life blank, simple and beautiful

Our Chinese paintings often have large blanks. Aesthetician Zong Baihua said: “Blank is not a vacuum, but a place where spiritual energy flows and life flows. To leave blank is a kind of Zen of life. Leave some regrets, leave some thoughts, and leave some vacancies, and maybe you will have a new understanding. Leave life blank, everything is free. Blank, not empty, not pale. It is to give life a chance to breathe, to make life pure and simple. In this era of unprecedented material prosperity, we will be seduced by many things. Keep making money, keep working, and become a slave to life. In this era of unprecedented flooding of emotions, we are always involved in emotions, keep falling in love, keep falling, and consume ourselves. In fact, I have always felt that you should not invite too many people into your life. Don't spend too much energy on unrelated things. Clean up your living space, leave some blank time for yourself, and accumulate the energy of life in a short stay. Those we have loved, we cherish in our hearts; what we have experienced, we keep tight-lipped.

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