"Being a woman, you have to be colder", no matter who you are married to, you must remember this truth

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"Being a woman, you have to be colder", no matter who you are married to, you must remember this truth

Case: The reader wants to cry because of her mother. That day, my mother was not feeling well, so she lay in bed and went to bed without eating. When the reader came back, he saw this scene: Dad was lying on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone after dinner. The table was covered with traces of after the wind and clouds, and the tableware and chopsticks were piled up. The unwell mother was lying in the bedroom, and the father ignored her and refused to clean up the tableware and chopsticks, only waiting for the unwell mother to clean up. At that moment, the reader felt that the mother was so pitiful, she gave everything for the family, but in the end, the husband felt that this was a matter of course, and even caring became a luxury. Is it true that once being nice to a person becomes a habit, it will obliterate the other person's nature of caring about others? But this is unfair to women. They all say that marriage is a safe haven, but they all want to take shelter from the wind. Who will be the port? Therefore, this shows that there should be a limit to a woman's goodness. If she is too kind and enthusiastic to a person, she will cause herself to suffer unnecessary pain. "Being a woman, you have to be colder", no matter who you are married to, you must remember this truth.

Too passionate love will make him forget his original appearance

The heroine in the TV series "Happy Duet" At that time, he was a dance professional, with a graceful figure and fair skin, and his temperament was particularly good. Her husband is in business, and the two are one outsider and the other inside. The male lead is responsible for making money to support the family, and the female lead is responsible for taking care of everything at home and being a full-time wife. The heroine is very virtuous and takes good care of her husband's daily life, so that he can concentrate on his own business. But slowly, the husband felt that he was the backbone of the family, because he was the one who made the money, and it was a happy thing that the heroine didn't need to go to work. Therefore, compared with himself, his wife is nothing, and is nothing. But when the female protagonist refused to be a full-time wife and started her career as a dance teacher, the male protagonist discovered that the trash can can be cleaned by himself, and the lights in the house can be kept on without paying electricity bills. The funny thing is that without a heroine, a man's life is a mess, he doesn't even know how to pay the electricity bill, and the tedious things are about to torture him to collapse. People are always like this. When they are wrapped in love, they always feel that they are invincible in the world, and they use the worst temper to hurt those who care about them the most. It is not until you get rid of that love that you will understand. In fact, it has always been the love of the other party that makes you forget your original appearance.

Any sincerity can turn into a disaster if it loses its balance

We have a common problem with strangers Polite and polite, know how to measure the distance, and for those who are close, these will all come to nothing. Because we subconsciously feel that the other party is the person closest to us, so no matter what we do, the other party will unconditionally accommodate us. As a result, we become willful and selfish, the most obvious of which is to think only about ourselves and ignore the feelings of the other party. For example, if we like quietness, we think that quietness is the most beautiful quality in the world, and we force the other party to like it together, completely forgetting that the other party likes to be lively. Such a scene can make a person depressed and unhappy in a marriage, and no one can maintain a positive mood after doing things they don't like doing for a long time. Romain Rolland said: "The so-called happiness lies in knowing a person's boundaries and loving them. The distance and boundaries between husband and wife are actually love and respect." Respect the differences between husband and wife, and grasp the sense of proportion and distance, To face up to the differences between two people is to add to the happiness in marriage.

Be colder to others and be warmer to yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

In marriage, if we put all our energy on our lover, stay You will have very little time for yourself. At this time, all our focus is on the family. We are good to everyone, for fear that they will be wronged, but because we have paid for a long time, we have forgotten that we are also the one who needs to ask for it. What we give, what we have to take back, so as to maintain the balance in marriage, this is the so-called law of supply and demand. Besides, the most important thing in life is to know how to please yourself. Marriage has never been a shackle that binds our happiness. Even if we have the identity of a wife and mother, it will not conflict with living for ourselves. Even papi sauce believes that the order of life must be ranked first to be reasonable. So, be a little bit colder to others, be a little more enthusiastic about yourself, think more about yourself, put more time and focus on yourself, and live a good life for yourself. As Audrey Hepburn's last words: "The most important thing is that people have the ability to repair themselves, resurrect themselves, redeem themselves, and never expect anyone else." Love yourself, please yourself, so, very good.

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