In fact, it is easy to judge that a man loves you with no heart, just look at 3 details

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In fact, it is easy to judge that a man loves you with no heart, just look at 3 details

When we don't have love, we are like knights who walk around the world with a sword. One person is full, the whole family is not hungry, and there is never some emotions of worrying about gains and losses. Because at this time we will not be bound by anything. Naturally, there will be no harassment from the outside world. After having love, everything changes. Just like a rabbit who likes to admire the moon, before the god of nature gave it to the moon, the moon's cloudy, sunny, round and lack of it is just a different beauty. After the god of nature bestows the moon on it, the moon becomes its private property, and the yin and yang at this time represents the gain and loss of interests for it, so it will worry about gain and loss. Because it belongs to you, you will be afraid of losing. This is a psychology that everyone has, and love is no exception. Therefore, after we step into a relationship, we will be suspicious, worry about gains and losses, and believe that the other party loves us, and at the same time shake whether his love for us can stand up to scrutiny. In fact, if you want to know whether a man loves you with all his heart, it is easy to judge, look at 3 details.

See if his love focuses on the details

Yu Dan said: "True love is a kind of care and care that comes from the heart , there are no gorgeous words, no grandstanding actions, you can only feel it in every bit of words and deeds." It is true that love never needs gorgeous words, only in the most detailed places, the most witness a People's love can be learned from heaven and earth, or it will dissipate with the wind. For example, a bowl of steaming noodles cooked for you in the middle of the night; for example, the toilet seat lifted after going to the toilet; for example, when you send him a message, every message has a serious response, etc. Love is sincere, it cannot be cultivated overnight, nor can it be revealed with a single word. Vigorous romance can come to anyone, but the love that blends into the little things in daily life is not something that everyone can do. Details can make or break love, and if a man gives us the details we want, then we can be sure of his feelings for us.

Look at the ratio of his love to words and actions

A few days ago, one of the readers' suitors was seeing After the official announcement on her Moments, she came over and asked her angrily, "Why didn't you agree to me after chasing you for two years, and when someone else chased you for three months, you're sure of your relationship?" The reader asked him if he wanted to know The reason, the suitor says. So, the reader sent the other party a sentence, "I'm hungry now," and the other party replied, "Then you go to dinner first, and we'll talk after dinner." For the same sentence, the reader's reply from her boyfriend was, "I I ordered a light mushroom soup for you, you are on your period these days, you can't eat cold and spicy things, remember to go downstairs to get it later." The reader sent the screenshot to the suitor and told him that's why. There are always people who say that he likes you, but his like and his love are erratic, because we can't understand it at all. Is it cold, remember to dress more, or remember to take an umbrella when it rains, or remember to take medicine on time when you have a cold? These words may sound very touching, and will give us and the other party an illusion that he loves us very much, but it is just an illusion, because we can't feel any real experience in real life. Some people are not good at words and may not even be embarrassed to say "I love you", but we can really feel his love for us. It was the clothes I bought long ago, the umbrella handed over on a rainy day, and the ginger soup cooked for us when we had a cold. In fact, judging whether a man loves us or not is inherently dissatisfied. Our ears may not be very clear, but our bodies must be clear.

See how he handles his feelings when he is angry

When a person's mood does not change, he can't actually see him What is this person like. The criterion for judging whether a person is reliable is how he handles things when he is angry. Because people have emotions and desires, it is normal to be angry, but some people are easily controlled by their emotions and do a lot of reckless things. For example, An Jiahe in the TV series "Don't Talk to Strangers", he suspected that his wife Mei Xiangnan had an affair with other men, but Mei Xiangnan just said a few words to his colleagues at work. Nai He himself explained that An Jiahe was still pressing the question, refused to give up, and finally lost his patience, punched and kicked Mei Xiangnan directly, and even went to the hospital for a time. Such a man will turn into a demon when he is angry, how can his love be a reference? And some men, even if they are very angry, will keep themselves rational, try to resolve the problem, and prevent their negative emotions from hurting the other party. And such a man, his love is worthy of our scrutiny. As Shakespeare said: "True love cannot be expressed in words, but deeds are the best indication of faithfulness."

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