When a woman reaches middle age, how can she "eat" a man? Emotional psychology tells you the answer

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When a woman reaches middle age, how can she "eat" a man? Emotional psychology tells you the answer

The marriage in the movie "Love Call Forwarding" is suffering from the curse of the seven-year itch. The male protagonist takes the elevator home from get off work. In his opinion, even if he has not returned home, he can know in detail what his wife is doing at this moment. As long as it is at home, the wife will definitely wear the purple sweater that has been unchanged for thousands of years, and there is a designated place for everything in the home, which is almost impossible. Every Thursday is the unstoppable jajang noodles, the TV is always playing meaningless soap operas, and when my wife eats noodles, she must use chopsticks to make noodles into circles. I don't know how long this kind of marriage will make a man suffer. You don't need to deliberately predict the future life, mechanical, repetitive, boring, and tasteless. People say that marriage has a seven-year itch, but in the eyes of the male protagonist, their marriage does not seem to have such troubles, because this marriage has become like this since two or three years ago. Two or three years of marriage are still like this, and those marriages that have entered the middle-aged stage, where should they go? After a hundred years of cultivation, we can cross the boat together, and we have cultivated together for a thousand years. We have gone through half a lifetime of ups and downs. We should walk on thin ice and manage our marriage well, so that it can survive the seven-year itch. When a woman reaches middle age, how can she "eat" a man? Emotional psychology tells you the answer.

Women reach middle age, relying on inaction to rule "eating" men

Inaction is the ideological theory of Taoist Laozi, many People think inaction to rule is to do nothing, do nothing, and then lie down. In fact, the rule of no action is to do something, to do something, to follow the law of the development of things, not to intervene too much, and to let it grow wildly within a reasonable framework. Reflected in marriage, is not to control the other half. For example, Carina Lau, in the Hong Kong circle, there are many groups where husbands and wives are bound to work. First, they can trust each other, and secondly, there will be no conflicts of uneven distribution. However, this has the disadvantage that the other half is not allowed to make some intimate scenes. For this issue, Carina Lau will not intervene. In her opinion, life and work are two different things. As long as the balance is good, there will be no major problems. In addition, Carina Lau will not interfere with Tony Leung's preferences. The other party likes to be quiet, and he likes to be lively, so there are often such scenes at home: Carina Lau and her good friends are lively on one side, while Tony Leung is reading quietly on the other side. It is also under such an inaction approach that their marriage will become more and more stable.

For men, the best control is not to control

Mr. Ma Weidu, curator of Guanfu Museum, once expressed in the program that Discussed his views on how to get along in a middle-aged marriage. In his view, marriage will become fragile when it reaches middle age because it loses its freshness, and it can even be said to be precarious. If a good marriage lasts until middle age, you must sleep in separate beds. If you have the conditions, you can even have one person in a room. If you don't have the conditions, you can put two in a room. The reason is very simple, people will be involved in sleep problems when they reach middle age. Men will snore because of their fatness, and women are prone to neurasthenia due to menopause, insomnia and dreaminess. If they are forcibly placed together, disputes will arise because of their different sleeping habits. Sleeping better separately can not only improve each other's sleep quality, but also maintain a sense of freshness. In fact, the essence of sleeping separately is to go with the flow, that is, to take reasonable measures to develop in accordance with the original law of things. Not only in sleep, but also in the way of getting along in daily life. Don't think that checking the other party's mobile phone and questioning the itinerary can guarantee your marriage. In fact, this kind of treatment is likely to make things worse, because no man likes to feel in control. Therefore, for men, the best control is not to control.

The greatest source of marital happiness is respect for boundaries

What is the source of marital happiness? Not income, not common topics, but mutual respect. In fact, many people still love their other half, but they use the wrong way in the process of love, thinking that control is love, and that "I love you" is love. These methods will not make the relationship closer, but will only push the other person away, further and further away from you. Philosopher Russell once said: "Happy life depends largely on quietness, because only in quiet air can real joy live." The word quiet is very artistic, it can make two people in the process of getting along with one sentence They don't say anything, but they don't feel embarrassed to each other; it can make the two people less enthusiastic when they get along, but they can reap bland happiness. For middle-aged couples, there may still be warm sweetness, but most of them have returned to plainness, so we must follow its laws and not act indiscriminately or indiscriminately. Governing by inaction and letting nature take its course is the road to marriage.

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