When a man wants to leave you, he usually hints like this

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When a man wants to leave you, he usually hints like this

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"My boyfriend and I have been in love for a year. We were very happy together before, but recently he doesn't know what happened, it seems that he has changed a person. Talking and laughing. But now, he has nothing to say to me when I chat with him or make videos. When I ask him why, he says it's fine. He also interacts with others in the circle of friends, but he has no interaction with me. I don't know him. Are you in love with other people, and now use me as a spare tire, I don't want to get too deep, and he didn't mention breaking up, I'm a little confused now." A reader friend sent such a private letter two days ago. When I saw this private letter, I was very saddened. Just as Mu Xin said, "If you ask someone a question, if she doesn't answer what she asked, she has already answered it, and there is no need to ask again." The same is true for this friend, the man's behavior has already explained everything. Many people think that men are rational, and when they want to leave a woman, they often say goodbye to a woman. But in fact, when most men want to break up, they will not take the initiative to break up, but use other behaviors to imply. You don't have to ask him whether he loves you or not. What he has done is enough to prove everything. What you should ask is your heart, whether it hurts, whether it can bear it, and whether you are willing to let it go. Men tend to signal you like this when they want to leave you. Always quarreling with you, calculating each other's gains and losses. They all say: "Love and not love are completely two manifestations." For rational men, this behavior is often displayed vividly by them. When a man loves a woman, they tend to pay regardless of the gains and losses, and their eyes are full of each other. When a man doesn't love a woman and is ready to leave the woman, they tend to become preoccupied with giving nothing at all. When a boy digs at you, starts to calculate his own gains and losses, and emphasizes fairness with you all the time, don't think about it, he just wants to leave you and is unwilling to pay any more. Nothing else to think about. They all say: "A man who is willing to spend money for you may not love you, but a man who is unwilling to spend money for you must not love you." Whether a man loves or doesn't really depends on whether he is willing to spend money for you or not. Although sometimes, men are unwilling to spend money, it does not necessarily mean that they do not love. But if a man needs the AA system even when he goes out to buy a bottle of mineral water, then the man must not love you. When a man does not love, he will distinguish every cent and every cent and cherish every bit of his own sacrifice. In the past, they were willing to pay because they were prepared to spend a lifetime with you, and naturally they didn't care about the gains and losses. Now that they want to leave, they will naturally reduce their losses and stop paying. Faced with problems, either perfunctory or escape. When you encounter problems, conflicts and disputes arise. If a man is always perfunctory or escaping, then the man just doesn't love him and wants to leave. He's not at all afraid that your relationship will get worse, and they even ask for it to get worse, and then you offer to break up. In reality, their performance is often "whatever you want, as long as you are happy, it's none of my business" and so on. Then "cold war" and "cold violence" replaced thousands of words with speechless words, and they only cared about their emotions in their hearts. Men may go to war because of a trivial matter, and it is obvious that a trivial matter is just so loud that they are not willing to adjust at all. In the face of your questioning, he will no longer explain. Because he is not afraid of you thinking too much and hurting himself. When a person does not love a person, he is often indifferent and heartless, and will not take on and solve the problem at all. If there is a person, he is a man, when he decides to leave you, he is not necessarily thoughtful, but it is definitely not impulsive. He will start avoiding you for a long time. When a man doesn't take the initiative to contact you for a long time, or even avoids you on purpose, it means that the man wants to leave you. There is no sudden departure in the world, and any departure is the result of long-planned planning. Most of us are well aware of whether the other party actually wants to leave, but many times we are unwilling to admit it and deceive ourselves. Love is what two people give to each other. If there is only one-sided contribution, then it is not enough to maintain a relationship. A man avoids seeing, sees but does not talk, if you talk to him, he will ignore it, if you ask him, he will be anxious, if you are anxious, he will be silent. Break up after time. Women may think that the breakup is just to calm each other down and solve the problem, but for men, this breakup is a direct breakup, and the woman can never find him again. Men often don't take the initiative to break up, especially when the girl is still very nice to him, they can't open it up, because it often has a deep sense of guilt. They dare not face the girl who treats him well, and they are afraid that they will not be able to break up because of sympathy and guilt, so they often only use time to cut off everything. They didn't dare to face it, so they avoided women for a long time like tortoises. Their behavior is actually implying that the woman wants to leave, and then asks the woman to take the initiative to break up, and then relieves his guilt. For a woman, when a man wants to leave you, you don't have to suffer at all, because the person who leaves you is not the right person. You have no meaning at all except for losing yourself. As Leslie Cheung said: "If you like someone, let him go. If he comes back, he will always be yours. If he doesn't come back, he will never be yours." In order to alleviate the pain, you can no longer make me happy, and I can only leave. When I leave, it is also very painful, but you must be more painful than me, because I say goodbye first, and I am the first to pursue happiness. ——END Topic of the day: "Do you think it's right?"

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