3 signs of a woman's fake love for you

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3 signs of a woman's fake love for you

When men and women interact, some can become lovers, until they enter the palace of marriage and become husband and wife; some are just confidantes and friends, treated like buddies; the other is a lover relationship, neither getting married nor breaking up the relationship. . Therefore, sometimes the relationship between the opposite sex is very complicated. Some of the two parties have true love and true feelings, and the relationship is getting deeper and deeper, while others are detached from the outside, just saying that they love you, but in fact they don’t really love you that much in their hearts. They are just for a certain purpose. you dated. Now, let’s talk about how if a woman doesn’t have true love for you but fake love, what will she do?

First: Women who don't take the initiative to cater to you when they are intimate

generally don't take the initiative to be intimate and close to you, and When you are making out with her, she is also perfunctory, not catering to you very much, and sometimes she will find reasons to reject you when she is upset. Because she no longer has much true feelings for you, or her heart is already on others, and more often she just says she loves you and deceives you with sweet words.

Second: Indifference to your affairs

The woman who pretends to love you only cares about her own affairs, not yours She doesn't pay attention and doesn't care about things, which is also her selfishness. A woman who no longer loves you, her heart will not stop on you, and she will no longer greet you and care about you like before. She feels that the two will break up sooner or later, and any efforts to you will be in vain My own time and energy are wasting my feelings, so I still talk to you about how I love you, and it's just a show for the time being.

Third: Women who don’t want to let you look at her cell phone

generally don’t want you to look at women who don’t love you anymore Look at her mobile phone, because she has a lot of privacy in her mobile phone, and I don't want you to find it. Sometimes such a woman has already moved away from love, so she doesn't love you anymore. She may keep in touch with other people of the opposite sex, and there may be texts or voices of their intimate chats in WeChat on her mobile phone. She doesn't want you to know such secrets. In short, a man needs to gain insight into something from a woman's usual words and deeds. Whether a woman really loves you will be found in her words and deeds. The performance of true love and fake love will definitely be different. Because the woman who really loves you will definitely care about you and think about you everywhere. This kind of love comes from the bottom of your heart and cannot be faked.

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