"Aunt, why don't you go back?" There is a lot of adult scheming hidden in the child's words

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"Aunt, why don't you go back?" There is a lot of adult scheming hidden in the child's words

In the adult world, there is always scheming. In order to achieve their goals, many people will not speak directly, but will go around in a circle, or express what they want to express through others. Between relatives, the child is the best communication channel, because no matter what the child says, the person listening can understand the thoughts of the person behind it, but it is not easy to blame the child. The purpose can be achieved, but it will not seems too direct.

Rigid family relationships

Liping has not yet married at the age of 33. Her parents hate that iron is not steel, and facing Liping is always unavoidable. moan and groan. Liping has a younger brother, who is already married and has a son. The family conditions were average. After the younger brother got married, he lived with his parents, and the family lived together for three generations. Although Liping is an older sister, she feels like an outsider because she is not married and is not at home all the year round. Because of her unmarried age, her parents felt that they had lost face and had a bad attitude towards her. Before the younger brother got married, although his relationship with Liping was not particularly close, he still cared about his brother-in-law relationship and always treated Liping as a sister. However, after getting married and having a wife, the affection between the younger brother and Liping suddenly faded. When I came home to see my parents during the New Years and holidays, my younger brother had a cold face, and he didn't say hello or speak. Since her brother got married, Liping has rarely heard her brother call her sister. Because of the indifference of her relatives, Li Ping became more and more reluctant to go home, not to mention that she had nowhere to sleep. After her brother got married, her room was gone. Every time she went home, she could only sleep in the same room with her mother. The old father went to the living room to be the "head of the office".

Children's Words

Although relatives are indifferent to Li Ping, Li Ping is generous and does not take it to heart. People didn't go back during Chinese New Year, but they sent back a lot of money and goods. For her younger brother's son, Li Ping is even more painful as her own child. When the child was three years old, Li Ping asked her parents to take her nephew to the city where she worked. Because of Liping's love, her nephew is very close to her, and every time she goes home, it is her nephew who greets her most enthusiastically. However, Liping did not expect that her brother and his wife would drive her away through the words of the child. During the Chinese New Year that year, her parents asked Liping to go home for the New Year no matter what. When Liping returned home, she felt that the atmosphere at home was not right, and her younger brother and his wife had a cold face. I ate a New Year's Eve dinner without salt or bland. The next morning my younger brother and his wife took their son to my father-in-law's house, and they didn't come back until the third day of the new year. That night, the 5-year-old nephew came to Li Ping and suddenly said, "Aunt, why haven't you gone back?" Li Ping was stunned at the time. Li Ping's mother pulled her grandson and scolded him, "I can't do it." Speaking like this, this is also my aunt's home. I didn't expect the little nephew to reply: "This is not her home, this is my father's home."

The scheming of the people behind the words

The words of the nephew made Li Ping very uncomfortable, but wanting to understand the scheming of the people behind the words made Li Ping even more uncomfortable. I never thought that the younger brother who had been in love with each other since he was a child would be so heartless, for money, and so on can do everything. The old house in the family is going to be demolished, and the compensation is not much, just a big three-bedroom house and 200,000 cash compensation. Her parents were distressed that she was unmarried at an old age, and they planned to give her 100,000 yuan for fear that she would not find her whereabouts in the future. The younger brother and his wife were unhappy, saying that since ancient times there has been no daughter who has divided the family property. Afraid that Li Ping would share the 100,000 yuan evenly, since Li Ping entered the house, the younger brother and his wife had been cold-faced, and they simply went to their parents' house on the first day of the new year. It turned out that the parents' plan was that after the Chinese New Year, the family would sit down and have a good discussion. Unexpectedly, the younger brother and his wife answered directly with actions, and went back to their parents' home. When they came back on the third day of junior high, they chased Liping away through their son's mouth. That means, you don't have to think about splitting the money, where to go. Liping is very sad, 100,000 yuan can see a person's true face, 100,000 yuan can break a blood relationship, it's too cheap.

Concluding remarks

In reality, how many relatives became enemies because of their interests, fell in love with each other and killed each other. Family love, it is warm when it is warm, and it can freeze into ice when it is indifferent. If you sharpen the ice cube, it is a sharp knife. Just like what Liping experienced, just 100,000 yuan made her feel the indifference of family affection, the sharpness of the knife, the shapeless sharp knife behind the language, and the ugly scheming among adults.

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