A woman "deviates", usually say these words when you open your mouth, don't believe it

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A woman "deviates", usually say these words when you open your mouth, don't believe it

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Whether in love or marriage, if a woman has a relationship with another opposite sex, she will ignore you and will never take into account your feelings again. Whenever she comes home, what she says to you is very indifferent and will deeply hurt your heart. No matter how you love her, it's hard to get her back. Once a woman doesn't love her, she will be very heartless and have no expectations for you. In the past, when she loved you, she thought about you everywhere, took care of her family wholeheartedly, and always regarded you as the most important person. However, when a woman has feelings other than marriage and love, she will quietly change, she will no longer love you, and will keep a distance from you inadvertently. A woman who alienates you in life and emotion is actually ready to leave you at any time, men don't be careless. If you spot a woman around you, speaking indifferently, and refusing to have any form of contact with you, don't pester yourself to avoid future harm. Generally speaking, women "deviate" and say these words when they open their mouths, don't believe it.

1. "I think about love and love all day long, and it's useless"

If a woman has something other than marriage Feelings, she will lose interest in you, and she will not have any expectations in her heart. At this time, she dislikes you very much, always feels that you are not working hard, that you are not motivated, and even think that it is not worth it to marry you. Therefore, she often scolds you in front of you: "I think about love and love all day long, and it's useless." When a woman says this, it's not that she looks down on you and thinks that you are not as successful as others. Not the happiness she wanted. Especially when she compares you with the lover in her heart, everyone else has advantages, but you are full of shortcomings. For this reason, she is very disappointed, so she will use indifferent words to scold you, and at the same time, she is more and more disgusted with you, and she can't wait to leave you immediately. Once a man finds out that a woman often says such things, he must pay attention to it. Most of her have a relationship other than marriage and love. In her eyes, you are not motivated at all, and you look like you will never be able to see success, which makes her despise you very much. She feels that you only think about things between men and women, but you don't work hard, you are not active in life, and you have already lost confidence in you. Outside, the closer she is to others, the more indifferent she is to you when she comes back, which is almost a subconscious behavior. She disliked you for being unpromising, and did not give her a happy and stable life. Maybe she had already made plans to separate from you. Once a man finds that a woman treats you like this, he should be alert and take measures in time to avoid huge losses.

Second, "Why are you so careful, why do you care about me"

If a woman doesn't love you anymore, she will not love you if she has other feelings Enthusiasm, but indifference to you everywhere. Moreover, she likes to go out, she doesn't want to stay at home, and she doesn't want to see you, she always comes back late. If you ask her, what do you often go out for and who do you hang out with? After she hears it, she will definitely lose her temper, think you are not generous at all, and blame you for not trusting her. At this time, she will say to you angrily: "Why are you so careful, why do you care about me?" When a woman says this, she actually hates you in her heart and doesn't want to continue to be with you. She won't let you care about her. , is nothing more than wanting to go out on a date with a lover. Therefore, once a man finds out that a woman does not want to go home, and all his thoughts are put on the outside, he must be alert. Most of these women have someone outside, and she doesn't want to come back, just to enjoy the outside and add a kind of tenderness and stimulation. Even if she gets home, she doesn't want to care about you. If you ask her a little, she will say that you are stingy and blame you for being rude. Moreover, she clearly made a mistake, but in turn blames you for not trusting her and making trouble with you unreasonably. If a woman doesn't have any interest in you, she will no longer show affection. No matter how much you love her, it will be difficult to win her heart back. Therefore, for women who don't love you, men should not pay blindly. If two people really can't reach the future, it is better to negotiate as soon as possible so that they can get together and break up.

Third, "Let's split the room, it's better to keep a distance"

In general, women will not split rooms with men casually, after all, they have been together for many years Lovers, it is impossible to let go of feelings easily. However, when a woman completely falls in love with someone else, she has no expectations for you and doesn't want to be with you at all. At this time, she will propose to separate, on the surface, she does not want you to disturb her, and wants to keep a distance from you, but in fact, she has someone else in her heart and does not want you to touch her. A woman's refusal to have intimate contact with you is basically proof of her change of heart, and men should pay attention to it. A woman who truly loves you will not make such a request. Except for special reasons, she will not be separated from you. This is the difference. Therefore, when a woman suddenly asks you to sleep in a separate room without a special reason, there is usually a problem. At home, she is impatient with you, and does not want to have too much contact with you, and the mode of getting along is almost a state of alienation. Whether it's life or love, she draws a clear line with you and doesn't let her disturb her. In fact, she doesn't love her anymore. Whether it's hugging or kissing, she doesn't have any expectation, as long as she sees you coming, she will reject you indifferently. She won't let you get close to her, let alone get in touch with you, and no matter how much you please her, she won't let her accept you. Therefore, when you find that a woman suddenly proposes to separate from you and refuses to be intimate, you know that she is likely to have an extramarital relationship. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: To sum up, women have "overstepped the line", and usually say these words when they open their mouths: "Thinking about love and love all day long, there is no future", it means that she dislikes you and thinks that you can't give her happiness , I have no expectations for you. "Why are you so careful, why do you care about me?" She had an extramarital affair, but she slapped her down, blaming you for not believing her, in fact, she has long since fallen in love. "Let's split the room, it's better to keep a little distance", completely separated from you, do not want you to disturb her, refuse to have physical contact with you, this is the evidence of betraying you. Therefore, when a man gets along with a woman, once he finds that she suddenly has these abnormalities, he must be vigilant and not blindly love. In any relationship, if the other party breaks the bottom line and violates the promise of loyalty, it is not worth continuing to consume. Staying away from people who are not worth it will not let yourself be hurt. I hope men can understand. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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