The mother-in-law came to care for the elderly and was blocked by her daughter-in-law: one doesn't care about the confinement, and secondly, if she doesn't have children, she still has face to come?

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The mother-in-law came to care for the elderly and was blocked by her daughter-in-law: one doesn't care about the confinement, and secondly, if she doesn't have children, she still has face to come?


Many families have conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In fact, it is very simple to want peaceful coexistence between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. That is, when the daughter-in-law needs help, the mother-in-law must help whenever she can, so that the daughter-in-law can remember the mother-in-law's goodness. Jiang Wan's (pseudonym) mother-in-law did not take care of her confinement or help her with the child. When she needed help most, her mother-in-law chose to stand by and watch. When her mother-in-law came to retire, Jiang Wan also chose to keep her mother-in-law away.


Jiang Wan and Wei Fan (pseudonym) have been in love for more than two years. Wei Fan felt that it was time to get married and wanted to bring Jiang Wan back See parents at home. Jiang Wan was so nervous that Wei Fan reassured Jiang Wan that his mother would definitely like Jiang Wan. After Wei Fan brought Jiang Wan home, his mother really liked Jiang Wan very much, and she was very happy that her son was about to marry a wife. But Wei Fan's mother changed her mind in the chat afterwards. At the beginning, Wei Fan's mother was very enthusiastic about Jiang Wan, she always praised her for her beauty, and was very satisfied with Jiang Wan, the prospective daughter-in-law. When Jiang Wan talked about her family situation, Wei Fan's mother slowly changed her face. Wei Fan's mother didn't take the initiative to talk to Jiang Wan, and she didn't take much care of Jiang Wan when she talked to her. Seeing Wei Fan's mother whose attitude changed so quickly, Jiang Wan also became uneasy for a while, not knowing what to do. After sending Jiang Wan away, Wei Fan's mother let the two break up with a cold face. Wei Fan was naturally unwilling, and his mother said that as long as she was there, Jiang Wan would not be able to enter this house. Wei Fan's mother said, "Jiang Wan, a college student, is worthy of your master's degree. Did I train you so hard that I could marry a college student?" Although Wei Fan is highly educated, he is very We oppose dividing people into three, six, and nine classes based on their educational background. Wei Fan refuted his mother's saying that education does not mean ability, and Jiang Wan's low education does not mean poor character. Wei Fan's mother added: "Even if you don't talk about education, Jiang Wan's family is not worthy of you. Her family is from the countryside, and there are younger brothers and younger sisters in the family. If you marry her, it is not enough to marry her family. Whether you are getting married or helping the poor, I expect you to marry a daughter-in-law, will you do charity for me?" But no matter what Wei Fan's mother said, Wei Fan did not marry Jiang Wan. Wei Fan's mother scolded Wei Fan for being fascinated by Jiang Wan, and she couldn't tell right from wrong. Wei Fan's mother didn't give in at all, she just didn't agree with Jiang Wan's entry. Wei Fan had no choice but to secretly get a marriage certificate with Jiang Wan. Wei Fan thought that if he took the marriage certificate home, his mother would have to recognize it. But I didn't expect this move to make Wei Fan's mother hate Jiang Wan even more. During the later interactions, Wei Fan's mother found that Jiang Wan was as strong as she was, and was not as honest as she first saw her. Wei Fan's mother became more and more dissatisfied with this daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law often quarrel at every turn. Wei Fan saw that there was no way for the two of them to be so noisy, so he moved out with Jiang Wan. The two of them only go home to see Wei Fan's mother during the holidays. This one thing after another made Wei Fan's mother hate Jiang Wan so much. When Jiang Wan was pregnant, Wei Fan's mother was not at all happy to know the news, because she hated Jiang Wan and couldn't even like the child she gave birth to. Jiang Wan gave birth to a daughter. When she was confinement, Wei Fan wanted his mother to help take care of her. Who knew that Wei Fan's mother was even more displeased when she saw that she was a girl. Wei Fan's mother left a sentence, "The big annoying spirit gave birth to a small annoying spirit, and she wanted me to take care of it." Then she left. Jiang Wan cried directly on the bed. Jiang Wan didn't expect that she and Wei Fan had been married for more than two years, and her mother-in-law still treated her so badly. Because of the relationship between the mortgage and the children, the two people's lives are also very difficult. Jiang Wan will go to work soon after giving birth. Wei Fan asked his mother to take care of the child, but his mother refused directly. Wei Fan's mother said, "I don't have time to look after the child, and I'm not a nanny. I don't even admit to Jiang Wan's daughter-in-law, and I will show her the child. She hasn't woken up, right?" Jiang Wan and Wei Fan were not at ease. Please confinement sister-in-law, now there is no one to help take care of the child. Jiang Wan could only not go to work, take care of the children at home, and then use her spare time to do a part-time job online. Jiang Wan is a confinement child who sits alone, and a child she takes care of alone. Mother Jiang Wan didn't want to help her, she didn't even want to hold her child. No matter how difficult the couple's life is, the mother-in-law doesn't care. Wei Fan's mother thought that after a long time, Wei Fan could get tired of this kind of life and divorce Jiang Wan. At that time, Wei Fan will be able to marry a daughter-in-law who will satisfy her, and she will be able to enjoy her old age in peace. However, Wei Fan and Jiang Wan's relationship has always been very good. Ten years have passed, and Wei Fan's mother has gradually accepted her fate. As time passed, Wei Fan's mother's disgust for Jiang Wan also diminished. And when Wei Fan's mother got old, she didn't want to live alone, so she wanted to go to Wei Fan's house to retire. But Wei Fan's mother was blocked at the door by Jiang Wan, who stopped her mother-in-law from letting her in. Jiang Wan said, "If you don't care about confinement, and if you don't have children, you still have the face to retire?" Jiang Wan's mother-in-law yelled at Jiang Wan, saying what kind of thing is Jiang Wan, this is her son's house, why can't she come? . "I'll take care of the children by myself in confinement, you don't care. Now that I'm old and want to come to retire, you need a face." Jiang Wan wanted to close the door after she finished speaking. Wei Fan heard that and hurried out to stop the quarrel between the two. Wei Fan discussed with Jiang Wan to let his mother live here, but Jiang Wan did not agree. Jiang Wan said that if her mother-in-law came to support her, she would move out with her daughter. Wei Fan saw that Jiang Wan didn't move to persuade his mother again, and his mother kept cursing Jiang Wan, saying that she was uneducated. Wei Fan saw that these two people were really incompatible, and he was also very depressed. In the end, Wei Fan sent his mother to a nursing home for family harmony. Then I will go to see my mother on weekends, and I will bring my mother home for the festival when it is a festival. Seeing that Wei Fan made concessions, Jiang Wan agreed. Wei Fan's mother saw that Wei Fan was really embarrassed, so she agreed to go to the nursing home. From Wei Fan's mother's point of view, she might be in the same room as Jiang Wan, and she might as well go to a nursing home to live happily.


Even if a mother-in-law is dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law, she should not sit idly by while her daughter-in-law is confinement. Confinement only lasts for dozens of days, so it is not difficult to take good care of my daughter-in-law during this time. Why should she fight against her daughter-in-law when she is most vulnerable, so that her daughter-in-law will always hold grudges. If a woman can feel that her prospective mother-in-law hates her before marriage, she should carefully consider whether to get married. Because if the parents of the man do not agree, there will inevitably be constant quarrels in the married life. 1. The mother-in-law can help when the daughter-in-law is confinement and bringing the child. Because they are all women, the mother-in-law will definitely understand the helplessness and hardship of a woman during confinement, so the mother-in-law should not choose to quarrel with her daughter-in-law at this time, and help her daughter-in-law more if she can help. As a mother-in-law, taking care of her daughter-in-law for confinement seems to have become a habit of every family, and taking care of confinement has become a mother-in-law's responsibility. The mother-in-law should take care of her as much as she can when she has time, and don't let the daughter-in-law pick on her. Even if the mother-in-law doesn't like the daughter-in-law, she can help take care of the child, after all, the child is your son's own. Taking care of the children is not all about taking care of the daughter-in-law, but also to lighten the burden on the son. Therefore, when the daughter-in-law is confinement, the mother-in-law should be patient to take care of the daughter-in-law and the child. Even if it is not for the well-being of his daughter-in-law, he must also consider the happiness of his son and his own retirement in the future. Don't let your daughter-in-law remember confinement feuds, it's hard to resolve. Second, marriages that are not blessed by both parents should be carefully considered. Marriage is a matter of two families, which means it is important to keep both parents happy. Otherwise, even if you are married, you will be in a situation of isolation and helplessness. Especially for women, if the parents of the man are very opposed to this relationship, then the woman should consider it carefully. Because it is possible that after getting married, the in-laws who treat each other with cold eyes will be faced every day. Even if a husband can protect his wife in a short period of time, he will inevitably get bored and choose to stand on the side of his parents. Because in a man's heart, parents are more important, and love is definitely more than family. The opinions of the man's parents are very important, don't think that as long as the man loves you, that's fine. If the parents of the man are very disgusted with you, then even if you get married, it is difficult to gain happiness. It is possible that what you get every day is the accusation of the in-laws and the incomprehension of the husband. Text/Fenghua

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