The blind date man invites him to eat at a roadside stall, the blind date woman is full of contempt and shabby, and he drives out of the BMW after shaking his face and leaving

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The blind date man invites him to eat at a roadside stall, the blind date woman is full of contempt and shabby, and he drives out of the BMW after shaking his face and leaving


As the saying goes, people cannot be seen, and the sea cannot be measured. Who is standing beside us, please don't look at each other with tinted glasses until we fully understand. Zhou Yang (pseudonym) missed a very good person because of his snobbery.


Zhou Yang is a particularly snobbish woman. She not only looks for a boyfriend to find a rich and powerful person, but also chooses a family to make ordinary friends. Good condition. At work, she flattered the leaders and some colleagues with background without limit. For those colleagues who had nothing to do and could only rely on her, not only was she unwilling to give any help, but she often sneered at them and even looked down on them. Zhou Yang's way of dealing with people has already taught her a profound lesson twice, once was given by her predecessor Xu Hao (pseudonym), although Xu Hao is rich and powerful, he is a famous flower. Young Master, he knew that Zhou Yang only valued his own money, so he played Zhou Yang in the palm of his hand. Although Xu Hao is rich, he refuses to give Zhou Yang flowers. Every time he just uses some little things that are worthless to make Zhou Yang happy. His ugly face has long been seen through. When Xu Hao got bored, he abandoned Zhou Yang ruthlessly. Zhou Yang was not only played with his feelings, but also got nothing in the end, which made her feel extremely angry. Another profound lesson was given to her by Zhou Yang's new leader Dong Jian (pseudonym). Zhou Yang has been courting a colleague in the company, Shen Wei (pseudonym), who came in through family connections. Because the company was selecting a new office director, and she wisely thought that this position must belong to Shen Wei, so she often flattered Shen Wei, hoping that he could take care of himself after he was promoted. And Zhou Yang has always treated Li Na (a pseudonym), who was running for the same campaign, with a cold eye. He even spoke ill of Li Na behind his back, and even threatened to compete for the position of office director just because Li Na was a foreigner without any background. Hitting workers. But it was Li Na who finally took the position of office director, and the first thing Li Na did after taking office was to fire Zhou Yang on the grounds that he had a bad attitude at work. In the face of these two painful lessons, Zhou Yang did not repent, and did not think there was anything wrong with her. She still maintained her arrogant attitude. Zhou Yang's parents were worried about her life-long affairs. They searched for a suitable candidate for Zhou Yang, and finally picked a person who was excellent in all aspects for her. Zhou Yang's parents told her about the blind date Meng Tao (pseudonym), but she only cared about what her parents said, that this person's occupation was freelance. It was because of this that Zhou Yang reluctantly agreed to the blind date. On the day of the blind date, Zhou Yang was almost an hour late. When she arrived at the agreed blind date, everything in front of her made her even more furious. Zhou Yang did not expect that the place where she had a blind date was on the side of the road, and her blind date was planning to treat herself to a roadside stall. Zhou Yang looked up and down at the plainly dressed man in front of him, and then couldn't help frowning, her shabby expression of contempt and disdain for the other party was evident on her face. Looking at Zhou Yang's disgusting expression, Meng Tao didn't care at all. He said softly, "Since you're here, let's sit down and have a meal together and have a simple chat." But Zhou Yang didn't plan at all. Sitting down, she stood opposite Meng Tao and asked arrogantly, "You are going to invite me to eat at this roadside stall?" Before Meng Tao could answer, Zhou Yang continued: "I thought You are the big boss of your own business as a freelancer, it turns out that you are just a homeless person, we are not suitable, and there is nothing to talk about." After Zhou Yang turned around and was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped by Meng Tao, and he didn't say anything. It's not because of Zhou Yang's words that he was angry, but he kindly advised Zhou Yang not to be too snobbish, because we can't be sure whether the person in front of us is our own noble person. After saying this, Meng Tao also asked Zhou Yang slightly mockingly: "This is what you have to leave, don't regret it." After he finished speaking, he got up and walked to the side of a BMW, opened the door and sat in. , and then told Zhou Yang that she had guessed correctly and that she was indeed the boss of her own business. In the end, he disappeared under Zhou Yang's shocked expression.


The most common mistake people make is to judge people by their appearance. Although a person's first impression is very important, if you wear colored glasses to judge a person, then Pretty unfair to those who don't pay attention to appearance. Through Zhou Yang's story, we should understand the following two truths: First, don't look down on others easily, everyone's future is immeasurable. Not everyone is born a successful person. Those who are born in poverty and have no strong background can only change their destiny by their own hands and abilities. But everyone is the same, no matter whether they are poor or rich, everyone has the right to be respected by others, not just because they are poor. We can often see some people who are always attached to a group of rich people, although they live a luxurious life and enjoy the happiness of being rich. But you have to be careful in everything, because if you accidentally offend a rich person, then the good days will come to an end. This kind of life seems to be enviable, but in fact it makes people keep it at a distance, because people with correct three views know that relying on others to live a good life is not safe and long-lasting. stable interests. And those who often look at people with tinted glasses will pay a corresponding price for their sloppiness. Just like Zhou Yang, she wanted to climb the dragon and the phoenix but flattered the wrong person. I treat myself coldly all day, but the person I despise becomes my leader. As a result, the cleverness is mistaken by the cleverness, and the three fires of the new official's appointment just happened to me. Therefore, we should not look down on anyone easily, because everyone is a potential stock, and maybe one day he will become a noble person around us. And to treat everyone equally, not to flatter or discriminate, this is also a kind of performance. Second, snobbish people will sometimes misunderstand. There are always some particularly snobby people around us, who often flatter their leaders or rich and powerful people in the hope that this will help them rise to prominence. In today's society, I have to say that having money and power is indeed a shortcut to life. And it is not uncommon to trust relationships to do things now, but despite this, we can't rely too much on this kind of behavior. No matter what you are facing, only your true talents and practical learning are the most guaranteed. Entrusting others to do things is just a channel, and your own skills are the treasures that will benefit you for life. If people rely too much on money and snobbery, and ignore their own abilities, then these people will become particularly humble, because they will become nothing without relying on them. Instead of condescending to the feet of others all day long, it is better to work hard to improve one's own value. Only by relying on oneself is the safest and most secure. And those who are snobbish will also make mistakes in judgment and misunderstand. When they find out that they are on the wrong team and climbing the wrong person, their future will also become confused. Text/Fenghua

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