Before the end of love, there are these two signs, very accurate

time:2023-03-26 13:51:28 author:Divorced women
Before the end of love, there are these two signs, very accurate

In just one look, I fell into your burning gaze. You are tall and handsome, with clear eyebrows, and I am slim and graceful. A sweet love, turbulent, surging. However, when the fate has arrived, how passionately the love is, and the fate is scattered, how decisive the separation of two people is. Every breakup is painful. Every time we see each other, we are in love with each other. Fate can't stop it, Fate walk is helpless.

Fate is exhausted, nothing is said.

All the tender feelings turned into unfeelings, and the two eventually broke up. Qin Han and Brigitte Lin can be described as the "fairy match" in the world. That year, he was 26 and she was 18. A refined and warm person, a peerless genius, whoever looked at it was a talented woman, made in heaven. However, Qin Han already had a family, and his wife was giving birth. He couldn't hide it, and he couldn't restrain it, so he had a showdown with his wife and frankly said that he felt guilty and cheated at the same time. Can't bear to break up the marriage, and can't get away from love. In the uproar of public opinion, the two fell in love with each other, and loved each other so deeply that they were covered in bruises. Helpless, Brigitte Lin transferred her love to Qin Xianglin who threw an olive branch. After 4 years of getting along, she was unable to drive away the shadow of her first love. Just when the two were about to become friends with Qin Jin, Lin Qingxia called Qin Han and told him the news of the marriage. Qin Han said, "It's fine if you think it's good, it's your business". Throw Brigitte Lin directly into the ice hole. What a cruel answer, and what a heart-wrenching hurt. For every girl, first love is God. After all, Lin Qingxia failed to put on a wedding dress with Qin Xianglin and entered the wedding hall because of her heart. At this time, Qin Han returned to being single. It is said that the two lovers finally get married, which makes people happy. The two have crossed the barriers of time, but they have not been able to cross the barrier of fate. After 7 years, Lin Qingxia couldn't wait for Qin Han's proposal. Always spend in togetherness, love can't stand this long wait, and the two eventually exhausted their youth. A right person appeared, this is Xing Liyuan. This middle-aged man with buck teeth and short stature captured Lin Qingxia as soon as he appeared. This is fate. The greatest happiness of a woman is to let her complete a perfect life. Soon, Brigitte Lin had a pair of sons and daughters, and it was this man who gave him enough sense of security to bring her happiness within reach. A relationship has been entangled for decades, but a woman's youth is exhausted in this sadomasochism.

Fate is about to dissipate, and feelings become bullshit

From bullshit to bullshit, it is a man's hesitation and erratic. A romantic paper romance. Destiny is exhausted, and the love of a lifetime will eventually have no fate. We are in love with each other, but there is a Tianhe in the middle. How can not surpass, regret for life. Gong Li and Zhang Yimou, their love is the ultimate. Zhang Yimou's ability is god-level. Gong Li's ability cannot be underestimated. When I was young, I loved so vigorously that I disregarded the worldly vision and the edge of public opinion. As long as we love each other, the whole world will shine. However, the constraints of marriage cannot restrict the pace of love. The two of them were glued together like paint, like the scorching rays of the sun in the red sorghum field. Wind and grass. It's a frenzy of love. Enough to set life on fire. However, fate is about to end, but Zhang Yimou and Gong Li can't reach a consensus. One wants marriage and the other wants freedom. Love and freedom go hand in hand with each other. The two are young and frivolous. The eight-year long-distance love run can't reach the fate of the fate. The number of lives is exhausted, and no one can recover. A goddess, for a man, is willing to put down all the halo, just to be his woman. A male god, for a woman, took off all the most dazzling light in the world for her, and fulfilled her dazzling life, but refused to bend down and agree to her "pray" to marry him. Zhang Yimou understood Gong Li's expectations. Zhang Yimou's thoughts, but Gong Li's unpredictable. Gong Li's smile condensed into tears, she saw through the final outcome of this love affair. Zhang Yimou, who gave her ideals, gave her heaven, and gave him love, was not her support after all. This fate is deep and shallow. Evolved into a lifetime of love. The sincerity has never been questioned, but the fate is not enough, and God can't be tied together. When fate came, it flooded like a flood. When the fate is exhausted, your heart is as hard as iron and cold as paper, which makes your heart twist like a knife. Once you turn your back, you will not be the same. The two broke up and finally met again, but things were different, and life no longer intersected. It is said that Zhang Yimou gave birth to 7 gourd babies, and was once reported to be fined for over-birth. Whether true or not, he and his little wife Chen Ting lived happily ever after. Three handsome boys made the 70-year-old Zhang Yimou prosperous, so unhappy! Gong Li, who spent half her life in a protracted love tug-of-war, went around in circles, married several times, and had infinite beauty, but she had no children and half daughters. After all, it is a lifetime regret that cannot be remedied. Fate is a red line for Yue Lao, in fact, it is the decision in your heart and mine. Sometimes, it is necessary to cut through the mess quickly and act decisively. Hesitating and wandering is equivalent to coming in vain. Love is fireworks, acquaintance by fate. Love is fireworks, and they are bound together. At the end of the fate, there is a omen that he will not give you what you want. You wait for him, he won't come. He turns a deaf ear to what you say, and he doesn't take it seriously for what you love. So, see the clue, simply turn around and find the next person worthy of love!

(Responsible editor:A solitary woman)

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