Psychology: If these three "perceptions" appear, it means that you are an attractive woman

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Psychology: If these three "perceptions" appear, it means that you are an attractive woman

Our life is essentially a practice. During this continuous practice, we meet ourselves, change ourselves, and achieve ourselves. During this period, we are like a piece of jade that is constantly being carved, but the person who is ingenious is ourselves, and we are constantly transforming and innovating. As a result, our way of thinking is also changing. We will understand that this world is not black and white, and that everything in this world is rational, and all we can do is to respect the laws of nature. It is our long-cherished wish to become an attractive woman, but charm does not come from nothing, it is the light that can only bloom after we polish ourselves day after day. Therefore, we must be tough on ourselves, constantly cultivate our own underlying thinking, and let ourselves use this tool to realize our own ideals. Psychological research shows that if these three "perceptions" appear, it means that you are an attractive woman.

Andy in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" Originally a manager of a bank, he was wrongfully imprisoned due to being damaged by an adulterer. During the first period, he was reluctant to speak and refused to communicate with anyone. Although he looked polite, he always gave a stubborn feeling. Later, his friend Rhett arranged for him and other friends to repair the rooftop. When he heard that the prison guards were distressed by paying a lot of taxes for inheriting the inheritance, Andy volunteered and used his experience to reasonably avoid taxes for the prison guards. That evening, Andy and his good friends drank the cold beer that the prison guards invited them to drink, and the sun went down. At that moment, they seemed to be the most ordinary people and had freedom. Later, Andy asked Reid to give him a small hammer. At first Reid was worried that Andy would escape from prison. After seeing the hammer without the size of his palm, Reid dispelled his concerns. As everyone knows, Andy used such a hammer to dig tunnels like a day for more than 20 years. On the night of lightning and thunder, with the help of thunder and lightning, Andy escaped from the tunnel that had been dug. The moment he came out of the sewer, Andy stood in the torrential rain to be baptized. At that moment, all the wind, rain, thunder and lightning praised his persistence. Without accumulating small steps, you cannot reach a thousand miles, and without accumulating small streams, you cannot make a river or sea. Many things seem impossible to achieve, but as long as you persist, all the difficulties that seem impossible will be disintegrated.

If you think life is too difficult, try to stop.

Actor Chen Shu felt confused for a while, although she filmed She has been in a lot of dramas, and others have also given her very good comments, but she just feels that she is so busy and doesn't know why. By chance, she came into contact with "Duan She Li", and it was from then on that she learned to do subtraction for her own life. No longer busy running around, but stop, look at your heart, and ask yourself what you really want and what is really suitable for you. Slowly, Chen Shu's heart became much calmer, and he understood the true meaning of life. Dong Qing once said: "I never grew up, but I never stopped growing. Life needs to go all out, but don't be too anxious." The speed of driving is too fast, and there is no time to take care of the surrounding scenery, and the speed of walking is too fast Soon, the beauty that passed by will be lost. The purpose of pulling the fist back is to punch it out more powerfully, just like Tai Chi, which is soft but powerful. So, when we feel lost in our life, we might as well try to stop. Stopping is not negativity, nor is it slack, but to allow yourself to start better.

Put down the plot of helping others and respect the fate of others

I came across a video a few days ago about a girl's best friend being slapped by a scumbag. He cheated but didn't know it, and thought he had met true love. The scumbag eats what's in the bowl and looks at the pot. While maintaining a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, he is also unclear about the opposite sex. After learning about these situations, the girl analyzes the scumbag for her girlfriend as an outsider. unreliable. But I don't know why, my best friend thinks that the scumbag likes her, and even brainwashes herself. The scumbag and other women are just playing on the scene, and only they are sincere. Seeing that the persuasion was fruitless, the girl herself was angry but helpless. Netizens in the comment area comforted the girl: Many things are powerless, even if our starting point is good, so for some powerless things, we can just stop there. It is true that some people are obsessed with it. Even if we talk too much, it will not help. In the end, it will not only fail to achieve the effect, but will also be considered to be nosy. It's better to calm down your mentality. Those who have a heart don't need to be taught, and those who don't have a heart don't need to teach. It's no use to teach a smart person, and it's no use to teach a stupid person. Therefore, kindness must be placed in the right place, and for those who are hopeless, let go of helping others.

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