The characteristics of people getting older mainly include the following 5 aspects, let's see if you have been recruited

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The characteristics of people getting older mainly include the following 5 aspects, let's see if you have been recruited


Everyone gets old, but no one wants to see themselves getting old. There are many elderly people, even though they are obviously very old, they continue to give themselves psychological hints, telling themselves that they are not old, so as to avoid the fact that they are old. Because of their escapism, they often do not realize that they are old, and they always feel that they are still young. In fact, it is not feasible for the elderly to escape in this way. As the elderly, only when we truly realize that we are really old can we say goodbye to unrealistic fantasies and learn to accept the way of life of the elderly. , adjust your body and mind to the best state. So, how can we know that we are really old? In fact, it is very simple to say, as long as you hit the following five, then you are really old. 1. Memory decline. If you have a good memory in the past, but in the recent days, you suddenly find that your memory is declining, and you turn around and forget what you want to do. You are really old when you have a fresh memory of what happened when you were young, and a vague memory of what happened recently. The initial manifestation of a person's aging is the decline of memory. When a person gradually gets older, his brain function gradually declines, resulting in the loss of memory and the gradual slow response. Second, the hair turns white. When a person's hair gradually becomes gray, he is already walking on the road of old age. When a person gets older, as the body's melanin decreases, the hair will turn white. When we are young, we are able to keep our hair black due to the high content of melanin in our body. With age, the function of melanocytes in the body weakens, and the production of melanin gradually stops, so the hair turns white. When we find that we have more and more gray hair, until it accounts for more than half of our hair, we must fully realize that we are really old. Graying of hair is the most striking feature of a person in old age, and it is very easy to identify. 3. Skin laxity. Skin firming is the patent of young people. As the age increases, the firmness of the skin will weaken year by year, until after a certain age, the skin will show a state of sagging. The reason why elderly people have loose skin is closely related to the loss of collagen. In the elderly, the skin becomes dull and dull due to the slow metabolism. When a person gets older, the elasticity of the skin will decrease, and his face and body will have obvious wrinkles and look very old. Fourth, osteoporosis. As a person gets older, muscle fibers become thinner and bones weigh less. As the elasticity of the bones of the elderly decreases, osteoporosis is extremely prone to occur, and once a fracture occurs, it is difficult to heal. Because the elderly stay indoors for a long time and have little time for outdoor activities, in such a situation, the lack of sunlight will lead to a lack of vitamin D, thus affecting the absorption of calcium. The most typical symptom of osteoporosis in the elderly is frequent low back and leg pain. If there is still no relief after bed rest, then you must go to the hospital to check the bone density to see if it is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is extremely dangerous, and the elderly must not take it lightly. 5. The quality of sleep deteriorates and the sleep time becomes shorter. There is also a significant feature of entering old age, that is, the quality of sleep deteriorates. When we were young, we could fall asleep with our head on the pillow, and slept until the light of day. However, getting a good night's sleep can be even more difficult as we get older. After the elderly go to bed, it takes a long time to fall asleep. Even if they enter the sleep state, they will be unable to sleep fully because of frequent waking up at night. Shorter sleep time is a sign of a person entering old age. The reason why the elderly will sleep less is due to the decline in hormones in the body. When we find ourselves sleeping less, it means we are really getting old.

Concluding remarks:

Aging is a process that each of us is unwilling to face, because aging means the weakening of ability, the disappearance of appearance, and the loss of physical fitness. decline, etc. Aging is not a pleasant thing by any measure. However, no matter how much we resist aging, we cannot resist the process of aging. Under such circumstances, accepting our aging calmly and arranging our old age is the correct way for wise old people to open up. Highlights in the past: When people reach their old age, don't spend 3 kinds of money, 3 kinds of places do not go, and 3 kinds of things do not do

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