In order to let her 33-year-old daughter get married, her mother forced her to die. A year later, her daughter resolutely divorced due to domestic violence

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In order to let her 33-year-old daughter get married, her mother forced her to die. A year later, her daughter resolutely divorced due to domestic violence

Now is the new society, and the freedom of marriage has long been granted, which is the right granted by the law to every single person. No one can force anyone to marry or divorce. Marriage should be based on love, not forced marriage. Young people today advocate freedom and independence. Some people don't want to be bound by marriage, so they don't want to get married. Some people are too picky and demanding, so that they have not found a marriage partner. Children who do not get married are like a heart disease to their parents. If there is a leftover boy or a leftover girl in the family, parents will be anxious in their hearts, but some parents show it, and some parents do not show it. In the face of unmarried men and women, some parents will continue to urge marriage and perform various routines. In fact, this is also love for children, but children may not appreciate it.

In order to get her 33-year-old daughter married, the mother forced her to die

Aunt Yang and her husband had only one daughter. The country implements family planning, so the couple had only one child. For this only child, the couple regarded it as a pearl in their palms. They were really afraid of melting in their mouths, and afraid of falling when they held them in their hands. When I was a child, my daughter was very obedient and obedient, beautiful and loved by everyone. Aunt Yang and her husband are proud of their daughter and feel that they are content with having such a daughter. But later, when her daughter entered puberty, she became more and more rebellious, and Aunt Yang and her husband were very worried. My daughter is very rebellious and doesn't study hard at all, so her academic performance is not good. She did not go to university, but only went to a vocational school. In the vocational school, her daughter made a boyfriend. Aunt Yang of course disagreed after knowing it. Students should focus on their studies. How can they fall in love? Under the intervention of Aunt Yang, the daughter and her boyfriend had to break up, and the matter was over. After graduating from her daughter's vocational school, she could find a partner in an open and honest way, and Aunt Yang asked someone to introduce her to a partner. But her daughter went to kiss several times, but she didn't get a chance. Later, she found a partner by herself. Apart from his poor family background, this young man is very good in other aspects, and he is also very handsome. But Aunt Yang felt that it was no good. The young man's family was not in good condition, and his daughter would endure hardship after marrying. Aunt Yang did her daughter's ideological work and asked her to break up, but her daughter was very stubborn and insisted on marrying that young man. Aunt Yang couldn't do anything, so she went to talk to the young man herself, saying that it was talking, but it was actually humiliating the young man. The young man is a person with strong self-esteem. He and Aunt Yang's daughter are together entirely out of love, not coveting the money of Aunt Yang's family as Aunt Yang said. After Aunt Yang talked to the young man, the young man took the initiative to leave Aunt Yang's daughter. When Aunt Yang's daughter found out, she was so angry that she hated Aunt Yang. In order to get angry with Aunt Yang, she stopped going on a blind date or looking for a partner, so she was just exhausted. In a blink of an eye, her daughter had already stepped into the ranks of the remaining women. Aunt Yang was so anxious that she couldn't sleep every night, so she urged her to marry every day. At first, my daughter was very resistant, but later she saw that her peers around her were getting married one after another, and she became anxious, and her attitude softened. Aunt Yang arranged for her daughter to go on a blind date, but at this time, the people who were willing to have a blind date with her daughter were either divorced, widowed, or poor. I have kissed many times, but none of them can satisfy my daughter, and Aunt Yang is also very dissatisfied with those blind date objects. Aunt Yang complained that her daughter didn't find a partner earlier. Now all the good guys have been picked out by others, and the rest are bad. Of course, the daughter was not happy when she heard this. The mother and daughter quarreled every three days. You blame me, and I blame you. Later, the daughter accidentally learned that the ex-boyfriend who was rejected by Aunt Yang for being poor was already the boss of a company, and the family was very happy. She was very sad, and when Aunt Yang urged her to go on a blind date, she had a big fight with Aunt Yang. In fact, Aunt Yang regretted it after hearing about the young man's situation. When her daughter was 33 years old, Aunt Yang's friend introduced her to an object. The partner was the same age as her daughter, and her conditions were good in all aspects. She was just divorced, but she had no children. Aunt Yang felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so she immediately urged her daughter to go on a blind date and asked her to seize the opportunity. But after the daughter went on a blind date, she had no feelings for the man at all, and did not want to develop with him. Aunt Yang became anxious when she heard it. How could her daughter miss such a good object? If I miss it this time, I will definitely regret it. After this village, there is no such store. In order to get her daughter to be with the blind date, Aunt Yang resorted to a trick - to force her to death. She took a knife and a rope and said that if her daughter could not marry again this time, she would either cut her wrists or hang herself. Under the strong pressure of her mother, her daughter could only date that person. After dating for more than a month, she got married in a hurry. But only three months after the marriage, the daughter asked for a divorce because she and her husband did not love each other at all. The daughter finally got married, and she was about to get divorced after only three months. Of course, Aunt Yang couldn't accept it. She firmly disagreed with her daughter's divorce, and pressed her to death, saying that she would only agree to her daughter's divorce unless she had already given birth to a child. In Aunt Yang's view, if her daughter has a child, she will be able to rely on her when she grows old. There was no way for her daughter to live with her husband, but after a year of hard work, she filed for divorce again. Aunt Yang still insisted on her death and resolutely disagreed with her daughter's divorce. She felt that if her daughter divorced, it would be more difficult to find another partner. Because Aunt Yang did not agree with her daughter's divorce, one day her daughter committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. Fortunately, she was found in time and saved. When Aunt Yang learned the news, she was stunned. She didn't understand why her daughter didn't want to be with her son-in-law even after she died. She thought that the son-in-law was very good. Aunt Yang went to the hospital. When she saw her daughter's injuries, she realized that her daughter had been enduring domestic violence. In fact, the son-in-law divorced his ex-wife because of domestic violence. But Aunt Yang's family didn't do a good job of investigating, so she hurriedly married her daughter to her son-in-law, who knew that her son-in-law was a domestic abuser. Later, the daughter and son-in-law divorced, and Aunt Yang finally stopped interfering in her daughter's marriage. After the daughter got divorced, she moved home to live with her parents because she didn't have a house of her own. She said that about marriage, let's go with fate. If she can meet the right person, she will get married; if she can't, she will not get married.

Parents should respect their children's choices

Aunt Yang's daughter originally had a boyfriend she liked, but because of Aunt Yang's stick, her daughter was deeply hurt. For some people, being emotionally hurt takes a long time to heal, and some people will be affected for a lifetime. Therefore, when dealing with the marriage of their children, parents must be cautious and not rude. Like Aunt Yang's daughter, she was full of yearning and fantasies about love, but because of Aunt Yang's interference, she became a leftover daughter. Later, Aunt Yang forced her daughter to get married, and she was not allowed to divorce after marriage. The daughter lost the right to decide her own marriage when her mother pressed her to death, so she would choose suicide. Fortunately, they were rescued. If they were not rescued, what would Aunt Yang and her husband do? Marriage is like drinking water, knowing the warmth and coldness, and outsiders can't really appreciate it. When a person repeatedly wants to divorce, there must be a reason, and outsiders should not force him too hard. Life is only a few decades, so you should be with the person you love, there is no need to force yourself to be with the person you don't like.
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