Lovers, most of them have these clever "methods" that make it difficult for men to let go

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Lovers, most of them have these clever "methods" that make it difficult for men to let go

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In reality, many women are very puzzled, why men can't let go of their lovers, and they will never forget them? In fact, it's not that men don't want to let go, but that these women's methods are too clever, making men almost powerless to resist. In this world, how many men can really sit still? When a woman deliberately tries to tempt a man, no matter how decent a man is, he can't help but "steal". Therefore, after some men betrayed their feelings, they originally wanted to return, but they were unable to break the relationship with the outside world. They were nothing more than being held back by women. This kind of woman is especially coquettish to men, knows how to please men, and can hold men firmly with a little trick. After all, lovers, most of them have these clever "methods" that make it difficult for men to let go.

First, the coquettish image can quickly attract the attention of men

Lovers are generally very good at dressing up, as long as they appear in front of men, They all look exquisite. In order to please men, they pay special attention to dressing and create different femininity for men. For example, the most common image of them is to dress up very coquettishly, full of temptation, and it is easy for men to fall in love. Especially when they are in close contact with men, they will make all kinds of sultry actions, which can instantly attract the attention of men, and even make them addicted. Once a man can't restrain his emotions, he will gradually be attracted, and an intimate relationship will occur. In fact, men have aesthetic fatigue, and the women around them have been looking at them for a long time, and they are not good at all. They feel that women have lost their charm, have no temperament, and have the same image every day, which is far less delicate than the women outside. Especially women in marriages are busy with the trivial matters of life all day, all their thoughts are at home, and they have no time and energy to dress up. Because of this, men look at the decadent image of women every day, and gradually feel a sense of rejection in their hearts, and they don't want to be intimate anymore. At this time, they met their lover outside, and from the appearance, they were stronger than the original partner and more attractive to them. In addition, lovers deliberately tempt men, so that they have no defenses. Once indulged in the tenderness of lovers, they never want to wake up again.

Second, deeply satisfy men and give men the best sense of pleasure

Lovers, the most typical means is to know how to deeply satisfy men and all their emotional needs for men , never refuse. This method is not only a gentle trap for lovers, but also the best way to make men feel happy. Men have desires, and if they are not satisfied and cannot release emotional pressure, they will definitely be disappointed. Why do men in marriage get more and more tired of the women around them, not because they don't love them, but because their feelings are flat and their desires are suppressed. At this time, men are most eager to indulge once, but the women around them blame them for being indecent and refuse to let them approach. Over time, men lost interest and became more and more unwilling to live this bland life. In this case, once a man encounters a woman with clever means, it is easy to become immersed in it. Lovers are different from their original partners. They will focus on the needs of men and know how to please men and make them happy. When a man is with his lover, he feels the happiness and satisfaction he has never had before, and it is naturally difficult to let go. Why a lover has always been a man's sustenance is that the lover knows how to deeply satisfy men and let them completely let go of themselves. Whether it is verbal or physical, it can make men feel a high-intensity sense of pleasure, thus completely conquering a man's heart.

Third, intentionally maintaining a sense of mystery to keep men addicted

Lovers, there is also a clever method, which is to intentionally keep a sense of mystery and keep men addicted. When they interact with men, they will not give everything too quickly, but know how to reserve, with a bit of mystery, so as to stimulate the interest of men. Men have a strong desire to explore the unknown, and the more they cannot get it, the more they want to conquer. Lovers have mastered this kind of psychology of men, deliberately retaining their own sense of mystery, waiting for men to tease them and continue to tempt them. In front of this kind of woman, a man is almost irrational, and he just wants to get a woman quickly, so naturally he can't extricate himself. In fact, lovers are the women who know how to conquer men with a sense of mystery. They get along with men and know how to advance and retreat. When men start to be cold, they will be more active, guide men to interact, and bring physical and mental pleasure and enjoyment to men. However, when men are too enthusiastic, they know how to stop and they like to hang on to men's appetites. After they give men a little sweetness, they will cover themselves and take the initiative to keep some distance from men. It is this sense of mystery that makes men deeply attracted, unable to escape, and always addicted to them. After some men betrayed, they want to return with sincerity, but they can't break the relationship with the outside world. They are just tempted by this kind of woman again and again. It's a pity that the man wants to explore that mysterious feeling, but he doesn't know that he has fallen into the trap of tenderness. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, lovers, most of them have these clever "means": a coquettish image, which can quickly attract men's attention; deeply satisfying men, giving men the best sense of pleasure; intentionally maintaining a sense of mystery, making men persistent addiction. This reminds real men not to be obsessed with those women outside, so as not to cause trouble. You have to know that these women are not really flirting with you, they are basically trying to get benefits and money from you. In short, although lovers are beautiful, they must not be greedy. They are roses with thorns, and you will become scarred if you are not careful. Therefore, it is a wise move to let go of this kind of woman and cherish the people around you. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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