The 3 titles that a man "can't refuse", as long as you dare to shout, the man will disarm and surrender in minutes

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The 3 titles that a man "can't refuse", as long as you dare to shout, the man will disarm and surrender in minutes

In this world, the relationship between people is maintained by one word - love, which includes teacher-student love, friendship, family love, love and so on. Among them, love is what young people look forward to the most, and they all hope that they have a romantic love and an intoxicating relationship. For couples who have entered the marriage hall, in fact, the love between the two is still continuing, and the relationship between husband and wife is deep to a certain extent, and it will develop into a family relationship. When talking on mobile phones and chatting on WeChat, couples and couples like to give each other a nickname, which is full of romance and an expression of deep love. For men, there are three popular nicknames that "can't refuse". As long as a woman dares to shout, the man will disarm and surrender in minutes!

First: little brother

As the relationship between couples continues to become closer, the relationship is also increasing, and they are familiar with each other Everything, caring about each other's joys, sorrows, and joys. If you don't see each other for a day, you will miss them very much. If you don't contact each other for a day, you will feel empty in your heart and don't think about tea and rice. This kind of miss is the most worrying. At this time, if a woman calls "little brother" every time she chats or leaves a voice message on WeChat, it will make a man feel a different kind of sweetness and satisfaction. He feels that this is a gift from the woman he is in love with. Give yourself the best name, she has regarded herself as the most trustworthy and dependable intimate lover, the man will definitely be grateful, will love this woman better, and cherish the love between the two parties even more.

Second: Baby

The nickname of baby is not only used by men to women between couples and husbands and wives, but it is also popular among women to say it to men. It is also an expression of love. A man calls a woman a baby. This is to treat a woman as a treasure in his hand. He loves this woman deeply. He is really afraid of falling when he holds it in his hand, and he is afraid that it will melt when he holds it in his mouth. And women call men "baby" when they chat on WeChat and leave a voice message, which makes men moved and emotional. He can deeply feel the woman's deep affection, loyalty and trust in him, which is better than saying There are many other words that are even more touching and can be said to melt a man's heart.

Third: Little Fool

This nickname is not derogatory, but a kindly name with a bit of resentment, suitable for women to say that they are in love with themselves If a woman often calls a man "little fool", it will be more interesting. This is a nickname that men are willing to accept, indicating that the relationship between the two has reached a very deep level. The degree of emotional intimacy, mutual connection, heart-to-heart. In short, nicknames are the propellant to deepen the relationship between the two parties, and also the catalyst to create more romance. Sometimes it can be used appropriately, and the effect must be remarkable.

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