No matter how poor people are, they cannot save these three kinds of money, otherwise the more they save, the poorer they become

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No matter how poor people are, they cannot save these three kinds of money, otherwise the more they save, the poorer they become

After everyone becomes an adult, especially after getting married and having a family, they must develop their careers, earn money to support their families, and assume family responsibilities. There is a saying among ordinary people: it is easy to spend money and it is difficult to make money. This is the general feeling of people. Of course, no matter how poor people are, they cannot save these three kinds of money, otherwise they will become poorer and poorer.

First: You can’t save money for self-improvement and your children’s education

There is a saying that goes well: Learning is like sailing against the current, if you don’t get ahead then retreat. A person needs to constantly learn and "recharge" in order to improve their skills and overall quality, otherwise they will lag behind others and the pace of development of the times. Therefore, when you need to improve your knowledge and skills, you must be willing to invest, and you can’t stop learning to save money. Because your skills level lags behind others, you may face the situation of being eliminated. Women can’t save money for education. Children are the future of the family, and their future should be paid more attention to. Children who are admitted to college should not be given up because the tuition fees are too high. Children love singing and want to study music. High and shattered their dreams. If the child does not receive the education he deserves and cannot learn skills, this will affect his future. He will not find a job because he has no skills, and he can only work hard to make a living. Such cases used to be common in rural areas, especially for girls. Because of their parents' preference for sons and daughters, after some girls were admitted to college, their parents would not let them go to college because of their poor economic conditions. , thus delaying the future of the children's life. Originally, going to college can change their destiny, but because they didn't go to school, they can only farm in the countryside in this life.

Second: The money to support parents cannot be saved

Supporting parents is everyone's family responsibility and obligation under the law, which is also a repayment of parents' kindness important performance. In terms of supporting parents, the money that should be spent should be spent willingly, such as giving parents medical treatment and fitness, taking them on trips, improving their living conditions, letting them eat well and clothe them well, etc. These money cannot be saved. Some people did not take good care of their parents before they were alive, and did not fulfill their due obligations, but after the death of their parents, for their so-called face, they are willing to spend money to make a big deal. They feel that this will brighten their face. There are many such cases in life. In fact, those who did not take good care of their parents during their lifetimes, but did a great job after their death, would be despised by others and would not have a good reputation. They could only be used as negative teaching materials to be criticized by those around them.

Third: You can’t save money to protect yourself and your family’s health

They all say that health is the capital of revolution, and only when a person has a healthy body can he do his job well Only by working can we create a great cause and create a brilliant life. If you lose your health, you can only recuperate and stay in bed, what about work and entrepreneurship! Therefore, it is impossible to save money to protect the health of yourself and your family. Do a physical examination every year, go to the gym often, and go to the hospital as soon as possible, so as not to delay the serious illness. In short, living at home and being diligent and thrifty should be discussed, but it is necessary to understand which money cannot be saved and which consumption can be saved. This is a principle.

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