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I regret this love

time:2023-01-30 05:09:46 author:A solitary woman
I regret this love

Who would have thought that a 25-year-old man would be attracted to a woman seven years older than me. At the time I really didn't understand why she liked me. I flinched again and again, trying to reject her, but after she added me on WeChat, she desperately looked for me. She often chatted with me, and even invited me to dinner. I refused at first, but she took out the proprietress to threaten me. She didn’t want to lose her job, so she had to agree to her request. It is true that she is very kind to me, but I cannot accept the pursuit of a woman who is seven years older than me. When others know about this, I will only make my colleagues laugh at it. This woman is someone else, the lady boss's best friend. Her name is Liu Yuanyuan. Although her figure is well maintained and her facial features are exquisite, she is indeed much older than me. I can accept being younger than me, but it is difficult for me to accept being older than me. It was very difficult until that day when I experienced something, I actually became a couple with her. That day, my hometown came to visit in the big city. They were all people who used to laugh at me, so I suddenly had an idea to make them feel guilty and embarrassed who looked down on me. So for the first time, I begged Yuanyuan to tell her: "Can you lend me that BMW for two days? I have a driver's license. Unexpectedly, I agreed without hesitation, and didn't ask me. Where did I drive the car, I just said Be careful. At that moment, I felt very moved and began to have a good impression of her. After that, I drove Yuanyuan's BMW to pick up those relatives. The relatives were very surprised when they saw it and asked me When did I buy a car, I laughed without saying a word. They were very surprised and asked me why I didn’t say anything? I just said: It’s good to keep a low profile. They joked at this time: “Don’t say anything, do you want to keep your voice down? Make a fortune? Or that the car was borrowed, I still didn't answer. They didn't speak again. However, since the beginning, whether it is borrowed or real, my face has at least not been so shameful, and even made them feel a little admiration for me, which is very gratifying. During this period, I sent them to travel every day, and the money was all paid by me, which was a bit overwhelming. They didn't want to stop either. After a few days, I started to complain a little bit, and they understood it. Then they drove back to their hometown one after another. Before leaving, they thanked me. I hope I can take them with me when I get rich. , I happily agreed (this is a polite word) for this, after sending them home, Wan especially thanked Yuanyuan, thanked her for lending me the car, and let me win back face. In the middle of the night, I returned the car to her, but she took my hand and said she wanted to have supper with me. I owed her a favor, so I had to agree. After driving for half an hour, I finally found a homestay restaurant, where the scenery is beautiful and the environment is clean. I really like it. It was only later that I found out that it was her birthday, so we drank happily, the two of us drank together, and got drunk. Seeing that she was a little drunk, and I was in a daze, she suddenly reached out and took me to confess. She didn't want to agree, but she finally agreed under her persuasion when she was drunk. Originally, I had a general feeling for Yuanyuan, but when I was drunk, she looked so beautiful. I saw her, but she had a hint of pity, so she became a lover. When we first got together, it was really beautiful. She was very gentle and considerate to me, taking care of me like my daughter-in-law, which made me very happy. It's a pity that the good times didn't last long, something happened in less than a month, and I regretted it. At that time, I was going to drive out after get off work. If I saw Yuanyuan, she was chatting and laughing with other men in the car. Although it was not too intimate, it made me suddenly jealous. It turns out that she is such a woman, look Come on I was wrong. I really regret it. Since I promised to be with such a woman, I really want to break up with her. But I held back and waited for her to come back and give me a reasonable explanation. I didn't want to quarrel and argue, so I waited for her harmoniously. In the middle of the night, when I finally waited for her to come back, I asked her where she was going, but she still refused to tell me, and said she would eat supper with a few girlfriends, you know? I was surprised. Actually, I knew that my girlfriend Yuanyuan must have gone out with that man. I was very angry, but I thought she was so nice to me. After all, I use my girlfriend's for my food and drink, and she will help me find my face, so I am very confused about whether to break up or continue to be with her. If so, how would you choose?

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