Whether a husband and wife or a lover, the most taboo to do these three things

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Whether a husband and wife or a lover, the most taboo to do these three things

What a beautiful thing to be in love with. It's easy to fall in love, but hard to stay together. How to love surging in a long life, instead of being a stranger or simply regarded as an enemy, depends on how to behave in the world and what kind of life wisdom you have.

For love, the most taboo is not making money

Don't say I'm worldly, and don't laugh at women's material things. As the saying goes, being rich is not necessarily happiness, but it will definitely give you more choices and give you enough confidence to cope with the ups and downs of life. In a relationship, sometimes it's all about money. Life is always full of chicken feathers, and sometimes it is ruthless. And money is enough to shelter you from the wind and rain. Many times, they refuse to bow their heads to fate and stay half short in front of men. This is all about money. In a relationship, it is the most taboo to stop making money. As long as you open your eyes, making money is king, especially for women, your backbone is given by money, your beauty is given by money, and your quality of life is given by money. A woman without money has low eyebrows and pleasing eyes. Even if a woman without money pretends to be rich, she is not confident enough. A woman who has no money can't help herself when being called and drunk. Therefore, once the relationship is determined, you must have a correct value, and never choose to lie flat in love. The degeneration of a woman starts from giving up yourself. If you don't make money, you will abolish yourself. If you don't make money, you will be servile and depend on others to live. Even to buy aunt's towel, you have to ask the other party for money, how embarrassing and dignified.

For sexual relations, it is most taboo to please each other

It is well said by ordinary people that good people are not rewarded. In this world, there are not many people who know how to be grateful, but the wicked are always swarming out. The more kind you are to him, the more you lift him up, and the more you please him, the more ignorant he is, and he always hurts you constantly. If you compromise, he will intensify. Once a woman pleases a man, it becomes a habit over time. The kindness in your bones has become an excuse to indulge the other party. He has become unscrupulous, taking you out, using you as a shield, and taking you seriously. Therefore, in the relationship between a man and a woman, a woman's kindness must grow teeth, and she must be discriminating, distinguishing what is a good person and what is a bad person. When you treat good people, you will feel the spring breeze, and when you treat evil people, you have to learn to be ruthless!

When men and women are together, it is taboo to depend on others

If you depend on each other, you will have no security. Sometimes, I fall against the wall and rely on everyone to run. As the saying goes, losing someone you love is not the worst, the worst is losing yourself because you love someone. There is no certainty in life, and marriage and love do not let you enter the safe. You say that you entrust your life to each other and dedicate yourself to men without reservation. In fact, this is very stupid and very risky. Dependent on a man, you can only make yourself passive. Many independent women have been beaten down in the face of marriage and love, not to mention you, a woman who is dependent on a man, faces the impermanence of life, such as betrayal and derailment, which is almost a common crisis. what would you do? If you never depend, you can accept it calmly, because fate is inherently impermanent, and there are always accidents, misfortunes, and sorrows. Once something bad happens, an independent woman can do not panic, and can deal with all kinds of changes. There is no doubt that women always want a little sense of superiority when they get along with each other, whether it is a lover or a husband and wife. But in front of men, women must be careful, not to be out of money, not to please, and not to be attached. Once a woman understands these three points, you are an independent woman. Independence is never strong. Independence is the armor of the self. Once you have independence, you will have money, your own circle, backbone, and ambition. , you will declare loudly and righteously: what kind of attitude you treat me, what kind of treatment I will give you! A wise woman, get married. Stupid woman, take marriage asylum. A powerful woman, marriage is a ladder, making life climb the peak again and again. For a woman who fails, marriage is a shackle, binding herself, trapped in it, unable to move forward. Can't find myself.

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