The 3 "seven inches" of women, men must know

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The 3 "seven inches" of women, men must know

Couples and couples should have an in-depth understanding of each other's temperament and preferences, and then they can get along better. They all say: don't guess the girl's heart, you can't understand it after guessing. This is that you don't know what a woman desires and needs in her heart. For a woman, how to develop a relationship with her quickly and keep the relationship between the two constantly close requires certain skills and methods. Around us, why some young men can quickly win the hearts of girls when they talk about girlfriends; while some young men talk one after another, and always give up halfway after talking, and few girls are right He was moved. Know yourself and the enemy, and you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. When dealing with women, you must know the three "seven inches" of women, so that you can do more with less.

First: Sweet words touched her heart

Couples and couples get along and maintain a good relationship not only by material things Condition, but also rely on the spirit of mutual dependence, mutual comfort, to achieve heart-to-heart, heart-to-heart bond. Women's emotional world is delicate and rich. Although they also value men's ability to meet their material needs, they also need men to coax them. At this time, men's affectionate and sweet words are very important and necessary. Even if women listen to them again Much more, and will not get bored. Of course, the sweet words spoken by a man must come from the heart, the kind that is sincere, and not the kind that deliberately disguise, so as to reach the hearts of you and the woman and deepen the feelings of both sides.

Second: Always take time to accompany her

A man truly loves a woman and cares about a woman's joys, sorrows and sorrows, Everywhere is for the sake of women, to be careful and caring. Between lovers and couples, a woman is very willing to accompany a man, accompany her to go shopping, go for a walk, accompany her to go shopping in the mall, go to the cinema to watch a movie, etc. This process is also deepened by exchanges and communication between the two parties. emotional process. Especially when a woman is sad, troubled, or in setbacks or difficulties, a man should take time to accompany her, give her patient guidance, encourage her and give her spiritual comfort. This kind of company is like a A good medicine will heal a woman's troubles, make her feel refreshed, she will also be full of gratitude for men, and will love men more deeply.

Third: Praise her appropriately

Women have self-esteem and some small vanity. Men should learn to praise the women they love, and treat them well Complimenting your advantages and highlights will make a woman feel that you know her best, and she will increase her trust in you and return her deeper love. Of course, praise must be moderate and appropriate in order to be effective. If it is exaggerated and divorced from reality, it will be counterproductive and make women resentful.

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