The husband leaves the children to the wife, and takes charge of the lives of the younger brothers and sisters, and the wife files for divorce

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The husband leaves the children to the wife, and takes charge of the lives of the younger brothers and sisters, and the wife files for divorce

In today's families, most of them are one-child families, and there are relatively few conflicts. In the past, most families were multi-child families. Because there were many brothers and sisters, it was especially easy to have various conflicts. As the eldest son or eldest daughter in a family, you often have to bear a lot, far more than your younger siblings. Brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters. It is a blood-connected emotion. It is obligatory to lend a helping hand when there is difficulty. But if you are married and want to help your siblings, you must seek the advice of your spouse. Marital property is community property, and you cannot use it to your siblings on your own accord. If your spouse does the same, what about your little family? What should your children do? Now that you are married, you must take care of your own small family and help your brothers and sisters appropriately on this basis. If you don't do it too much, then the average spouse can understand and accept it, the husband and wife must be considerate and tolerant of each other, and no one can engage in hegemony.

The husband throws the child to his wife, and he is responsible for the lives of his parents and younger siblings

The 66-year-old Ding clearly has sons and daughters , also has younger brothers and sisters, but he has become a lonely man, and no one will come to see him when he is sick. Now he regrets it very much. He feels that he didn't put his wife and children in the first place. He was in the wrong team and ended up today. Uncle Ding's parents are ordinary farmers, he is the eldest son in the family, there are two younger brothers and a younger sister. When Uncle Ding got married, he married a girl from the next village. The girl was very virtuous and capable. After marriage, the couple gave birth to a son and a daughter, the son is one year older than the daughter. When his daughter was one year old, Uncle Ding's father fell ill. Since then, he has been in poor health and could not work. In order to take care of my father, my mother can't work well, and the family's economic situation becomes a problem. At that time, the eldest brother had just started working, and the younger brother and younger sister were still studying. Uncle Ding naturally wanted to help his younger siblings, so he posted all the money he earned to his parents and younger siblings, and ignored his wife and children. Uncle Ding helped his younger brothers and sisters appropriately, and his wife had no opinion. Uncle Dante gave all the money he earned to his parents, younger siblings, and left the two children to his wife alone. Of course, the wife had an opinion. The couple quarreled every three days, and after three years of arguing, the wife was so angry that she divorced Uncle Ding. During the divorce, the court ruled that Uncle Ding had to pay child support, but after the divorce, Uncle Ding never enforced it once. The wife went to ask Uncle Ding for it. Uncle Ding always spread his hands, saying that he had no money, and the wages were spent on his parents and younger brothers and sisters. His wife had no choice but to grit her teeth and raise two children alone. Uncle Ding's younger brothers and sisters, with the help of the elder brother, later got married and started a family. Uncle Ding lives with his parents and spends all the money he earns on them. Because their health is not good, they have to go to the hospital every three days. Later, his parents died one after another, and Uncle Ding got older, and he finally felt lonely. After her ex-wife divorced and did not remarry, she was afraid that the children would be wronged after the remarriage, so she spent all her time and energy on the children. After more than 20 years, the two children have been married one after another, and the ex-wife has finally come to the rescue. At this time, Uncle Ding suddenly came and wanted to remarry his ex-wife, but his ex-wife refused. After Uncle Ding's younger siblings got married, they also had children of their own, and now their children have grown up too. Every family has its own life, and no one can take care of Uncle Ding, and the younger brothers and sisters are getting older. Uncle Ding's health was getting worse and worse. Later, he was found to have severe hyperthyroidism and needed hospitalization. Uncle Ding's retirement salary is enough for him if he doesn't get sick, but the problem is that he has to pay for medical expenses when he is sick! His retirement wages have become a drop in the bucket. Uncle Ding went to the two children to take charge, but the two children asked him to find his younger siblings. The two children said that the money that Uncle Ding earned when he was young was spent on his younger siblings, and now the younger siblings should be responsible for him. Uncle Ding goes to his younger brother and sister, who is in charge of him? After Uncle Ding was hospitalized, he wanted his younger siblings to take turns taking care of him, but the eldest brother said that he was not in good health and could not take care of him. The younger brother said that his son and daughter-in-law did not agree with him to go, because Uncle Ding has children, and the children should be held responsible. The younger sister said that she wanted to take her granddaughter at home and had no time to take care of Uncle Ding, so he asked Uncle Ding to find another way. What can Ding do? It is nothing more than calling the two children again, but the son does not answer his phone at all. The daughter answered the phone, but hung up immediately after hearing his voice. Uncle Ding had nothing to do, so he called his ex-wife. The ex-wife thought it was funny. They have been divorced for more than 30 years. Is she still obliged to take care of Uncle Ding? Thinking of what Uncle Ding did back then, her ex-wife's heart was full of resentment, and she couldn't forgive Uncle Ding. So the ex-wife said to Uncle Ding: "You should go to your younger brothers and sisters. In your heart, they will always be the first. Now that you have something to do, they should also pay for you. I am here for you. Saying that you will always be an outsider, how can an outsider take care of you?" Uncle Ding was speechless and could only hang up the phone silently. In his heart, he has always put his younger siblings first, and his ex-wife has always been an outsider. But now his younger siblings don't care about him and don't give him a penny. He really regrets being on the wrong team when he was young.

In family relationships, men must stand on the right side

After a man gets married, he must stand with his wife and children, which is a new small family. From the moment of marriage, men are separated from the family of origin, and the same is true of wives. For relatives in the original family, if they encounter difficulties, they should help each other, but this kind of help should be measured in proportion. A man who ignores his wife and children and gives all the money he earns to the people in the family of origin is unfair to his wife and children. When Uncle Ding was young, he only cared about his original family, and he didn't care about his own small family at all. In his opinion, the two children were born by his wife, and the wife should be responsible. And all the money he earns is dedicated to his family of origin, and he is completely on the side of his parents and younger siblings. In fact, a man like Uncle Ding is really not suitable for marriage. Because his heart has always been in the family of origin, he has never regarded his wife as his own. He left the child to his wife, and he didn't take on the responsibility of a father at all. How could he be willing to take care of him when the child grew up? When Uncle Ding was young, his mind was unclear, he was in the wrong team, and when he was old, the night scene was bleak, which was also caused by himself.
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