Men and women dating skills: 2 ways to make each other fall in love with chatting with you

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Men and women dating skills: 2 ways to make each other fall in love with chatting with you

Today's society is the information age. There are many social platforms and social software, which make people's communication more convenient and the interpersonal relationship wider. No matter where you are, no matter how far you are, you can chat and video freely on mobile phones and computers. call. Intercourse between men and women is an important aspect of interpersonal communication. Between classmates, colleagues, neighbors, netizens, etc., it is indispensable to communicate with the opposite sex. You can become confidants and friends who can talk about everything. If you like it, you can become lovers. If you can enter the marriage hall. There are also some skills in intercourse between men and women, and some communication arts are also taught, so that you can become a person who is popular with classmates, colleagues, netizens and people around you, and is willing to chat and make friends with you. Because some people are introverted, they are not good at socializing, and they are not good at chatting. It is difficult to make friends and lovers of the opposite sex. Here are two very effective ways to make the other person fall in love with chatting with you.

First: Continue to enrich yourself, have extensive knowledge and social experience

Whether it is an acquaintance or a new acquaintance, can Chatting with people quickly, chatting very speculatively and getting along, this is what many people yearn for, especially for young people who are new to world affairs, and those young people who are at the age of falling in love. Being able to chat and being eloquent is an art, which requires continuous learning and recharging, extensive knowledge in all aspects, and a lot of social experience. Sophistication, military, technology, etc., can be chatted for a while, and the two sides can talk about everything and chat happily. Therefore, a person must be good at continuous learning, be good at learning from books, be good at learning from the Internet, TV, mobile phones, and be good at learning from others, in order to constantly enrich oneself, be a knowledgeable, very talkative person, with humor and humor, in order to be able to Make more friends.

Second: Be good at grasping what the other party likes, and talk more about topics that the other party is interested in.

Whether it is between friends of the opposite sex, lovers, or husband and wife, in order to chat speculatively and have a good time every time, it is necessary to be good at grasping each other's interests, that is, to be very familiar with each other's interests and hobbies , Know what topics the other party likes to talk about, as well as the work and career development of the other party, so that when chatting, we will chat from the topics that the other party often pays attention to, so that we can chat very happily. Between lovers, they can have a deeper understanding of each other's work, career, hobbies and family situations through meeting and chatting. Of course, in addition to talking about these, in the future, when meeting and chatting, they should change the topic and start chatting from the topics the other party likes to chat about, and more Talking about each other's study, work, career development and other topics, also expressed their great concern. In a word, there are skills and methods for men and women to communicate with each other. In addition to being good at chatting, we should also pay attention to good manners, elegance, temperament, connotation, empathy, enthusiasm and sincerity. , Only in this way can you win the favor of the other party, and it is possible to become friends of the opposite sex and become lovers.

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