After experiencing a lot of the opposite sex, women will have three obvious changes, which are difficult to hide

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After experiencing a lot of the opposite sex, women will have three obvious changes, which are difficult to hide

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. Some people say: "Whether a woman is good or not depends on whether she is keeping herself safe." Indeed, no matter what age she is in, a woman can keep herself safe and abide by the way of women, which is the sign of a good woman. Although it is relatively open now, in a relationship, a woman can abide by loyalty, which is the most basic bottom line. However, in reality, some women can't do it. They are often ambiguous with the opposite sex and can hardly be separated from men. This kind of woman is difficult to be loyal, and once a man comes to tease, it is easy to have an intimate relationship. Furthermore, today's women have bid farewell to the previous era of three obedience and four virtues, and long for the release of body and mind. When they are in love, they constantly squander their love, and almost before they get married, they are no longer "virgins". It is precisely because of these factors that many women are casual about their relationships and have experienced too much of the opposite sex, making it difficult for them to remain loyal to their relationships. Such a woman must have undergone great changes, which can be seen as long as she observes carefully. In the final analysis, women experience three obvious changes, which are difficult to hide.

First, it is difficult to trust men easily, and it is difficult to show sincerity

After women have experienced a lot of the opposite sex, they have long been in love Growing up, I have a more thorough understanding and understanding of men. Therefore, whenever a man pursues them, it is difficult to succeed because they no longer trust men easily and learn to protect themselves. Such a woman has passed the stage of "girls cherishing spring", and will not be moved by a few sweet words from a man. In the past, a man said a little bit of love and showed a warm smile, which could make a woman fall in love. However, it can't be done now. The flattery of men will only make women feel childish and will not be emotional at all. After all, when a woman is young, she treats love like a blank sheet of paper. What a man draws on it, he can reap what. However, when women have experienced too many feelings and seen too many men, they have long been impure. At this time, the way you tried to please a woman in the past will have no effect at all, but will make her reject you even more. The more complicated a woman's feelings are, the more she can see through a man, and it is difficult to accept a man's pursuit. Perhaps they were hurt too deeply before, forcing them to protect themselves. From this point of view, women with more emotional experience have grown into veterans in the love field, and do not have too many expectations for men, and this change will become more and more obvious.

Second, love is very direct and will not be as shy as before

Some people say: "Love is not spoken, but made." Indeed, women After experiencing a lot of feelings, they are no longer the ignorant little girls at the beginning, and they have long been familiar with things in love. At this time, when they are in love with men, they will not say too much nonsense, but express it very directly. They will do what they think in their hearts, and they can almost accept intimate behaviors with men without those coverts. For example, holding hands and hugs, as well as kissing and other actions, they have become very bold and can cater to men without any sense of shyness. In the past, when women were little girls, after they fell in love with someone, it was like being possessed by a demon, and they couldn't let it go. When they are with men, they will be very shy, blushing easily when they say a word, and the nervousness of the deer bumping around will make them at a loss. If they have physical contact with men, they will definitely be instantly shy and their hearts will be pounding. However, when a woman has experienced too much of the opposite sex, that shyness will never be there, followed by being direct and bold, daring to have any form of intimacy with men. This kind of change is proof that women have a lot of emotional experience. They love very directly, and they will not reject intimate relationships when they are with their beloved men.

Third, it has become very realistic, requiring men to pay continuously

Women experience more of the opposite sex, and one of the most obvious changes is that they will become Very realistic, requires men to pay constantly. Men want to impress their hearts, and they cannot accept it without the mentality of giving and actual actions. This kind of woman talks about feelings with men, very realistic, and everything is based on material things. They won't believe the love words in the mouths of men, the kind of "I support you" nonsense, they will dislike it when they hear it. At this time, women will only be moved when they see that men give and get what they want. In addition, they will not pay too much sincerity to men, and will constantly test men. Once the man does not pay, they will leave. Therefore, to fall in love with such women, men need to have a better economic foundation, otherwise, it will be difficult to impress their hearts. They have grown into veterans of love, have a full understanding of men, and understand how men flirt with women. Therefore, they will not rashly associate with men, unless the man can give them what they want, they may be successful. Moreover, in future relationships, men need to continue to give in order to retain women. Otherwise, when women see that men don't pay, they will think wildly, even divert their goals and look for other men. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, women experience more of the opposite sex, and women will have these three obvious changes: they will not easily trust men, and it is difficult to show their sincerity; love is very direct, and they will not be as shy as before; Very realistic, requires men to pay constantly. In a relationship, when a man encounters such a woman, he must stay awake so as not to regret it in the future. Of course, women who have had many emotional experiences are not necessarily all bad women. Men need to be treated differently. In reality, some women have been rude or bullied by men before. Although they have had emotional experience, they are very sincere in love and are worthy of men's care. In short, when interacting with women, men need to keep their eyes open and distinguish carefully whether it is worth loving or not. I believe you will have a clear answer in your heart. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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