Men who treat their wives badly often have these three retributions, and they cannot escape

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Men who treat their wives badly often have these three retributions, and they cannot escape

Thousands of miles of marriage lead by a thread, and in the vast sea of ​​people, men and women can get to know each other, get to know each other again, and finally become husband and wife. What a great fate. Since they are destined to come together and step into the "besieged city" of marriage, they should run in well. There are differences in temperament and personality, and they should also adapt to each other through running in. Now that you have chosen the other party, you must not only appreciate the other party's advantages, but also adapt to the other party's shortcomings, and you can also help the other party correct their shortcomings and deficiencies. In a word, both husband and wife should cherish this relationship, treat each other sincerely, understand each other, and create a warm, harmonious and happy family life. However, in real life, there are still some men who do not have deep feelings for their wives because they do not have a sense of family responsibility or the responsibility a man should have, or because of their short temper, personality, personality, psychological defects and other reasons, they often complain to their wives. Temper, and even fisting. Some men can't help temptation, their feelings are not specific, they are easy to empathize with, and they are married and still mess around outside, doing some shameless derailment, and deeply hurt their wife's feelings. There are also men who are serious about chauvinism. They are "dictators" at home and have strict control over their wives. The wives must listen to their own words and obey what they say, otherwise they will be violent or cold-violent against their wives, causing the husband and wife to suffer. The relationship is tense, and the relationship between husband and wife is getting weaker and weaker. In fact, men who are not good to their wives often have these three retributions, and they generally cannot escape.

First: Discord in the family

The husband is not good to the wife, often accusing, quarreling, and even acting, and cold Violence, etc. After a long time in such a bad situation, the wife will not hold too much hope for her husband, and her heart will gradually cool down. Some wives will choose to swallow their voices and submit, while some wives will rise up to resist, and some will have a separation, and it will also lead to tension in the relationship between father and son, father and daughter, etc. These situations will lead to family disharmony, and the relationship between husband and wife will be affected. Emotions hurt, and the culprit is still men.

Second: The career is not going well

The husband is not good to the wife, and the wife will not be willing to be a "good helper". Housework will not be handled well, and what career the husband develops will be more or less affected. "Behind a successful man, there is a great woman", this sentence has some truth. Only relying on men to fight alone, without a right-hand man to help, without a wife to share part of the burden and pressure, a man's career will not have great development.

Third: The old age will be very desolate

The husband is not good to the wife for a long time, not only the wife will feel resentment, but also the family members, including the children. They will see it in their eyes and hate them in their hearts. There are many such examples in real life. Over the years, the husband has been very harsh on the wife, often beating and scolding, the wife has suffered enough, and when the man is old, especially when he is seriously ill, has difficulty moving, or is paralyzed in bed, not only The wife is unwilling to take good care of the man, and even the children are unwilling to take a step forward. These are all sins that men have done in the past, and they have been betrayed by the family and have a desolate old age. He can only blame himself. Therefore, those men who are not good to their wives should be vigilant. "Evil will be rewarded with evil, and good will be rewarded with good." yield to each other until we grow old together. Especially in old age, husband and wife can hug each other for warmth, take care of each other, and rely on each other. What a harmonious and happy family!

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