"It's just for multiple people to eat" My mother asked my nephew to go to school and live in my house, but I decisively refused: there is no door

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"It's just for multiple people to eat" My mother asked my nephew to go to school and live in my house, but I decisively refused: there is no door


Helping relatives to take care of their children is a laborious and thankless task. If a child makes a little mistake, he may be punished. relatives to blame. Moreover, if a married woman helps her natal relatives with children, she will inevitably upset her in-laws and cause quarrels. Luo Yun's (pseudonym) mother let her nephew live in her house, but the sober Luo Yun decisively refused. Even though Luo Yun was accused by her mother, she firmly refused, for fear of causing family conflicts because of her nephew.


Luo Yun's family went back to her parents' house for dinner, and in just one meal, Luo Yun learned what the legendary bear child is. Luo Yun had never seen such a naughty and impolite child. Brother Luo Yun's child, Xiaoyan (pseudonym), jumped up and down on the dining table, and was not in a proper shape when eating. His favorite dishes must be placed in front of him, otherwise he will cry and make trouble. It's also rude to treat adults, calling and drinking orders. This meal was eaten by Luo Yun's husband Jiang Xu (pseudonym) who frowned frequently, but he couldn't say it as an outsider. And Luo Yun's brother and sister-in-law didn't care either, and were very indulgent to Xiaoyan. Luo Yun really felt that this was not good, so she advised her family to take good care of Xiaoyan and not be so used to him. Luo Yun's sister-in-law rolled her eyes when she heard it and said that he was so young, what did he know, he was still a child, it would be better if he was older. Luo Yun wanted to say something, but Jiang Xu interrupted her and prevented her from continuing. Jiang Xu and Luo Yun were on their way home, Jiang Xu couldn't help complaining that Xiaoyan was too troublesome, and good children were spoiled by adults, but they couldn't say anything, and it was plain to offend people. On this day, Luo Yun's mother called Luo Yun and asked her to go back to her parents' house, saying that she was in a hurry. Luo Yun thought that something had happened to her mother, and hurried back to her parents' house. But after Luo Yun went back, her mother started to hold her hand and said how difficult it was for her eldest brother and sister-in-law, and how tired they were every day. They also said that their child Xiaoyan has no one to take care of all day, no one takes care of his life, and no one takes care of his studies. Luo Yun's mother went round and round before she got to the point. She said that Luo Yun's eldest brother and sister-in-law were too busy with business, and they woke up early and dark every day, so they couldn't take care of Xiaoyan. Ask Luo Yun to take Xiaoyan back to her house, so that she can take him to school and help him with his homework. Luo Yun sighed and asked her mother why she came back because of this, Luo Yun's mother nodded. Luo Yun asked embarrassedly how long she would stay, and her mother said easily: "Of course, it's a long stay. It's just for a few people to eat, and it's not troublesome. You can also be a company with your children. The best of both worlds." The mother said it easily, But Luo Yun had a headache when she thought of this nephew. The nephew is so mischievous, he is completely a bear child. If I really want to take him home, I don't know what to do. Moreover, Xiaoyan's academic performance is in a mess, except for being naughty, what if she is bad or bullies her children. Luo Yun thought of this and quickly shook her head and refused. Luo Yun's mother asked her to be more considerate and considerate of her elder brother and sister-in-law, but Luo Yun asked her mother to be more considerate and considerate of her, not just her brother. Luo Yun said that she has become a housewife since she gave birth to a child. The family only relies on her husband Jiang Xu to earn money, and she still lives with her mother-in-law. If she brings her nephew back to live, what will her mother-in-law think? After listening to her mother, she waved her hand and said that Granny Luo Yun is sensible and would not tolerate even a child. Besides, a child can eat as much as he can, and it is easy to take care of him. Anyway, it is a matter of the way. Luo Yun thought that Jiang Xu had always had a bad impression of her nephew. If they were brought back, the two of them would definitely have to quarrel over this matter, and the family would not be turned upside down after that. "Xiaoyan is not an ordinary child. Don't you know how naughty he is? I want to take him home to live, can I keep my head up at my in-law's house? Mom, you should think about me to some extent. Besides, my sister-in-law's temper , if Xiaoyan bumps into my house, she won't have to fight for me." Luo Yun said with a frown. Luo Yun's mother became unhappy when she heard Luo Yun's words. She couldn't tolerate others saying that her eldest grandson was not good. Luo Yun's mother complained that she couldn't count on Luo Yun for anything, and she didn't help with such a small task, and she couldn't bear things even when she grew up. Seeing that Luo Yun was a little unhappy, her mother began to persuade her softly. Luo Yun's mother said that Luo Yun and her brother are a family, and if the brother has anything, the younger sister will help if she can. Let Luo Yun not care too much about her husband's thoughts, and take Xiaoyan to live there. If anyone shows her face, her brother will definitely vent her anger. After listening to Luo Yun, she refused directly, "I don't have a door. You said it nicely. If I get divorced, who can support me in my family?" As soon as Luo Yun finished speaking, her mother scolded her for being an idiot. The mother looked at Luo Yun and said angrily: "Why are you so selfish, you only have your husband's family in your heart. When someone else's daughter is married, she is still her mother's family in her heart. You're good, I really gave birth to someone else's daughter." After Luo Yun returned to her husband's house, Seeing that she was unhappy, the mother-in-law asked worriedly what was wrong, what happened to her family. Luo Yun said that she quarreled with her mother, and her mother insisted that her nephew come to live. After Luo Yun finished speaking, she felt her mother-in-law's soothing hand pause for a while, and then saw her mother-in-law frown. Luo Yun went on to say: "I think this kind of thing is thankless, so I refused, and my mother got angry and quarreled with me." The mother-in-law said that Luo Yun did nothing wrong, and praised her for her thoughtfulness . "You're right to be blamed for taking care of someone else's children if you don't pay attention. Wait a few days to buy something to go home to see your mother, and just coax her well, there's no such thing as so much anger between mother and daughter. ." After the mother-in-law finished speaking, she saw that Luo Yun was still languid, so she patted Luo Yun. "Don't frown, go to the house to lie down and have a rest. I'm cooking today, so don't think about it." After the mother-in-law finished speaking, she went to the kitchen to cook. Luo Yun looked at her mother-in-law busy in the kitchen, thinking that fortunately, she did not agree to her mother. If she agreed, she and her mother-in-law might be the ones arguing now.


Luo Yun's choice of not helping her eldest brother to take care of the child is very right, because helping relatives to take care of the child is a thankless task. No matter how dedicated you are, relatives may always have something to disagree with. So just don't do it a favor. If you have to help, don't let your own children feel wronged because they are too accustomed to relatives' children. 1. Try not to help relatives with children for non-essential reasons. Helping relatives with children, if the education of the children is too heavy, the children will cry and make trouble. At that time, relatives will definitely turn their faces and think that you are not good to their children, which will not only affect the relationship, but also complain. If you don't educate your children and let your children develop any bad habits, then relatives will say that you have taught their children badly. Sometimes helping relatives with children, the contradiction is that I don't know how to treat them. After all, everyone's children are treasures now, and parents can't be too precious. But if something goes wrong, I don't know how to end it. And if it is a married person, try not to help relatives with children, so as not to make the other half unhappy and cause family conflicts, it will not be worth the loss. Especially after a married woman, if she helps her parents with children, her in-laws will definitely not be used to it. Don't look at the face of your in-laws to help your relatives. Therefore, if it is not a particularly important reason, try not to help relatives with children. If you bring it well, you may not necessarily read your favor, but if you don't bring it well, you will definitely be blamed. 2. Don't wrong your children because of relatives' children. Some people are especially kind to the children of relatives because of their relatives, so they ignore their own children and make their children feel wronged. Although this is because of the world, but it will cause harm to their children. Don't let your children go to the children of relatives because of the face of the adults. You must know that children are very fragile at heart, and over time, they will make children feel that their parents do not value them. Your own children are the most important, don't ignore your own children for the sake of relatives. This can make a good impression on relatives, but it will make your children unhappy. Therefore, as a parent, you cannot wrong your children because of relatives' children, and you cannot help relatives' children indiscriminately. Text/Fenghua

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