"When you marry a man, you only need to wear clothes and eat." The husband is exhausted from overtime, and the wife does not work: the man has to force

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"When you marry a man, you only need to wear clothes and eat." The husband is exhausted from overtime, and the wife does not work: the man has to force


"marry a man, marry a man, dress and eat" is an old rural proverb that has been handed down from ancient times to the present. This is because In ancient times, women were not economically independent and could only rely on their husbands to earn money to support themselves, but they also needed to pay their own labor to realize their own value. But in today's society, if there are still women who take this sentence as their goal and oppress their husbands, such women are undoubtedly selfish and lazy.


Wang Meng is a city girl. Like most city girls, she is also an only child, and she is the jewel in the palm of her parents' love. Although her family is of average background, her parents still attach great importance to her education. Whether it is regular cultural classes or artistic hobbies, they have made great efforts to cultivate her in various ways. They not only signed her up for piano lessons, but also dance lessons. . These artistic blessings, coupled with Wang Meng's beautiful appearance, have made her praised since she was a child, and she has always been a goddess-like figure in the eyes of her classmates. The goddess naturally has many suitors from childhood to adulthood, but she is quite picky, and she is still picking and choosing until she is 30 years old. In the end, the man who successfully captured the beauty's heart was Liu Xin, a man who had been pursuing her for many years. Liu Xin was tall and handsome. In love, but because the dowry issue was not settled, Wang Meng was unwilling to lower the standard, so he took the initiative to break up with Liu Xin. But Liu Xin still didn't give up. He took great pains to marry Wang Meng. Originally, Liu's parents saw that Wang Meng and his family had put on such a high profile, and they didn't want to think about this marriage anymore, but their son insisted. He not only persuaded his parents to agree to his marriage to Wang Meng, but also asked his parents to spend years of savings to buy a wedding room for them. In the end, he borrowed money from all over the world just to give out the huge betrothal gift that he promised Wang Meng. Liu Xin, who finally managed to hold the beauty back after all his hardships, naturally loved his wife very much after marriage, and promised Wang Meng that he would do his best to take care of her and take care of her, and he was indeed hungry. As he promised, Wang Meng did not fulfill her responsibilities as a wife. Since the two got married, Wang Meng quit her job not long after it was too hard. It stands to reason that women who don't work should take care of the family, but she never takes care of the housework. I don't make money, and I don't save money for my husband at all, and I live a happy life every day. So, when Liu Xin gets home from get off work every day, he either faces an empty home, or just sits on the sofa watching soap operas and waits for his wife to cook before he gets home from get off work. He lives like this. It is sweet and painful, after all, the wife is begging for it. It's not that he didn't have a good discussion with his wife, but the wife took this kind of life for granted, and told her husband about her theory: "Husband, haven't you heard that sentence? When you marry me, you said that you will take good care of me for the rest of your life." Wang Meng's unreasonable reasoning actually persuaded her husband Liu Xin, not only that, because she loves She slapped her face with her friends and made her look fat, and she often took the initiative to pay for meals when she went out, so her daily expenses were also huge. Her husband's salary was no longer enough to support her expenses. After she knew that her husband's job was paid overtime, she began to frequently force her husband to work overtime to earn money, in order to cover her expenses. This is pitiful for Liu Xin. He works hard and overtime every day to become a dog. When he returns home, he has to be scolded and abused by his wife, and he has to drag his tired body to manage the housework. Over time, he will inevitably complain to his wife, but he still Keep your emotions deep in your heart. Later, Wang Meng discovered that Liu Xin's overtime hours were very regular, and she often couldn't go home until midnight. She was more presumptuous to play with friends outside, and even pursued excitement. She hooked up with some heterosexuals outside. After unrestrained, he also started a life of no return at night. During that time, Liu Xin obviously felt his wife's neglect and neglect. He thought it was because he was working overtime that he had a small problem in the relationship between the husband and wife. But gradually, he found that his wife was like a woman in love, chatting on his mobile phone all day. nonstop. After he became suspicious, he began to investigate his wife secretly, and the investigation revealed a big problem. It turned out that his wife had really betrayed their marriage. Dislike her husband's inability to make money. Thinking of this, Liu Xin's anger went straight to the top of his head. He asked himself that he was doing his best to his wife. Even if his wife wanted, even if it was beyond his ability, he would try his best to accomplish it. It can be said that he should give his wife no less love than others. , he couldn't figure out why his wife would do this. When Liu Xin found all the evidence to find his wife and confronted her, the wife finally knew what regret was. She cried bitterly to her husband, hoping that her husband would tolerate her and forgive her as before, but the husband only left her a cold sentence. Words: "Go for a divorce, you are no longer worthy of me to treat you well." In the end, Liu Xin ended up in a failed marriage because of his doting on his wife, and Wang Meng was also at fault because he was the wrong party in the marriage. After going out of the family, after the divorce, because she has not lived and worked independently for a long time, she has been unable to find a suitable job for her, and the object of her derailment is only for pleasure, and has no idea of ​​spending the rest of her life with her until this moment. , and she regretted her actions in the past.


In the heart of every girl, she hopes that she will be a beloved princess. This is the wish and expectation of all girls. But the premise of this kind of life is that a woman must remain independent herself, and cannot rely on others to live completely, otherwise she will lose her self-worth and will not be respected by others. One: A woman who depends on her husband for a living usually finds it difficult to live after being abandoned. Some modern women advocate equality between men and women, and at the same time believe that making money and supporting a family is what men should do. Just like Wang Meng in the case, always It is to talk about marrying a man and marrying a man, dressing and eating. Dressing to marry a Han was a last resort for women in ancient times, and it was not a choice for them, because there was no opportunity for women to work more freely and independently at that time. They could only choose to rely on their husbands to survive in those difficult times. . In today's era, when a woman gets married, she will not only ask for a betrothal gift, but also buy a house and a car. It is no longer enough to wear clothes and eat. This has already caused huge pressure on men. Therefore, even for the sake of family, women must learn to be independent. This independence not only refers to economic independence, but also spiritual independence. Independent women are more respected and loved. If the wife is completely dependent on the husband, and the wife cannot be independent, not only will the husband lead a very hard life, but also will not be respected by the husband. Sooner or later, they will be rejected by the husband. very difficult. Two: Men dote on their wives too much. They are not only pushing their wives into the fire pit, but also digging a hole for themselves. Although a happy married life cannot be without mutual respect and love between husband and wife, this love also needs to have limits. If there is no bottom line, treat The wife's attitude is too weak. If she chooses to swallow her voice when encountering problems, she will condone her partner's mistakes, and she is undoubtedly digging a hole for herself. Some men dote on their wives and follow their wives' delusions. Just like the Wang Meng couple in the case, they only asked their husbands to earn money to support the family, while the wives did not work or work. Faced with such unreasonable demands of the wives, the husbands felt It was very hard, but they still chose to endure for a while, but they all forgot that husband and wife need mutual support and help. Even if they can persevere for a while, how can they persevere for the rest of their lives? In the case, the husband's blind tolerance and connivance towards his wife made the wife have no bottom line. She only thought about the outside world, and even made mistakes and cheated. The consequences of this kind of doting wife's behavior also require the man to pay for it himself. . Therefore, it is natural for a man to love his wife and take care of his wife, but there must be a bottom line in everything, and let his wife know where his bottom line is. Things that cross the red line must be rejected, and men must not lose themselves for love. , lose their minds, so that the two people's lives can be happy and happy. Text/Fenghua

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