When chatting, men often put these words on their lips, mostly because they don't love them anymore

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When chatting, men often put these words on their lips, mostly because they don't love them anymore

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In a relationship, it can be seen that a man doesn't love you anymore. Generally speaking, men who don't love you say different things to you, and their attitudes are not as enthusiastic as they used to be, and they are more indifferent. When he loves you, he can give anything, and often say things like "I'm here" or "don't worry" to you, indicating that he will be responsible for you and will not let you worry about gains and losses. On the contrary, if a man doesn't love you anymore, he won't care about you, he will be very impatient when he speaks, and even means that he dislikes you. Therefore, when a woman interacts with a man, she might as well observe the tone of his speech and the content of his words. If you find that he doesn't care about you, you should make plans early. Women should not consume themselves on unworthy men. Only when you give your heart to a man who truly loves you can you get the happiness you want. Generally speaking, when chatting, men often talk about these words. Most of them don't love them. Remember to stay away.

1. "Whatever you want", it means that he is very perfunctory towards you

A man doesn't love you anymore, his attitude towards you It will be very perfunctory and will never care about you like before. When chatting with you, he always says "whatever you want" to you. He is just too lazy to care about you and his mind is not on you. Maybe, he has other women in his mind, and only dislikes you, and doesn't want to talk to you at all. Therefore, no matter what you ask him or discuss with him, he will use this sentence to perfunctory you. He has long been bored with you, and naturally he doesn't want to talk to you. Basically, he won't reply to you after a few words with you. A man's indifferent attitude towards you is actually evidence that he doesn't love you. Women should observe carefully. In fact, with this kind of man, a woman will be very wronged. Rather than being let down by others, it is better to leave early to avoid being hurt. In reality, there are many such men. After they don't love women, they often look like they don't care. No matter what you say to him, he doesn't bother to pay attention to you, which will make you feel aggrieved. For example, if you ask him what he likes to eat and want to cook him a hearty meal, he doesn't care at all, but perfunctory you with a "whatever you want" attitude. Or, if you dress up for him seriously, wear a beautiful dress, and want to go shopping together, he doesn't even bother to look at you. You asked him if he looked good in such a dress, he said impatiently "whatever", and didn't care about you. Once a man shows love and ignorance to you, it means that he no longer loves you in his heart, and women should stay away from them when they meet them, and it is not worth continuing to consume them.

Second, "Do what you think", it means that you are bored with you

Chatting with a man, he often says "Do what you think" to you, in fact I just hate you. He doesn't want to continue walking with you, but he can't tell you directly, so he treats you with this indifferent attitude. Moreover, most of these men have ambiguous relationships with other men of the opposite sex outside. Even if you find out, he will not bother to explain to you. Even if you communicate with him seriously, he is still indifferent and perfunctory, and doesn't care about your feelings at all. Once a man no longer loves you, he will only be bored with you and will no longer love you. If you don't see his true colors clearly in time, he will be easily hurt. When my friend Miss Zhang was in love with her boyfriend, she accidentally found out that her boyfriend was having an affair with another girl, so she asked him what his relationship with others was. However, her boyfriend didn't want to answer her at all, and he looked extremely impatient, which made her feel very cold. Later, when Miss Zhang inquired from others, she found out that her boyfriend had been with the girl for a long time. Only then did she understand why her boyfriend always had an indifferent attitude. Every time Miss Zhang questioned her boyfriend why he was sorry for him, the boyfriend not only refused to admit it, but blamed Miss Zhang for being careless. If Miss Zhang asked, he impatiently said "whatever you think", and even the explanation felt superfluous. In the end, Miss Zhang reluctantly put it down, the two broke up, and the two-year love ended. So, when a man doesn't care about you and is very bored with you, he doesn't love you long ago, and women must be cautious.

Third, "Get out of here" is nothing more than ending the relationship

Getting along with a man, if he often tells you "Get out of me", It means that I already hate you very much in my heart, and I don't love you for a long time. This sentence is very harmful to women, and it is also evidence that men do not love you. No matter what kind of relationship, once a man utters such words, it basically declares the end of the relationship. Therefore, women face this kind of man, it is best not to entangle, it is better to leave as soon as possible, so as not to be hurt. A man who doesn't love you is useless for anything you do. Don't be humble and please, keep your dignity, and stay away from irresponsible men. This is a woman's vision. A man who really loves you will generally not say such words. He loves you deeply and will never hurt you with such words. Only when a man doesn't love him will he be so heartless and heartless, let you get out, and can't wait to end the relationship with you immediately. When a woman encounters such a man, she must keep a sober head and never please him, it is not worth it. A man who loves you will not say anything to hurt you even if he quarrels with you. On the contrary, if a man doesn't love you anymore, or has someone else in his heart, he will always be indifferent and perfunctory towards you, and he will never pamper you again. Instead of worrying about gains and losses in a relationship, it is better to leave with dignity and love yourself so that you can avoid getting hurt. Ye Feifei yff Emotional Message: To sum up, when chatting, men often talk about these words, and most of them don't love them. "Whatever you want" means to be perfunctory to you; "Whatever you think" means that you are bored with you; "Get out of me" means nothing more than wanting to end the relationship. After all, whether a man loves you or not can be clearly seen from his words. A man who truly loves you speaks affectionately, always takes into account your feelings, never treats you with indifference, let alone hurts you. On the contrary, a man who doesn't love you will never take into account your feelings. Every word he says to you will deeply hurt your heart and make you feel chilled. When you see clearly that a man doesn't love you, you don't have to be nostalgic anymore, leaving is the best choice. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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