In the face of betrayal, women doing this are often the best "revenge" for men

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In the face of betrayal, women doing this are often the best "revenge" for men

Text / Ye Feifei yff picture / From the Internet I am Ye Feifei yff, a non-famous emotional tutor, who writes heartfelt emotional words, hoping to use warm words to bring you some spiritual comfort. In reality, once there is a crack in the marriage, it is difficult to restore it. Many women can't let go after discovering that a man has betrayed them, and they don't believe that the man who promised to love them for the rest of their lives turns around and falls in love with someone else in the end. As a result, they were angry, abused, and even used various means to retaliate against the man, only to find that everything was useless. Taking a step back, even if a woman chooses to forgive, it is difficult for the marriage to return to the way it was before, because the relationship is always in an atmosphere of tension and doubt, and it cannot be as relaxed as before. Therefore, in marriage, once a man betrays a woman, it is difficult to return to the past, just like the water that has been poured out, it cannot be taken back. Faced with this situation, women must calm down and try to minimize their losses. No matter whether they will continue to live with men in the future, they must plan for themselves. Only when you take the initiative and have a strong ability can you truly live out your self, otherwise, you will spend all the time with men, and in the end you will lose your life, which is not worth it. The real revenge is not to hurt, but to transform. It is to let the man who betrayed you not be able to stand up to you in the future. This is the smart way. After all, in the face of betrayal, what a woman does is often the best "revenge" for a man.

1. After discovering that a man betrayed, they quietly investigate and collect evidence

In reality, some women behave like Very angry, very impulsive, completely lost my mind, this is not acceptable. Because your actions seem to remind the man to let him destroy the evidence as soon as possible, which is very unfavorable to you. Therefore, the correct way is that you should investigate and collect evidence quietly so that you can fully grasp the evidence of a man's betrayal. Only in this way can you take the initiative, so that men can't deny it, and it will be beneficial to you when you defend your rights later. Men are very calculating. After they betray their marriage, they will erase the traces of the outside world and will not let you discover the secret. However, no matter how smart a man is, he will also leave a lot of clues, and women can find it with more careful observation. In fact, the moment you learn that a man is betrayed, you have to work hard to calm yourself down and not act impulsively. A man is already very careful, and if you make a quarrel with him, it will be easier for him to remove all traces. Therefore, it is best for a woman to remain calm, continue to get along with him as if nothing happened, and investigate secretly in order to obtain something that is beneficial to her. The general principle is that women should not "scare the snake", quietly observe the actions of men, and only after you have collected evidence of a man's betrayal can you take action. Whether two people continue to maintain the marriage, or the relationship falls apart, you are fully prepared, and the subsequent marriage relationship will know how to go. Therefore, when you find out that a man has betrayed, you must calm down and investigate and collect evidence quietly. This is a far-sighted approach, and I believe it will have a practical effect on you.

Second, find a man to negotiate and deal with the marriage in the future

After the betrayal occurs, the woman has full control of all the circumstances of the man's betrayal. Next, you can Negotiate with a man. At this time, you have the initiative, and you have the evidence that the man cannot refute. He can't even admit it, and it is impossible to continue to fool you. Therefore, you can talk to him openly and honestly, not only let him know your bottom line, but also give the direction of the future marriage relationship. From his attitude and actions, you can then decide whether to forgive or break up with him. Moreover, you have more bargaining chips, and your request will basically not be ignored by a man. He betrayed first and naturally loses the right to decide. It should be noted that women should not be too soft-hearted at this time. No matter whether they forgive or not, you must hold the man down. If you panic, or because a man says a few harsh words to you, your stance is not firm, and you will only lose the initiative in the end. Smart women will no longer listen to men's sweet words, nor will they be intimidated by men. They act according to their own plans and often make men obedient. Women need to understand that after a man betrays the marriage, what you have to do is to fight for your own interests, not just vent your anger. If the marriage continues, you have to fight for a man so that he will not dare to disappoint you in the future. If the marriage cannot continue, you must also consider your own reality and fully fight for what you deserve, so as not to lose miserably.

Third, maintain independence, so that men can no longer be able to climb high.

"It is not easy to live" wrote: "Now who will take care of whom for a lifetime, that is how much It's a heavy burden. So you have to be self-reliant." Women must remain independent, especially after discovering a man's betrayal, they must make themselves stronger. Only when you have the ability to be independent and have enough capital and confidence to live, you will not be attached to a man, and will not be "stuck" by him. That way, you can live your life the way you want without worrying about gains and losses. Furthermore, it is impossible for a marriage that has broken down to return to the previous state. Even if two people continue to live, you still need to live for yourself. Whenever a woman loves herself well, does not depend on a man, and is not knocked down by hurt, you can live out your own style. In fact, a woman with a strong heart often achieves dual independence of spirit and material, and does not need to rely on a man. This is your capital. When you find out that a man betrays you, you must make yourself independent as soon as possible, and only in this way will you not fall into the whirlpool of pain. The more independent a woman is, the less a man will dare to hurt you easily. You have strong confidence and you don't need to be afraid of anyone. In reality, some women know that a man has betrayed, but they dare not fight for their own interests, let alone leave a man. The reason is that they are not independent and cannot live independently without a man. This is a kind of sadness. If a woman has no independent ability and needs to rely on a man to live, you will lose your ego and be completely pinched by a man. Therefore, no matter when, it is best for women to learn to be independent. Only when you become a better woman will you not be afraid of a man's betrayal. In the final analysis, becoming a woman who can no longer stand up to a man is the best revenge for a man. Ye Feifei yff's emotional message: To sum up, in the face of betrayal, women who do this are often the best "revenge" for men. After discovering a man's betrayal, he quietly investigates and collects evidence; negotiates with a man to deal with the future marriage relationship; maintains independence so that men can no longer climb high. When a woman experiences a man's betrayal, her body and mind will be hurt, but you can't lose yourself, you must grow yourself up as soon as possible. Only by staying sensible, actively fighting for your own interests, and then being independent, leaving unworthy men, and living a life that makes him unattainable. In this way, you can find yourself, live better than before, and not worry about gains and losses in your relationship. This is the most ruthless revenge against a man. In short, women understand this, and when you find out that a man betrays you, you know how to choose. END Author: Ye Feifei yff, focus on creation and sharing in the emotional field, use emotions to communicate your heart and my heart, I hope you and I get to know each other here, please follow me if you like.

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