After the age of 45, both men and women must do these three things often, so that they can live well in their later years

time:2022-12-03 01:04:35 author:Working women
After the age of 45, both men and women must do these three things often, so that they can live well in their later years

It is a very sad thing to be old. If you have nothing and depend on your children for everything, it is even more sad in sadness. The world is cruel, relying on others is worse than relying on yourself. When you are empty-handed, the filial piety of your children will be discounted. Therefore, if you want to live with dignity and comfort in your later years, you must have your own bargaining chips in your hands. In life, everything is seen in the distance, and it is never wrong to prepare in advance for anything. Therefore, regardless of men and women, after the age of 45, these three things must be done often, so that they can live well in their later years.

The first thing: self-cultivation, take everything lightly

A person's state of mind will be the same as his face. pregnancy. It is not created in one day or in a short period of time, but accumulated over many years of mood. I've heard such a sentence, don't be too bad-tempered, don't be too hostile, or you will detour when good luck comes. Be a human being, be indifferent, be casual, don’t be a bullshit, don’t care about everything, forgive others and forgive others, be broad-minded, open-minded, and God will have blessings and blessings. Although today's people are good at maintenance, they are still young at the age of 40, but the various energies of the body are still going downhill. Therefore, after the age of 45, you must cultivate your self-cultivation and take everything lightly. Useless social distancing, unnecessary communication give up, learn to adapt to loneliness, tighten the circle of life a little, raise the mood, repair the body and mind, sharpen the temper, calm and calm. Over time, the open-minded, the mood will be different.

The second thing: take care of your mood, take care of your health

Many physical diseases are caused by psychological anxiety. There is a saying in Chinese medicine: Pain means no connection, and general means no pain. The meaning is very simple, the place where the collaterals are dredged will not be painful or uncomfortable, but the painful place is due to the blockage of blood stasis and the disease. Everyone's health continues to decline with bodily functions, which is why older people are more prone to sickness and pain. However, there are also differences among the elderly. Some elderly people are already very old and still in good health and are healthy; The reason for this difference is that you didn't cherish your body when you were young. When you are young, you squander your health, stay up late, drink too much, smoke guns, etc., and you will suffer when you are old. Although it is said that hard work will leave the body with pain, an unhealthy lifestyle and often depressed mood are the taboos of health. Hard work can restore the body through rest, and an unhealthy lifestyle cannot be recovered no matter how much rest. Therefore, in order to have a good body in old age, it is best not to overdraft your health when you are young. After the age of 45, it is important to take care of your mood and health.

The third thing: save money regularly, simple financial management

Money can really solve 99% of the troubles in life, so, Be sure to make yourself rich. Especially for the elderly, money is really very important. In old age, the attitudes of children with and without money are very different, not to mention the level of life. How to get rich, the simplest and most effective way is to save money regularly, save some money every month and deposit it into a fixed account, accumulate less and more, accumulate over time, and it will be a pension fund in the old age, which is life. Assure. In addition to saving money on a regular basis, you must also have the thinking of financial management. The financial management mentioned here is not to ask you to buy any funds or financial products, but to have a plan, a plan, and what kind of place to spend and spend money. Suitable for investment, what kind of place to tighten the money bag. Just relying on saving money is not a safe way, and you need to know how to manage your money so that you can accumulate more and more money in your hand and become more and more useful. After the age of 45, it is best to develop the habit of regular deposits, but also to have the vision of investment and financial management, and spend the money wisely.

Concluding remarks

Aging is something that no one can stop and change. Old age is the last step in life that everyone has to face and experience. To live well in this last step, you must prepare in advance. For anything in this world, relying on others is worse than relying on yourself, especially in old age, if you want to have filial children, you must have a bargaining chip in your hand. A healthy body, a certain amount of savings, and an open mind are the best bargaining chips in old age. To have these chips, you must prepare in advance. At the age of 45, although there is still a long way to go before the old age, but everything can be dealt with comfortably by preparing for everything in advance. Therefore, after the age of 45, whether men or women, it is best to save money regularly and learn to manage simple financial management. In addition, there are also self-cultivation, good mood, good health, and a healthy physical and mental state, so that you can live well in your old age.

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