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Thai jokes

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Thai jokes

Taizhou is located at the junction of my country's north and south. People in the north of Taizhou basically speak Mandarin. They speak slowly and can basically understand. The Taizhou area has different pronunciations for ten miles, the language differences between regions are quite large, and the dialects between districts and cities are different, which makes a lot of jokes. The author is from Hailing. A few years ago, I went to Guangzhou on a business trip with a colleague. This colleague took a fancy to a piece of clothing in the store. This piece of clothing was only the last piece left, and it was a little wrinkled. He used this to bargain and said to the salesperson, "Your clothes are old (wrinkled)." The salesperson said My dress is new. He pointed to the wrinkles on the dress and said, "Your dress is obviously old (wrinkled), so you want to lower the price." The salesperson said my dress is obviously new, how could it be old? The two people couldn't argue, and as a result, the clothes were not bought, and the two sides were blushing and thick necks. Another time, the author and a few people went to Beijing on a business trip, and we ate in a restaurant. Before the meal, someone spoke to the waiter in Mandarin: "Waiter, please pour me a cup of boiled water." The waiter was stunned and said: " Sir, what are you talking about?" Once, a Hailing man drove to Xinghua to play. After dinner with his friends in Xinghua, Xinghua's friends gave him a few bunches of crabs, and he put the bunches of crabs away. into the trunk of the car, and then drive back to Hailing. Hailing people call crabs "side sea" or "sea". On the way back, the car drove a little faster and was stopped by the Xinghua traffic police. The traffic police in Xinghua saluted him, and then said, "Take out the driver's license!" Xinghua's traffic police are amazing! I put a few bunches of crabs in the trunk and he knows it. He hurriedly handed the driver's license and driving license to the traffic police, and then ran to the rear of the car, opened the trunk, and handed the crab to the traffic police. In fact, "sea" in Xinghua dialect means "all". Xinghua people said that they should drink all the wine, but they said that they should drink the sea of ​​wine. I have a friend who is a medical expert who was introduced to Taizhou from the north. A few years ago, he met a patient from Jiangyan District when he was outpatient at the hospital. The patient told her about his condition: "I can only be buried at home, and I don't dare to move. When I move, my heart is beating." When she heard this, she couldn't help but widen her eyes and asked, "You What did you say you were doing at home?" The patient said, "I didn't do anything at home, I could only bury you at home." The doctor was surprised and said, "You said you were buried at home. You buried you at home. What are you doing?" The patient said, "I can't move, I can only bury myself at home." After a long time of trouble, the doctor realized that when the patient said he was buried at home, he meant that he could only stay at home, not dig a hole and bury himself in the house. Buried in. My wife has a good relationship with a family in Taixing. This old lady is very nice. Once I met my wife at the vegetable market and greeted my wife warmly, saying, "Xiao Zhang, your shoes are very nice. It's good that the oil leaked!" My wife was taken aback! The old lady then asked: "Xiao Zhang, have you leaked oil?" My wife was very surprised and asked, "What is the oil leak?" The old lady smiled and said, "I leaked oil, and our whole family leaked oil! My wife was very puzzled and asked, "You have oil leak? Your family has oil leak?" The old lady was very excited and said, "Yes! We all leaked oil! We went to Suzhou to leak oil. Zhengyuan, Lingering Garden, Huqiu, I stayed in a hotel for a few days.” My wife just realized that what she meant by “oil spill” was “tourism”. Jingjiang dialect is similar to southern Jiangsu dialect, and there are too many interesting jokes about Jingjiang dialect, so I won't start talking about it. Due to the different dialects in Taizhou, there have been many misunderstandings and many jokes.

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